10 Best Running Shoes Under 50 Reviewed for Performance

Running shoes can be very expensive when you look at all the different options out there (see the overall best here). Everyone wants something that’s at a price range they can afford but still gives you the quality that you desire in your footwear to take a good run. Fortunately, there are plenty of running shoes under 100 dollars that can give you that kind of quality. For example, one thing you want to be assured you’re getting in a running shoe is adequate cushioning for every step you take.

best cheap running shoes under 50- man runner running

These shoes feature all the softness that you can find in the more expensive running footwear through features such as EVA heel pods and cloud foam midsoles. Perhaps it’s really important to you to make sure that you’re not lacking adequate breathability to your feet. Whether it’s a mesh upper or an EcoOrtholite sock liner, you won’t be missing out on coolness on your feet in these affordable footwear options. In addition to breathability, you can also be assured that you’ll get quality traction as well. You’ll find options here that feature tread outsoles and rubber outsoles.

Last Updated: August 26, 2017
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This page has been updated with the top 10 running shoes under 50 dollars in 2017. Detailed are their top features, their pro and cons, and their value in correlation with their cost. Also included are our featured recommendations which highlight the editor’s choice, the 2nd ranked choice, and the shoes that are the best value.

Featured Recommendations

Asics Gel Venture 5
  • Asics Gel Venture 5
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Rearfoot Gel Cushion
  • Price: See Here
New Balance 510v3
  • New Balance 510v3
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • All terrain Outsole
  • Price: See Here
Tesla Lightweight
  • Tesla Lightweight
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Flex Groove Sole
  • Price: See Here

In addition to getting features up to par with more expensive shoes, you can even get some of the best-known shoe brands at low prices like Adidas and Under Armour. Whether you go with a name-brand or a brand that is not as well known, these footwear options under 50 will provide you with adequate quality for effective running.


10 Best Rated Running Shoes Under 50


1. Asics Gel Venture 5

The ASICS GEL-Venture 5’s design sticks out pretty well compared to the other shoes you’ll see. Most of the different color patterns have a nice dark look to them generally. The GEL-Venture 5 features a rearfoot GEL cushioning, a removable sock liner, and mesh patterned underlays. You’ll also be getting trail-specific outsoles and AHAR outsole rubber with these shoes as well.
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Trail Specific Outsole
If you’re particularly looking to run around on rough outdoor surfaces, these outsoles will help you do that. The Trail Specific Outsole with its reverse traction lugs is designed to give you the best traction on any terrain.

Rearfoot GEL cushioning
Our heels endure a lot of impact in our steps that some suggest to be 3 to 5 times our body weight with each step. Rearfoot GEL cushioning helps to soften that blow and also keep the foot stabilized.

Cost and Value
These are a great bargain if you’re looking for some really good traction in your running shoe. It’s a bit closer to the range you’re looking to stay under, but still very low priced.
  • Trail-specific outsole
  • Rearfoot GEL cushioning
  • AHAR outsole rubber
  • Removable sock liner
  • Less breathable
  • Toe portion wears down easily

2. New Balance 510v3

The New Balance 510v3 is made with a leather and textile material that’ll surely be nice to the touch when you hold them. This shoe features a synthetic sole and an IM ethylene vinyl acetate midsole. The New Balance also features a memory top comfort insert and an AT tread outsole to round out it’s list of great features that can make for an enjoyable running experience.
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Memory Top Comfort Insert
The Memory Top Comfort Insert gives you extra cushion for the steps you take. It can help to reduce foot and leg fatigue allowing you to run for longer periods.

IM EVA midsole
The IM EVA midsole, short for injected molded ethylene vinyl acetate, is a feature that can help to give you more bounce in your running steps allowing you for increased stride length and faster running.

