The Wahoo TICKR is a heart rate monitor which gives the ability to deliver data on progress during exercise. It measures your ground contact, cadence, and vertical oscillation. Wahoo comes in two primary forms. The Wahoo TICKR Run Heart Rate Monitor and the Wahoo Ticker. Each has its purpose which you will get to know below.


This device perfectly performs heart rate training, cross-training, and additional high-intensity strength training. It captures heart rate, calorie burn, and duration from your workouts. Wahoo advice customers to use it with a Wahoo 7 Minute Workout app because this app helps to yield automatic counting or to pair it with the Wahoo RunFit app. Here is why you will love this tracker.

Great for both indoor and outdoor

It is a great accessory for both indoor and outdoor fitness geeks. Whether you’re walking, running, boxing or riding your bike, the ticker tracks your activity and gives you data.
The most important part of this is that it monitors your activity and reports to you. So if you are trying to get in shape, you know how much you are losing and how hard you need to try. It’s no lie either is it like taking lots of slimming teas and herbs with no monitor your progress.

Some customers have complained about the Wahoo tickers tracking faults but this only happens if the battery is low or not functioning well. My advice if this happens, replace the battery.

The ticker gives accurate data

In most cases, the Tickr will read the exact statistics as that of the treadmill. Other times, even more accurate. If the trickr reads 17:11 min/mile, and the treadmill says 16:12min/mile that’s close and trustworthy, however, take the tickr data because of it more accurate. Do the same with distance.

The app has a nice touch

The Wahoo app offers a very nice touch. You don’t have to fumble around with it while exercising. A simple, smooth touch on your screen opens up quick options for you to view your data in various forms. So if you’re running on a treadmill, even in the woods somewhere, you can still touch and click.

The app can transfer data and share data in almost any file format

It is amazing how the Wahoo ticker stores and converts data which in fact the whole point of this app. You can share your data on Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Garmin Connect, Strava, Magellan Active Training Peaks, RideWithGPS, and MyFitnessPal. You can even export your statistics as GPX, CSV, PWX Fuel JSON, TCX, and RunXML.

Compatible with over 50 smartphone apps

Most fitness devices do not pair with certain apps and devices. The Wahoo heart rate monitor pairs with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, which make it able to work with almost all smartphones with no additional software required. To be exact, Wahoo work with 50 popular apps including a map, Nike+ Running, MyFitness, Strava, Runkeeper, Apple Health, and Cyclemeter.

The strap is comfortable

The strap is a smooth and single strap and snaps on by itself without struggling to make it comfortable and none irritating.

It’s water and sweat proof

Any product used for a workout is expected to at some point soak in sweat or water. It is ridiculous that some trackers do not have protection from the most obvious danger that they face. That’s why the Wahoo TICKR is great. It has both water and sweat proof. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s thinkable that the wahoo tickr proof can also provide protection from accidental liquid spills.

Great built in memory

If you are a busy person yet would love to keep fit, this tracker can help you. Its memory allows you train and rush to do your stuff while your data gets automatically and safely stored until you have the time to view it.

Led lights for assurance

There is blue little LED lights on the unit that help you to tell whether the tracker is working or not. See the little lights blink to indicate that the tracker is working and the battery are on and full.


The TICKR Run is a tracker specifically for running. It can be used both outside and on a treadmill. It has a treadmill mode in it which coordinates with your treadmill to give you accurate statistics during running. It also has a heart rate training which helps runners looking to monitor and improve efficiency. Besides all the features on the Wahoo TICKR Run Heart Rate Monitor, there is more to the Tickr run.

Strap is small and comfortable

Unlike the strap for the Wahoo ticker Run Heart Rate Monitor, the Tickr runner strap is slightly thinner and comfortable. It almost feels invisible when wearing which gives oomph to keep going. It also easy to clutch and adjusts to any size so that it doesn’t slip or slide.

It’s dependable and addictive

Once you start using this tracker, you might not practice without it. It makes running so smooth and enjoyable. Although it works perfectly well for outdoors, I recommend it for the indoor for the comfort it offers.


As you go on to read reviews, you might come across complaints like these, “when am walking the Tickerrun doesn’t record” My tickrrun measurement aren’t the same as those of my treadmill” or “my tickerrun LED light aren’t blinking”.

I’ll handle each complaint according to not just to Wahoo’s customer care response but according to user research. First of all, don’t let small issues make you miss out on a great product that is going to help you achieve your fitness dream.

“When am walking the Tickerrun doesn’t record”

Like its name, the Tickrrun is designed to track and measure running exercise and not walking ones. ThatS why when you walk, it won’t track any data. If you to get data on all forms of exercise, then you need to buy the Wahoo TICKR Run Heart Rate Monitor

” My Tickrrun measurement isn’t the same as that of my treadmill.”

The Tickrrun will not always read the same as your treadmill but what you should know is that the Tickrrun is more accurate. This is because the Tickerrun measures everything including the heart rate and foot movements.

“My tickerrun LED lights aren’t blinking”

The only reason the LED light won’t light is a lack of battery. The tickerrun battery can be replaced after 12 months.

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