Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor Review – Is it Better than You Imagined?

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It has been only a year since Suunto Ambit2 Silver HR came into existence and began to introduce products like heart rate monitor watches(HRMW). With a year, it has managed to gain quite a bit of appreciation and has managed to create a name for itself in the outdoor sports instruments. In spite of tough competition from some very well know companies Polar,Garmin, Omron and Nike this company did not lose its footing or get lost in the crowd. We are going to review one of its products which is theSuunto Ambit2 Silver HR and will present to you a neutral view so that you can make up your mind as to whether it is the appropriate device for your daily running or athletic activities for you or not.

Features of Suunto Ambit2

First of all, let us take a look at the areas where the device seems to excel and where things work in its favor.

The Suunto device is found to be highly responsive in its work. It will not take ages for the screen to respond to your any command and valuable time van be saved. Its GPS signal locks at a much faster rate and you will not have to wait for a long duration of time to get the device to start working.

Suunto offers you frequent updates on the device which would help you in saving the battery life and ensuring better performance of the device.

You can shower with this device on and it will not suffer from any damage as it is water resistant for upto 100m.

The interface is found to be highly user friendly and there is no reason to doubt on its accuracy.

App download
This device offers you the opportunity to download various app so you can use it for a variety of purposes.

The shortcomings

Unsatisfactory software integration
The software which allows you to connect to the computer so that you can transfer your data is found to be quite slow which tends to get exasperating,

No Bluetooth
You will have to connect this device to computer or Wi-Fi to edit your profiles since it does not have the option of Bluetooth which means that you cannot connect it to your android or iphone

No music
Although not a major issue or something which would negate its good value, this device does not offer you the opportunity to listen to music as there is no vibrating alert.

Check out the video of Suunto Ambit 2 HR GPS

One thing is certain. This device does its work well. It is reliable, accurate and well executed. The design is slick and portable without being too heavy and also keeps up with the latest updates. All in all it is a worthy investment which would not make you feel that you have poured your money down the drain. Apart from minor issues that have already been mentioned no major concerns have been reported. If adequate steps are taken to resolve the software issue it could very well become the most popular and most preferred heart rate monitor in the market.