Puma Speed 300 Ignite Running Shoe Review

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Men’s Puma Speed 300 Ignite 18811401 White Atomic Blue Red Blast (7, White) is a lightweight, rapid shoe with a cut off licensed bouncy Ignite forth under the heel. This infusion of froth is alluded to as a “drive zone” in that it works by extending the outsole elastic over indicated scores to give you more start after taking off. Wearing Speed 300 Ignites make our legs feel a slightly less slow. Puma Speed 300 is a light, run quick shoe with a wedge of Puma’s bouncy Ignite forth under the heel and an “impetus zone” component in advance that extends outsole elastic over flex grooves so it will rebind with power as you toe-off. The straightforwardness of the shoe makes it all the more engaging.

Notwithstanding this, these mentors sport intelligent overlays that work pair with lightweight materials directed all through the shoe. The outcome is a shoe that is both obvious and very effective. Worked for speed as it seems to be, this shoe offers a decent piece of auxiliary immovability. A few runners will love this, knowing which camp you fall into is important.Puma Speed 300 is sturdy, it offers a touch of footing, it’s agreeable, it has a smooth outline and best of all its froth padded soles make you feel as though you’re running on air.With available options for both men and women, these are a solid pair of running shoes.

Puma Speed 300 has the accompanying components:

  • Lightweight running shoe
  • Skim like a plume with a genuinely weightless pair of shoes.
  • Vitality return
  • Everybody needs to realize what they get back. Light Foam, PUMA’s exclusive material, has extraordinarily responsive, vitality reusing property to make you speedy and add a touch of adaptability to your progression.
  • Designed Propulsion zone in the focal point of the outsole delivers more quality when you delve your toes in and take off.
  • Enhanced evening security, intelligent overlays for more noteworthy perceivably
  • Elastic outsole gives an incredible level of hold, with EverTrack+ infusion blown elastic for strength covers high contact regions. PUMA Cat Logo situated at the tongue and close to the heel; PUMA Formstrip decorates each.

Puma Speed 300 has the accompanying advantages and disadvantages.



  • Puma Speed 300 is an exceptionally agreeable shoe, in light of narrative experience and a snappy trawl of client remarks
  • For an elite shoe, they are moderate.
  • Puma Speed 300 is an adaptable pair of coaches, the outsole and part of the shoe smoothly give backing and exchange movement while you walk.
  • They are light to run with.
  • This is a moderate shoe, which still figures out how to give a conventional level of padding for your foot
  • The outline stylish is basic yet sharp and outwardly engaging
  • Due to the inherent high-determination material, perceivably does not represent an issue.
  • These overlays are your go to a more secure run.
  • These shoes are springy and responsive, they deliver vitality and cause your feet need to skip.


A generally noted issue with the Puma Speed 300 is the sole is somewhat on the hardened side. This sometimes falls short for all tastes.
The moderate style upper demonstrated wear and tear speedier than you may expect, noticed a couple surveys. Wear and tear are generally importance scrapes, not basic rot.
A modest bunch of remarks watched that the midfoot backing is a touch of lacking.
This improves the shoe intended for short and medium separation runs contrasted with say a marathon.
In spite of the fact that the configuration is entirely satisfying, you’re going to have a set number of shading choices to browse.



Puma Speed 300 continues to gain traction among a wide variety of runners.While the Puma Speed 300 takes into account the moderate runner (in light of its lightweight nature, and trim sole,) it strikes a troublesome parity of offering some padding and curve support also. In light of this mix, these shoes have a truly expansive size of the offer. They can be an awesome go to for 5Ks, mid-separation runs, or even a day by day coach. When every one of the upsides and downsides has been measured, the particulars have been assessed, and the subtle elements examined what you will discover is an extremely strong shoe offering superior at a sensible cost.

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