TOMTOM Adventurer GPS Outdoor

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What’s the TOMTOM Adventurer GPS Outdoor?

If you’re more of an outdoorsman, than the TOMTOM Adventurer GPS Outdoor watch is for you. While FitBit and Polar watches are preferable for cardiovascular training and weight training, the TOMTOM Adventurer GPS Outdoor is more suited toward the adventurer in you.

This watch contains similar features that a FitBit or a Polar activity watch has, most notably heart rate monitoring. However, even by its design the TOMTOM Adventurer GPS Outdoor is geared towards more long distance exercise. This includes, but is not limited to, hiking, biking, swimming, and skiing. It can also monitor gym time and running. To top it off, this watch is also waterproof, so there’s no limit to what sport it can track.

In addition, the TOMTOM Adventurer GPS Outdoor watch also has a built-in GPS feature (as the name would suggest). Right from the watch face, you can get real-time stats, such as:

1. Compass
2. Barometer Tracking
3. Altitude
4. Vertical Drop
5. Average Speed
6. Distance Traveled (in 3D!)
7. Music Player — simply download a playlist right to the watch!

What’s Your Sport?

The TOMTOM Adventurer GPS Outdoor has several different sports modes, all of which cater to its specific needs. Most namely, these sports include: hiking, trail running, skiing, and snowboarding. Specifically, the watch will track:

1. Hiking — The watch tracks heart rate, altitude, average distance, ascent, average speed/pace, and calories burned. In addition, the hiking feature also includes preloaded trails or a “breadcrumb” trail, which tracks where you’ve walked so that you can backtrack on the return trip. It also features an extended battery life that lasts up to 20 hours, for those super adventurous folks.

2. Trail Running — The watch tracks heart rate, altitude, average distance, ascent, average speed/pace, and calories burned. Similarly to the hiking feature, it also includes either preloaded or “breadcrumb” trails. Unfortunately, the battery life isn’t as strong with this one.

3. Skiing — The watch tracks heart rate, decent, run count, duration, distance, and average speed. You can also see the full summary while descending the ski lift with the watch’s automatic lift detection. This summary includes the maximum speed, decent time, and maximum gradient of your skiing session.

4. Snowboarding — The watch tracks similar features as the skiing feature, including: heart rate, descent, altitude, average distance, speed, and distance. The snowboarding feature also includes the automatic lift detection, so you can see the summary of all your winter sports.

The TOMTOM watch can also track other sports, such as gym training, cardiovascular exercise (such as running, indoor and outdoor cycling, treadmill, etc.), and freestyle. For all sports, the watch tracks:
1. heart rate
2. average distance
3. average speed
4. calories burned
5. duration
6. breadcrumb trail (if walking)
7. average pace (if walking)

It’s a Heart Rate Monitor?!

All sports have one thing in common: the TOMTOM Adventurer GPS Outdoor tracks the individual’s heart rate. The watch has a built-in heart rate monitor that takes the wrist pulse 24/7. It measures your active and resting heart rate as long as the watch is on. It also shows the “heart rate zones”, so you can visually see where your average heart rate lies. If this correlates with your goals, then great! If not, you know how to improve: the watch will help you get there!

And it’s got an App

Just like FitBit and Polar Activity Trackers, the TOMTOM Adventurer GPS Outdoor links to an app on your smartphone. With the app, you can see the full spectrum of your day’s activities in one place. Yep, no flipping through the watch face: the TOMTOM app shows graphs and charts of your day’s stats in comparison to other days. You also have access to all your activities in one place. Now, you can see how well you did in skiing and snowboarding today, as compared to your five mile hike the day before. The TOMTOM app is designed to make your sports easier and your time spent doing them more effective.

Need more convincing? The TOMTOM app also doubles as your own personal cheerleader. Based on your progress history, the app will tell you how much you’ve improved over X amount of days, weeks, or even months! If that’s not motivating, then I don’t know what is.

Where can I get a TOMTOM Adventurer GPS Outdoor?

You can purchase a TOMTOM Adventurer GPS Outdoor on Amazon through the link here. Unfortunately it only comes in either orange or black. However, it also comes with wireless Bluetooth headphones and up to 32GB of music storage, so it’s a fair trade off. It also ships through Amazon Prime, which means less hassle for you and you get it that much sooner. So what’re you waiting for?!