Product Review On The Polar M600

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The Polar-M600 is a smartwatch and a fitness tracker rolled into one device. It has a built an optical heart-rate sensor and a GPS along with other features. Generally, these features are seen in high-end fitness trackers. The device runs on the Android Wear, which is Google’s smartwatch OS. Each box contains a wrist heart-rate monitor, a GPS watch, and a built-in fitness tracker. It is supported by the full Android wear ecosystem and the iOS/Android Comparison Chart for full features –


Polar have created a smartwatch and a fitness tracker rolled into one with M600. The software seems to have achieved the goal but the design is big and bulky. The Polar-M600 is 13mm thick. The watch design has chrome bezels on both sides of the rectangular gorilla glass screen. It has interchangeable straps too. The M600 has an IPX8 waterproof-rating, making it suitable for swimming up to 10 meters. It has a 1.3-inch T.F.T display with an impressive resolution of 240 x 240, with a pixel-density of 260ppi. This enhances the quality and responsiveness of the display. The dial has two buttons; one right under the display and the other off to the left. It is important to note that the leftmost button is the home button to wake up the display. You could even swipe it awake. The button under the display is the activity button. It brings you to the Polar’s built-in training application.


The training application offers two options – Training and My day. On the other hand, the Training section allows you to select your workout. While the My day section offers you the snapshot of current day’s activity. This section also shows you the number of steps, the calories burnt and the distance travelled. For the rest of your report, you must access the Polar-Flow application on your smartphone. The application has additional monitors for active and resting heart rate as well as sleep. All you should do is download the app on your iOS or Android phone. Then sync the M600 onto the app and you are ready to go! It’s also worth noting that Polar-Flow has a desktop-client as well as a browser version, if you’d rather look at all your activity history right from a computer. There are over 100 sports to choose from but the screen loads only 20 at a time.

The Software

The Polar -600 is running Android-Wear 6.0.1, version called the Polar Flow. It has a built-in GPS and an accurate distance tracking. Besides an impressive optical heart-rate monitor fitted with six L.E.D lights. You will get notifications from applications, music playbacks, voice commands and silent alarms and more. The Polar-Flow app is well designed and intuitive. It gives you lots of granular data on your fitness regimen in an uncluttered format. The application has three main sections: namely Feed, Activity, and Training. The Feed is the timeline of the daily activity. It displays snapshot of your daily activity statistics. It comes with social media options. The activity section shows the daily, weekly or even monthly log thus helps track your health over a long time through a graphical representation of your activities. These tools help you achieve your health goals.


It is a 1.3-inch T.F.T display with an excellent resolution of 240 x 240. It comes with a pixel-density of 260ppi that enhances the responsiveness and quality of the display. The screen shows the wrist heart rate monitor it is an accurate, heart-rate monitor that helps personalized training. It offers guidance through charts and graphs and other forms of notification to reach your fitness goals. The display comes with a GPS watch. This built-in GPS Technology keeps track of the distance travelled, your pace, and altitude. All this is displayed as a map in the Power Flow application. The M600 has an IPX8 waterproof-rating, which makes it suitable for swimming up to the depth of 10 meters. It comes with waterproof interchangeable wristbands. The display flashes all the notifications, fitness coach, social features, etc., from the Android wear ecosystem, the Polar Flow.


The battery in the Polar-M600 is a huge 500mAh mammoth. That is big for an Android wear all that it does, as it lasts you more than a couple of days of regular wear. If you have clocked an hour’s run each day it would have collected data; that requires power. If the GPS was turned on and it has collected data and stored the maps, that requires power. Endurance athletes will be glad to note that it can track and record data for more than 6 hours; more drain on the battery. If you the Bluetooth headphones when in use, this too requires power. This watch has the MediaTek’s MT2601 processor. That makes the M600 capable of all it does! All the above points make for a better battery life than some other Android wear.


· Accurate activity and recording

· GPS tracking

· IPX8 water resistant body

· 2 -day battery life>

· Plenty of third-party fitness apps


· Bulky design

· Display is small not in ratio with the overall footprint

· It should be $100 cheaper


Does the M600 come with enough to warrant the high price tag?

Considering the pros, it definitely does.

Does the application support the M600 without a glitch?

It’s refreshing to note a fitness-focused Android-Wear device with such a robust companion application.

Does the M600 support third party applications?

Yes, it does, you could try the Google Fit.

Ratings and reviews

The ratings and reviews compare the M600 to the Fitbit for the difference in price and bulkiness. Others inform that M600 has a longer battery life and better features. While others appreciate that the Android Wear allows for the integration of third-party software too. Quoting a happy customer, “With the Polar M600, we get a great blend of Fitness and Finesse. Let’s focus on where the M600 shines.” So overall, the Polar M600 has pleased the clients they do not mind sacrificing the slim looks for a good brain and functionality of the gizmo.


The Polar-M600 is a feature-rich fitness tracker. With the M600, you’ll get an accurate heart-rate monitor, GPS capabilities many notification options that offer you a huge amount of data to gain your fitness goals. It supports third-party applications, all thanks to Android Wear. It is about $100 too expensive which makes this a dif