Product Review: Polar A300 Monitor

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Why a Heart Rate Monitor?

These days, just about every sports equipment company is marketing a new heart rate monitor. Companies are depending on people riding out this new health craze to buy cheaper models in the hope that they make a profit. Do they really care about whether you become more active or not? No.

But you know better. You want something with quality. Something that’s going to last in the long run. Something that will accurately track your performance, because performance is what matters to you.

You have probably been through your fair share of heart rate monitors, too, only to be disappointed. So let’s talk about one that will actually get the job done.

The Polar A300 Heart Rate Monitor

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The Polar A300 Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor with Heart Rate (Black) is a combination of a fitness tracker and a watch. Although a little bulky, this heart rate monitor does everything an average fitness tracker can do and more. It has two different settings so that the user can track everyday activities and fitness training. The Polar A300 also allows the user to keep a diary of their fitness goals and milestones through an app on their smart phone. For the full rundown of the Polar A300, click here.

Now, you are probably thinking, “Well yeah, most things do this. What makes the Polar A300 so much better?” I’ll tell you.

It’s an Activity Tracker!

Let’s start with the activity tracker. In a day, the Polar A300 will keep a record of:

1. Steps and distance traveled
2. Whether or not you have reached that day’s step goal
3. The amount of time you were active throughout the day (both casually and training)
4. Inactivity alert that lets you know when you are inactive for too long
5. Sleep tracker
6. A full summary of that day’s activity

What’s most compelling about the Polar A300 fitness tracker, though, is its “Activity Benefit” feature. The Activity Benefit tracks all of your active choices during the day and reflects on it. The fitness monitor will also give you daily, weekly, and monthly feedback on how you can continue to live an active lifestyle based on your goals and whether you have reached them. So really, your Polar A300 is doing more than tracking your activity: it is also watching out for you. How can a FitBit compare to that? (It can’t.)

It’s a Fitness Tracker!

The Fitness Tracker feature, as a runner, is the meat and potatoes of the Polar A300 Heart Rate Monitor. If you are an active runner, then you obviously care about your heart rate, lung oxygen capacity, and the like. And the Polar A300 does just that. Among tracking your active and resting heart rate, it also controls:

1. Your maximum heart rate for that day’s session
2. A “Running Program”, which helps an individual train for any race (5K, 10K, half
marathon, or a marathon)
3. “Heart Rate Zones”, where the Polar A300 will dictate where your heart rate should fall
based on that day’s training program (which you can input through the app or online!)
4. “ZoneLock” and “ZonePointer”, which help you to stay in one heart rate zone and show
when you are falling above or below that zone
5. A calorie tracker
6. A “Training Benefit”, which shows how that day’s training session correlates to your
current goals
7. Sets automatic laps if you are running track
8. “Training Targets” and “Training History”, which show whether or not your day’s fitness
session correlates with your pre-set training goals
9. A “Sports Profile”, which allows you to choose your current sport and train according to
what will best benefit your performance

So if you are running for sport instead of running for fun, then the Polar A300 band is right for you. Not only can you choose your own sport and have help (aside from your coach, of course!) choosing what training tactics will best benefit your performance, but you can also set your own goals. The Polar A300 will also let you know how close you are to achieving your goals that day, week, or month, which is perfect for staying on track!

The Device

So I know that you are still thinking, “I can probably find most of these features in any regular fitness tracker.” And that may be true. But the device itself is one of a kind.

Primarily, it’s highly affordable. On Amazon, it can be purchased with Prime shipping for a whopping $79. (The direct link can be found Polar A300 Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor with Heart Rate (Black) That’s nearly $20 cheaper than their website and at least $50 cheaper than a FitBit. Plus, free shipping! It cannot be beat.

The most standout quality of the Polar A300 Heart Rate monitor, though, is that it tracks your heart rate in a different way. Most bands take the wrist pulse and use that to determine one’s heart rate, which can be highly inaccurate. The wrist is simply a less accurate place to take one’s pulse. However, the Polar A300 activity tracker has a band that straps around the chest, with a monitor close to the heart. This increases the accuracy of the heart rate monitor because it is tracking your literal heartbeats, not your wrist pulse.

For someone who is intent on a certain oxygen output or a certain heart rate, this quality is a game changer. Your results become more accurate. What’s more, you have the support of a smart phone app, their online library, and a wonderful company to help you reach your goals.

So what are you waiting for?