Cost and Value
There aren’t a whole lot of unique features with this shoe for how much it sells. You can still definitely be assured though that you’ll get excellent comforting features for an easier run.
  • Memory Top Comfort Insert
  • IM EVA midsole
  • AT tread outsole
  • Synthetic sole
  • Thin insole
  • Very narrow fit

3. Asics GT 2000 4

If you’re a fan of bright colors, this is the running shoe for you. The ASICS GT-2000 4 comes in a variety of beautiful bright color designs that you can pick your favorite from. This shoe features a rubber sole and a breathable mesh upper. It also features a duomax support system as well as both a rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning system.
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Breathable Mesh Upper
The Mesh Upper allows for more air to enter into the inside of your shoe. With more air inside your feet will be able to stay cooler and less sweaty for those long runs.

Duomax Support System
The Duomax support system is positioned in the mid feature that’s designed to increase stability and a support to your feet. It helps give you an easier transition from the heel strike to toe-off motion in your steps.

Cost and Value
It’s a bit more on the cheaper side of the shoes on this list. For all the unique features offered it’s definitely a good shoe option to consider for purchase.
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Duomax support system
  • Rearfoot/forefoot gel cushioning
  • Rubber sole
  • Mesh wears out quickly
  • Tight toebox

4. Under Armour Micro G Assert

4. Under Armour Micro G Assert
The Under Armour Micro G Assert has a mesh design on the sides and the upper portion of the shoe that gives it a uniquely attractive appearance. These shoes feature upper foam, breathable mesh, and leather overlays. These shoes also feature an EVA sock liner and a MIcro G foam. Lastly worth noting, the Micro G Assert features high impact zone rubber soles.
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EVA Sockliner
Running can take quite a toll on your feet. The EVA sockliner gives a soft feel to your feet in your steps for added comfort and also provides you with a nice custom fit.

Micro G Foam
The cushioning of the Micro G foam feature helps to give you an explosive takeoff in your runs. This is particularly helpful for participating in track competitions such as the 100m dash

Cost and Value
These shoes sell at about average price of the shoes on this list. If you’re really looking for a shoe that gives you great comfort, this would make for an excellent purchase.
  • EVA sockliner
  • Micro G foam
  • Leather overlays
  • High impact zone rubber soles
  • Very narrow fit
  • Difficult getting right size

5. Puma Tazon 6 FM

5. Puma Tazon 6 FM
For those of you with wide feet, you’ll appreciate the PUMA Tazon 6 FM because it’s a very wide shaped shoe. You’ll be sure to get plenty of space when you put these on. The PUMA Tazon 6 FM features a rubber outsole, T-toe construction, and a midfoot saddle. It also features an EcoOrtholite sock liner, EVA heel pod, and a TPU shank.
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EVA Heel Pod
The EVA heel pod provides cushioning in the heel of your foot for more comfort. It also provides good shock absorption to help your feet endure less stress and strain in your runs.

TPU Shank
The TPU shank is located in the middle of the shoe and it’s designed to give you extra support to the arch of your foot. It can assist with relieving foot pain you may have from certain foot issues such as plantar fasciitis.

Cost and Value
These shoes aren’t too high in price in comparison with some of the other shoes. These would be a worthy purchase for it’s nice wide shape and the foot support offered.
  • EVA heel pod
  • TPU shank
  • EcoOrtholite sockliner
  • T-toe construction
  • Soles don’t last long
  • Not the most breathable

6. Adidas Energy Cloud WTC

6. Adidas Energy Cloud WTC
When you see the name Adidas you know you’re going to be in store for a quality running shoe. This brand has been synonymous for many years in providing some of the best athletic footwear on the market. The Adidas Energy Cloud Wtc features a mesh upper and a cloud foam midsole. In addition, these shoes also come with a midfoot cage and an Adiwear outsole.
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Cloud foam Midsole
The cloud foam midsole is a nice cushioning inside of your shoe that gives your feet some great comfort. You’ll be able to feel run in these shoes for a long-distance without much pain.

Midfoot Cage
Shoes that are loose on you tend to make running much more difficult. The midfoot cage locks down around your feet giving you a more supportive fit for better runs.

