Top 10 Nike walking shoes

Leading a healthy lifestyle has a number of advantages that only begin with your first step. They include:

· a better mood: active people always seem happier;

· a stunning body: doing sports makes the body look better;

· strong heart and lungs, better skin color;

· better sleep at night;

· new friends who share the same passion for sports and so on.

A big act always starts with something small. Start with walking. The more you walk the better, the healthier, the younger you feel. There is a vast choice of shoes available on the market of sports equipment. Read this review about nike walking shoes to achieve a better understanding about what type of shoes you need. It depends on your taste and requirements. You will definitely find a good pair of shoes that is made just for you. So keep reading.

1. Nike Air Max

Air Max is the most popular and advertised Nike’s model for today. It is very light and has a special cushion under the hill. They are perfect for every type of activity and regular walks. Fall and spring are seasons when they can be worn with the highest comfort. The sole is made of a polyurethane backing in combination with a soft foam. Shoes equally regulate feet load and create a strong connection with all types of surface. The top is made of an air-passing textile and synthetic leather. This breathable material keeps feet dry even if the person is doing sports, The linen and insole are made of wear-resistant textiles. The fastener’s type is classic lacing. Bright colors are prevailing. Homogenous colors are also popular for this type of nike walking shoes among which white is the most popular one.

Regular prices are above 100 dollars per pair.

2. Nike Flyknit Lunar 3

Nike walking shoes Flyknit Lunar 3 are designed without lacing. They provide a perfect landing and soft amortization when walking. Thanks to the Flywire technology, the shoes are tightly fixed and will not fall off the foot even under the heavy loads. They provide support when a walker needs this support. The top is made of a special material Flyknit that tenderly wraps up a foot and allows it to moves softly and dynamically. The fiber comes in different designs and colors, also colors can be individually picked for the client. The traction is good, the outer sole is stiff. The sole is made from a material called Lunarlon. Its special features include absorption of striking loads and providing smooth movements. Rubber protrusions on the bottom are responsibly for good amortization while walking. Perforation of the frons side allows feet to breathe while wearing these nike walking shoes. Prices range from 110 to 150 dollars per a pair.

3. Nike Air Huarache

This model was first designed more than 20 years ago but received its deserved popularity only recently. These shoes are very cozy and create a feeling of of natural motion. This is possible because of the unique construction of a midsole. Another special feature is a neoprene fit in a form of a sock. Prevailing shades of this model are dark. Designers were bold in their decision about shoe laces – they really stick out and get in the eyes in the first place. Their colors are also different and patterns are homogenous and dotted. Models change from a three colored retro to the latest Nike Air Huarache NM. These nike walking shoes perfectly fit for both doing sports and day-to-day activities. Prices range from 120 to 150 dollars per pair. Although it should be added that the latest model’s availability is limited.

4. Nike Flyknit Racer

These nike walking shoes feel like your second skin. At times you will forget you are wearing them. This is possible due to the special Flyknit technology. It means they will adjust perfectly to the foot and bring only comfortable feelings to its owner. Whether you decided to wear Flyknit Racers to the store next door or a walking marathon, they will serve you till the last step. The inside cushioning is very smooth and responsive; it repeats all your moves without adding extra weight. On the contrary: these shoes absorb extra weights that can possibly be cause by running or jumping stepping on something hard. The sole is light and durable. Lacing allows to control the fit and change it when needed. A special design makes it look like the shoe’s surface was knitted, different colors are available.

Prices range from 100 to 150 dollars per a pair.

5. Nike Flyknit Air Max

These nike walking shoes were born as a result of the questionnaire held among the most prominent sportsmen. They shared how they choose walking shoes. The most important features for them are flexibility and light weight. These features were perfectly combines in Nike Flyknit Air Max shoes. Flyknit is a special fiber that looks like tons of threads tied together. Considering that microscopic pores were formed during sewing, the fiber is able to pass air, through which creates evaporation and maintains a normal internal temperature. When worn these shoes feel like socks instead. Socks with an amazing sole that provides soft amortization. The tops cover a foot like a sock and that’s another reasons why these characteristics are always compared. These nike walking shoes are too soft to rub your feet and it is a big advantage since you can wear them without socks. It is especially useful when the weather is hot because your fit will stay dry. The knitted surface allows experiments with colors since any pattern can be created. A variety of colors is another opportunity to be seen when walking on a street.

Prices range from 100 to 200 dollars per a pair.

