Top 10 Nike Casual Shoes

When we talk about the casual shoe market, there is without a doubt that the reigning monarchs are sneakers. They’re top of the range for good reason. Stylish, comfortable and affordable; sneakers are an iconic figure amongst the millennial generation. They give off a vibe of being anti-establishment, rebellion and youthfulness. The global demand for sneakers has increased incrementally in less than a decade— with major players experiencing at least 47% growth in the last five years. This represents more than $25 Billion USD annually, with a projection of exponential gains in the coming years.

And one of the biggest players around is Nike. With a history of using celebrity athlete endorsements to gain traction among the buying crowd, Nike has impressively been able to deliver in terms of product year after year. The Swoosh brand is a dominant fixture amongst sneaker heads in the casual shoes department. These developments are understandable with the dawn of the athleisure trend — clothes that are stylish, durable and comfortable for both everyday and athletics, continuing to gain popularity. Nike has a reputation in sports after all, and their transition into the world of youth fashion has come about naturally.

Without further ado, we take a look at the top 10 best selling Nike casual shoes on Amazon. We rate them for style, comfort and affordability: things that a millennial is sure to look for before purchasing online. No considerations are given whether they are men or women’s casual shoes as criteria for top 10 best Nike Casual Shoes countdown. This is to ensure that shoes are rated solely on merit. Celebrity endorsements, history, and gender sensitivity do not apply.

10) Nike Women’s Juvenate Woven Casual Shoe

Price at $59.95 to $$99.95, the Nike Women’s Juvenate scores high marks on price, but low on the looks department. Woven with wool as the primary material, it’s the least stylish-looking of the Nike casual shoes countdown. The look is best described as confused on whether it’s for full-on running or a trendy coffee shop.

However, at just below a hundred dollars, it is extremely good value for money. Try to overlook the fact that it’s best pairing are jogging pants of the same color. The dual-fusion injected sole core designed by Nike gives the Juvenate high ratings on comfort due to its lightness. For walking or running, the Phylon outsole provides extra traction for your athletic activities.

There is no choice of design on the Juvenate to be found on the Amazon website. Meanwhile the Nike official site provides two options: Black/White Sail and Black/Hyper and Turquoise/White/Bright/Crimson.

Nike Women's Juvenate White/Black Running Shoe 8 Women US
List Price: $85.00
Price: $74.99
You Save: $10.01
Price Disclaimer

9) Nike Men’s Darwin Casual Shoe

The main cause of the women’s Juvenate downfall in the top 10 Nike Casual Shoes ranking is its faux-athletic style, the next item on the list arguably tops it on “the needlessly trying to be an athlete department”.

Gentlemen we bring you the Nike Men’s Darwin Casual Shoe. Reminiscent of the old Nike Presto line, these sneakers are the type you would pair with jeans or denim. When you spot one at the gym, you know that the dude rocking these shoes will lose interest and quit after a month despite owning a lifetime subscription.

When worn on a night out with friends, people easily pick you out as the most juvenile of the bunch. But who’s to say that’s a bad thing? Being young at heart is an endearing trait at best… although it’s not quite endearing when you’re wearing “max orance black” or “university red” at forty years of age. You can choose from 17 colors in Amazon. Nike says that its featherweight due to the breathable mesh design and injected and rubber outsole pods for durability. I guess that’s fine for 20 minutes on the treadmill everyday.

Overall, the “athletic and casual at the same time” balance tips on the side of “trying too hard to be both”. Finally, it’s priced at $59.93 to $389.51, and such a large discrepancy in price on the same model really raises questions on whether that’s a marketing ploy. Sadly, the look can’t cash the check that the price tag is demanding, even though there are 17 designs to choose from in Amazon. This above anything else warrants its number nine ranking on the top 10 Nike Casual Shoes rating.