Cost and Value
These shoes are among the lowest priced, and this is a particularly good bargain given your purchasing a quality name-brand that typically sells most of their shoes at a much higher price.
  • Cloud foam midsole
  • Midfoot cage
  • Mesh upper
  • Adiwear outsole
  • Insoles wear out fast
  • Tight upper

7. Saucony Cohesion 10

7. Saucony Cohesion 10
The Saucony Cohesion 10 is made with a synthetic and textile material with a nice eye-catching design that you can have in a few different colors. These shoes feature a heel grid system and an injected molded EVA midsole. They also feature a mesh upper and a rubber sole. In addition, the Saucony Cohesion 10 has a plush tongue and collar.
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Heel Grid System
The heel is the first part of the foot to hit the ground, which if not properly cushioned can lead to all sorts of lower body injuries. The heel grid system cushions the heel and reduces the shock absorption

IM EVA Midsole
This feature will give you more bounce in your steps. The more bounce that you’ll get in your steps the longer your stride will be for faster runs and also being able to go longer distances.

Cost and Value
These come at the average price of the shoes on this list. If you’re gonna be doing a lot of intense running, the comfort features with this shoe make it worth a purchase.
  • Heel grid system
  • IM EVA midsole
  • Mesh upper
  • Plush tongue and collar
  • Less arch support
  • Tight fit

8. Tesla Lightweight

8. Tesla Lightweight
The Tesla Lightweight lives up to his name being a shoe that only weighs a mere 5 ounces. These will definitely not be heavy on your feet while you’re going for a run. The footwear features a thermal bonding PU pattern and a vented mesh. In addition, it features a Dura Glide EVA midsole and a flex groove sole.
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Flex Groove Sole
The flex groove sole feature gives this shoe great traction that will keep you sturdy on the most treacherous of surfaces. It even provides good balance for activities in wet conditions.

Thermal Bonding PU Pattern
The thermal bonding PU pattern feature helps to offer you foot support. It conforms to your unique movements to give you the stability that you need when taking a step.

Cost and Value
This shoe is the lowest priced shoe on our list. It’s well worth a consideration of purchase for all of the foot support benefits you’d be getting with this shoe.
  • Flex groove sole
  • Thermal bonding PU pattern
  • Vent mesh
  • Duraglide EVA midsole
  • Not much padding
  • Short term durability

9. Mizuno Wave Catalyst

9. Mizuno Wave Catalyst
The Mizuno Wave Catalyst is another shoe with bright color designs that you might like if you enjoy having bright colors in your shoe. There are also a few less bright colored designs as well. The Wave Catalyst features fabric and synthetic material, a rubber sole, and a UFiC midsole platform. It also features a breathable upper, a padded tongue and collar, and X10 midfoot landing area.
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X10 Midfoot Landing Area
The X10 midfoot landing area feature is particularly good for runners that are heel or midfoot runners. It helps to give you traction at your heel and durability in the high impact areas.

UFiC Midsole
The UFiC midsole feature gives your feet all the adequate shock absorption that you need for long runs. This feature is also another assist in giving your shoes long-term durability.

Cost and Value
With a combination of a nice design, excellent traction, good shock absorption, and all being sold at an average price in comparison with the other shoes, the Mizuno Wave Catalyst is well worth consideration for purchase.
  • X10 midfoot landing area
  • U4ic midsole
  • Breathable upper
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Tight toe box
  • Less cushioning

10. Skechers Go Run 400

10. Skechers Go Run 400
The Skechers Go Run 400 is made with a synthetic material that’ll be soft to the touch for you when you get to put your hands on these. These shoes feature a 5gen cushioned midsole and a goga high rebound insole. The Go Run 400 also features a biometric midsole design, a rubber sole, and a soft fabric lining as well.
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Goga High Rebound Insole
The high rebound insole gives your feet excellent shock absorption for all the fast and long distance running you do. In addition it gives your feet foot support as well.

5gen Cushioned Midsole
As the name of this feature suggests, the 5gen Cushioned Midsole provides you with adequate cushioning for more comfort in the steps you take. It’s also can provide you with energy return too.