6. Nike FB Stefan Janoski Max

A traction is good; the shoe is super light. When playing in these shoes you do not even realize you are wearing them. The response is great, the cushion is stiff. These nike walking shoes are perfect for an urban style but may fit fordoing sports as well. The producer says that are great for skateboarding. The material is soft polyester. A light sole made of the Phylon in combination with Air Max cushion under the heel make a walking experience much more pleasant. The insole is made of an ecologically friendly EVA material which makes an amortization even more comfortable. An entire surface is covered with deep horizontal and vertical gutters which serve to make movements as natural as it is possible. Stiff gum material makes a perfect adherence. Synthetic surface allows feet to breathe during physical exercises.

Prices range from 100 to 200 dollars per a pair.

7. Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit

These nike walking shoes will give you a completely new experience of walking. Because of their structure they will make you feel like you are flying and not actually walking. A special technology makes them extremely light and comfortable to wear. The outsole consists of horizontal, vertical and diagonal patterns. They have a special purpose to make shoes more flexible. Flexibility is the most important feature of nike walking shoes and it makes your motions almost limitless. It can barely be experienced when walking in the city on a perfect pavement. The experiment can be made on grooves or when going for active sports. A new hexagonal pattern that can be seen in this model substituted the earliest rectangular shape and proved to be a better alternative for both comfort and effectiveness. The choice of colors is literary limitless and range from classical black and white to bright and colorful ones. Nike Free 4.0 are durable to serve you for a long time but will not be able to last forever. The average price is over 100 dollars.

8. Nike Flyknit Roshe Run

They will make you forget you are even wearing these shoes. Don’t forget to take a look at your shoes from time to time, maybe you are walking barefoot? These shoes fit well both for walking and running. They can probably be considered more as running shoes than the walking ones. Depends totally on the purpose of usage. The Flyknit technology was an innovative breakthrough for Nike. They have a breathing sole that has millions of tiny holes that allows air to pass throw. This is especially crucial if these shoes are used for running or other active kinds of sports where people sweat a lot. Soft and breathing construction allows feet to stay dry through the whole game or run and gives comfortable feelings. They can be worn with socks and can be worn without them. Special soft borders protect ankles from accidental hitting with objects when doing sports. Outsole is designed in the form of a waffle and serves for a better adhesion with different types of the ground. Unique details make these shoes look nice and special. Basically there is nothing to add, all features are useful.

The average price is over 100 dollars.

9. Nike Free 5.0

The material is soft, it feels nice on the toes. The target audience for these shoes are women that’s why they are specially designed to fit women needs and wishes. They are perfect for doing cardio like running, cycling or jogging, doing light exercises and simply walking around the city. They are so perfect because of the extremely flexible sole and light top. It seems that they are even lighter than producers wanted them to be. A special “raisin” of Nike Free 5.0 is a 6sided gutter made across the who sole. It was created by a special cutting instrument to bring new feelings to the walker. These gutters create 6 points of stability thus making movements smooth and exact. Special pressed material totally resembles the form of a foot which can especially be seen on the hill. It fixed the foot from all sides: top, bottom, left and right and keeps it in the same position during the whole period of wearing. The most important feature that it provides is of course comfort. Dynamic support became possible because of the special Flywire threads we have seen before. This technology allows woman to change their direction and moves within seconds. They are so thin that allows to create every type of pattern. Usage of different colors allows to create unusual shades which are impossible to create with existent colors. The top is made of a material that allows ventilation that’s why feet will never sweat. They can be found from 100 to 160 dollars per pair.

10. Nike Kaishi

The last but not the least representative of a series of the best nike walking shoes is a model called Nike Kaishi. Its presentation was a hit and the model gained popularity in a short period of time. These shoes show an amazing performance due to the combination of the latest technology applied by Nike and its ergonomical features. It is a combination of comfort and style. It doesn’t just look cool, but is also practical for walking and doing all sorts of activities. Almost the whole top of the shoe is covered with a net fiber with small holes all over it. Along with suede inserts on both sides of the shoe such features enable feet to breathe even in the hottest summer day. The traction is good, the fit is very comfortable thanks to the cushion, though it can be smoother. The quality is good. The upper is nice, the all-around solid performer and aero dynamical sole produce good amortization. Waterproof insole create additional comfort for the walker. A rounded nose makes them look stylish and a soft tongue makes them comfortable to wear. They will never rub feet.

The average price is about 150 dollars.

Nike is a leading producer in the industry of sportswear. They produce outfit not only for professional sportsmen, but also for amateurs and people who lead healthy lifestyle. It is amazing how one company could create such a big range of assortment. Nike walking shoes one person knows can be just the opposite of what nike walking shoes another person knows. The choice is vast. Take into account places the shoes will be worn to, think of the design and colors and of course put comfort on the first place when choosing your perfect nike walking shoes.