Nike Men's Darwin Black/Black White Casual Shoe 10.5 Men US
List Price: $65.39
Price: $65.21
You Save: $0.18
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8) Nike Men’s GTS 16 Casual Shoe

There are 8 designs to choose from. It’s priced at $53.70 to $119.06 in Amazon. It’s a sneaker. These are the main points on why the Nike Men’s GTS 16 Casual Shoe takes the number eight spot on the Nike Casual Shoes Top 10 countdown.

While the Essentialist passes the eye test on casual wear, Nike has give this canvas shoe with a durable rubber sole that discourages you from bringing it to your daily workout. However, it’s padded tongue and collar allows comfort should you be walking for miles on end during your spring break in Madrid or skateboarding in the local park.

7) Nike Men’s Essentialist Casual Shoe

Finally, something that make’s sense when paired with jeans. The Nike Men’s Essentialist Casual Shoe is the first effortless and unpretentious design in our Nike Casual Shoes Countdown. It’s contemporary design is based on a classic look owing to it’s lace-up closure. The synthetic outsole and the drop-in sockliner provide durability, while the mesh material provides comfort.

For $50.00 to $98.00, the Essentialist is available in nine colors on Amazon. The university red with white outsole works better here than on the Darwin, probably because it’s designed for someone who’s actually young rather than someone who’s trying to look young. And even if you’re a middle-aged person, you can still pair it with jeans and slacks on a casual day and not look like you’re trying to relive your twenties.
For the same price range though, you definitely have better choices among the Nike casual shoes line with a better look and feel. The Nike Men’s Essentialist Casual Shoe is something that you won’t wear everyday, but you’ll keep it because it matches well with a few things in your wardrobe.

Nike Mens Essentialist Casual Shoe
List Price: $68.79
Price: $68.79
Price Disclaimer

6) Nike Men’s Toki Low Txt Casual Shoe

Prices range from $35.99 to $199.59 on the Nike Men’s Toki Low Txt Casual Shoe. The black on black design is extremely garish in a minimalist sort of way, like someone dipping his shoes inside a can of black paint. The real jewel of the bunch is the cool grey and white design. It’s definitely worth top price since you can pair it with practically any sort of casual pants.

Much like the Essentialist, the lace-up front closure gives it a classic look. As a bonus, you get metallic eyelits for an even snugger fit. The inside is lined with a cushioned textile, designed to give you comfort for daily use. The material of the Toki is canvas, with rubber soles. Another great looking color for the Toki is the plain white with black Swoosh design. It’s simple and stylish with an understated nature that’s at par with the cool grey and white version.

The Nike Men’s Toki Low Txt Casual Shoe can become too expensive, with top-end designs appearing lackluster compared to others in the Nike casual shoes line. They’re definitely a keeper though, since it’s design is a staple in today’s fashion.

5) Nike Men’s Cortez Basic Leather Casual Shoe

The Nike Men’s Cortez Basic Leather Casual Shoe has four available colors. The white on white is the most striking followed by the obsidian/white and metallic silver model. The Cortez is best brought in hues of white, since it’s more of a classic look. The black versions look like they’re perfectly suited for a soccer hooligan’s weekend.

The Cortez has a leather finish coupled with rubber sole for a rugged exterior. The outsole is equipped with a rubber herringbone tread for added traction. Prices range from $54.00 to $200 dollars on Amazon. We recommend you choose from the white versions if you’re not going for Obsidian/White and Metallic silver.

However, for $200, it’s difficult to see why anyone would purchase this iteration of the Cortez. It’s not as comfortable as some of its suede counterparts in the Nike casual shoes family and its look best goes with fashion from a decade ago. However, the Cortez has a contemporary feel, which it gives hit a solid placing in our Nike Classic. Pair it with jeans or denim when going to outdoor concerts or ball games.