Cost and Value
The Skechers Go Run 400 is at the lower end of pricing on this list of shoes. If comfort and foot support are what matter most to you, this would make for a great buy.
  • Goga high rebound insole
  • 5gen cushioned midsole
  • Biometric insole design
  • Soft fabric lining
  • Tight fit
  • Difficult finding right size

How to Choose Cheap, Affordable Running Shoes

Finding great running shoes don’t have to require you to go for the most expensive options as we’ve seen in this list. You can go for something more affordable and still get optimal features that will help you have a really good run. For example, you can have adequate comfort features in running shoes under 50 dollars such as GEL cushioning, Memory Top Comfort Insert, or a Micro G Foam. As a runner, you probably know shock absorption is very important to have given the toll your runs can take on your feet. We’ve seen that running shoes under 50 can also provide that in a variety of different ways.

best cheap running shoes under 50- running on grass

From features such as the EVA heel pod to features such as the heel grid system or the UFiC Midsole, you’ll definitely not be lacking in shock absorption that’ll keep your feet withstanding long runs. In addition, there are adequate foot support options in these features such as the duo max support system and the TPU shank. With features like all of these, you can be assured that even at a more affordable price, you’ll still get the excellent quality that will help give you an enjoyable run.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Running Shoes Under 50


Comfort/Cushioning/Shock Absorption

best cheap running shoes under 50- impact and shock

Running can take it’s toll on your feet with all of the force that comes down on your foot with each running step. The force of your foot hitting the ground can be 3 times your bodyweight, which makes it that much more important you’re running shoe under 50 dollars gives your feet comfort. A feature that could definitely help you with that is Rearfoot Gel Cushioning. It’s cushioning that’s located at the heel portion of your shoe that gives you shock absorption from the force your foot feels in your running steps. Some running shoes can also feature forefoot cushioning that can give the same shock absorption effect, or even both of them in one shoe, which would be great for your feet.

The memory top comfort insert can also be a beneficial comfort feature to find in your running shoe. It’s designed to mold to the shape of your foot when you step into them giving you comfort specific to your feet and helping to relieve all of your foot pain from your heel to your toe. Comfort in your running shoe doesn’t just have to be at the bottom of your foot. The padded tongue and collar feature can give you a soft cushion feel at the top of your foot and around your ankle.

An additional feature you can look out for in your running shoe under 50 is the EVA sockliner. This cushioned feature is designed to give a soft feel on your feet that can be excellent for long distance running. A similar type of EVA feature that can be great to find in a running shoe is the EVA heel pod, which provides the same soft cushion feel specifically in the heel portion of your foot. A cloudfoam midsole feature would also be excellent to stumble upon in your running shoe. It’s a soft layer that’s located in between the inner and outer sole that helps to provide extra cushioning as well as good shock absorption. Other features that you can try to find in your running shoe for comfort would be a 5gen cushioned midsole, fabric lining, EVA midsole, or a full length micro G foam.

Traction/Reversed Traction Lugs/AT Tread Outsole

best cheap running shoes under 50- outsole

Depending on the type of terrain you’re running on traction can be essential in making sure you have in a running shoe under 50 dollars. Pay attention to see if your footwear features an AT Tread Outsole. The pattern design of these outsoles are specifically made for the roughest and most difficult outdoor trails. Reversed traction lugs are another feature great to find in a running shoe for traction. This feature can give you a great grip on the ground for when you’re running uphill or even if you’re running downhill.

AHAR outsole rubber is also an excellent traction feature to find if you happen to see featured in a running shoe. It’s abrasion resistant, meaning the soles don’t scrap or wear down easily when you run in them. This feature accomplishes that because it’s made with the same material that’s used for car tires. So not only does this feature assist with giving you good traction grip in your shoe, but it also makes your shoe more durable for long lasting usage running on rough and hard surfaces.

Keep an eye out if you see a shoe that highlights having rubber in high impact zones or high-wear areas. You can take that as a good sign that the running shoe you’re looking at will provide you with strong traction. If you’re a runner that likes to make turns or maybe quick movements in their runs, the adiwear outsole feature is a must to watch out for. The feature is often found in tennis shoe outsoles, which we all know in the sport of tennis they heavily rely on quick adjustments in getting to the ball. So you can be assured with having this feature in your running shoe, you’ll be able to make those same quick adjustments in your runs when you need them. Lastly in addition to all the other traction features that have been mentioned to pay attention for, you would be well served to find a shoe that features a hydrogrip outsole, which will also give you great traction for all the surfaces and outdoor terrain you may decide to run on.

Foot Support/Stability/Secure Fit

best cheap running shoes under 50- stability

It’s critical when you’re running that your running shoes under 50 are securely fitting your feet. It’s also important once you have that secure fit that your shoes can give you foot support and stability in your steps. For the first issue, one of many features that you can search for in your footwear to help you with this is leather overlays. What the leather overlay feature does is it locks in your midfoot giving you a more snug fit on your feet. Another feature that does this similar locking down effect is a supportive cage feature, which wraps around a midfoot for more security. In addition to these features, you should look out to see if a running shoe features a midfoot saddle or a lace closure, which will help give you that fit that’s secure.

A running shoe giving you foot support and stability in your steps can be attained in a few different features to try to spot in your footwear. The duomax support system feature gives foot support particularly for the transition between the heel striking the ground and the toe coming off, helping to make your running steps seamless and stable. The TPU shank is another good feature to search for as it’s designed to provide arch support and stability to your feet. One last excellent feature for stability that would be great to see in any running footwear you’re looking at is a thermal bonding PU pattern. The thermal bonding PU pattern gives stability by conforming to your specific running movements for customized support.

Breathability/Mesh/sock liner

best cheap running shoes under 50- mesh

Running can make your feet quickly sweaty when you’re running fast or you’re running long distances. It’s necessary that your running shoe under 50 is giving you adequate breathability to keep your feet cool. One great feature you can be assured will give you coolness to your feet is a shoe with upper mesh. Mesh allows for air to get into your shoe and help to eliminate the sweat and cool down your feet. It also helps to dry any moisture to reduce the amount of sweat that your feet build up. Pay attention as well if a shoe highlights that it’s patterned with mesh in the underlays of a running shoe. An EcoOrtholite sockliner is another great feature to find to give you adequate breathability. It assists with giving you circulation of air by creating space around your feet for more air to get in.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is it time to replace running shoes?

A: It mostly depends on how you feel in the shoes after your runs in them. If you’re starting to notice more foot pain or leg pain or any increased lower body pain, it may be time to replace your running shoes. The area of this type of footwear that usually deteriorates the most over time is the cushioning, which can start to significantly decrease as early as 50 miles of running. If you’re looking for something close to a hard and fast rule, most avid runners will tell you a good time range to replace your shoe is between 400 and 500 miles ran.


Q: Why can’t I run in any type of athletic shoe?

A: Different athletic shoes are designed for the specific motions that are common in those athletic activities. For example, tennis shoes are designed to support all around movement for pursuing the tennis ball, and basketball shoes are designed to support the ankles because of constant swift cutting and jumping. Shoes designed specifically for running can help to better support your consistent forward motion and reduce the likelihood of injury. Since running puts a consistent high impact force on your feet, running shoes generally offer more cushioning that can give you shock absorption to reduce any potential pain on your foot joints.


Q: How do I make my running shoes last long?

A: There are a couple of tips that are suggested for making your running shoes last longer. One tip is to reserve your running shoe for mainly when you’re running. The more you use them the more you wear out the cushioning inside. Another suggestion is to always loosen the laces whenever you’re putting your shoes on and off. If you put your feet in and out often without the laces loose it bends parts of the shoe such as the upper and heel collar, messing up the fit on your feet, and also putting a strain on the material keeping it together. It’s also helpful to keep them stored in cool places as well so that they can air out after being used.


Q: How do I clean my running shoes?

A: You can simply use a small brush to to scrub the outside of the shoe with some soap and cold water. Running shoe experts suggested to remove the insoles and wash them separately if possible. After you finish washing the shoe allow them to dry in a cool place. Any form of heat drying will cause the shoe to change shape.