4) Nike Women’s AF1 Flynit Casual Shoe

The Nike Women’s AF1 Flynit Casual Shoe is the first in our gives justice to the term athleisure. The Woven Flynit design with yarn material from Nike gives it a lot of ventilation, so their definitely good to go on workouts. It’s also easy to pair with casual fashion for ladies, as it goes well with a lot of looks. The royal blue canvass and “digital pink” is particularly eye-catching. We recommend that you skip the white-on-white look this time, simply because the black and blue versions are definite stunners.

Prices range from $58.00 to $208.00 on Amazon. The Nike AF1 styling can really be seen, combined with their next generation Flynit Panels. These are specially crafted with ventilation in mind, as the next generation panels are placed to improve areas of breathability. This forward thinking gives the AF1 Flynit a well-deserved number four ranking on the top 10 Nike casual shoes countdown.

Ladies can pair the Nike Women’s AF1 Flynit Casual Shoe shoe with their sporty attire or dressed down ensembles. The material is light and breezy and perhaps it’s the most comfortable Nike casual shoes for women.

3) Nike Men’s Tennis Classic Ultra Leather Casual Shoe

Now this design is a classic. Simple and low-cut with a contemporary look, the Nike Men’s Tennis Classic Ultra Leather Casual Shoe comes in at number three on the top 10 Nike casual shoes list. There are just around a dozen retro-based designs to choose from, with the ivory accented with lava glow embodying the spirit of the 1980’s. The overall material is leather embossed with a perforated Swoosh logo that adds to its vintage appeal.

Prices range from as low as $35.00 to a reasonable $116.64. Nike went all-out on the arch design, as they specified a 2.25 inch separation from the arch. They have also equipped it with a Herringbone outsole and rubber sole for additional traction. This quiet yet effective approach gives the Nike Men’s Tennis Classic Ultra Leather Casual Shoe a top three rating on our Nike casual shoes list.

2) Nike Men’s Stefan Janoski Max L Skate Shoe

Despite being labeled as a skate shoe, the Nike Men’s Stefan Janoski Max L Skate Shoe comes in at a solid number two. They have captured the essence of a casual shoe for the modern urban age. The material is suede with over thirty stunning choices. Versions to look out for are the green and white yellow fusion, summit white and university red, and the hazelnut/clay-orange combo.

The Nike Men’s Stefan Janoski Max L Skate Shoe has a price range of $65.00 to $276.95 on Amazon. Nike has given it an extra flexible rubber outsole, which enhances grip. They have also tailored in a fully-stitch cupsole that adds to the shoe’s durability. The Janoski is a shoe that’s designed for modern fashion. This line is sure to hit collector’s edition sometime in the future. You might want to hang on to them for added value on the resale market.

A combination of price, design; and most of all, style pushes the Janoski as one of the strongest players on our top ten Nike casual shoes list.

1) Nike Men’s Match Supreme Ltr Casual Shoe

Starting with prices from $42.09 to $99.95 at Amazon, the Nike Men’s Match Supreme Ltr Casual Shoe takes the crown in our top ten Nike casual shoes countdown. The synthetic leather material comes in monochromes of black and white— with all versions embodying the spirit of today’s casual footwear. Nike has imbued the Supreme with rubber outsoles and a herringbone traction pattern to give it more grip and stability.

The color to go for in the Nike Men’s Match Supreme Ltr Casual Shoe is definitely the black one with a white Swoosh logo. The white version with a black Swoosh design comes in at second. The white-on-white Match Supreme is simply too plain to contend with the first two.

The match supreme has achieved a perfect mixture of affordability, style and timeless appeal to capture the top spot in our casual shoes countdown. You can pair it with just about anything. It’s simplicity makes it versatile enough to pair with just about any casual attire, yet is subtly stylish enough not to look out of place nearly anywhere. Maxed at less than a hundred dollars, this casual shoe is a perfect accompaniment for today’s emerging athleisure fashion line.

There you have it, the complete list of our top ten Nike casual shoes countdown based on the top selling shoes on Amazon. These picks are comfortable and easy to pair with almost any casual wear.