The Polar A300 Product Review

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The Polar A300—A Product Review and why this is one of the best heart rate monitors

The Polar A300 Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor, the latest release from the Polar Global line of fitness products is a compact, all-in-one device that monitors your daily physical fitness activities, alerts you in real time for messages on your mobile phone, and tracks how well you sleep. The multifunctionality of this small device is truly amazing.

As an activity tracker—the Polar A300 can be your most valuable ally in reaching your fitness goals. All day long, the Polar A300 keeps track of the number of steps you’ve taken, total distance you’ve traveled, how many calories you’ve burned, and at night it tracks how much and the quality of sleep you get, as well as the patterns of your sleep. And when you aren’t moving around too much, it sends you vibrating alerts to remind you to get moving. When paired with the H7 Heart Rate censor, also from Polar, the A300 will monitor your continuous heart rate accurately—giving you real time feedback as to how your heart is doing.

State-of-the art features

Unlike other fitness trackers, the A300 is completely waterproof and comes in different colored wristbands to complement your lifestyle and match your every mood. Its size is perfect for both men and women.

You can sync the Polar A300 with your mobile device, and when you do it will send notifications so you don’t miss any calls, messages or social media notifications while you workout or train. You can choose to receive vibrating smart messages, or not, depending on whether you want to receive them in the middle of your fitness regimen. The good thing is that you have the option and opportunity to be reachable even if you are away from your mobile phone. You can also use your Polar A300 for setting appointments, and then set alarms for yourself so that you never end up missing any of them.

It is the only fitness tracker you will need as it combines features from several devices. It works if you run, bike or spin, strength or weight train, do bootcamp, HIIT, crossfit or yoga or whatever form of physical activity or exercise you choose. It will track your fitness through all of these activities and more.

Fitness enthusiasts are thrilled at the longevity of the battery life of the Polar A300. Unlike other devices that need charging every few days, people who have used the Polar A300 are reporting that they have not needed to charge their device this often, but that it lasts between two to three weeks per charge.

One feature that Polar A300 Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor with Heart Rate (Black) users particularly appreciate is the accurate, real time heart rate monitoring that this device affords. In comparison with a wrist strap, a chest strap is a much more reliable method of keeping track of your heart rate. With the Polar A300 you can measure your own cardiovascular fitness by taking the Polar OwnIndex Fitness Test, in which you simply put on the chest strap, lie down, and in a couple of minutes, get the results.

Get active mode

Another feature that has gotten good feedback from users is the notifications that tell you it’s time to get active. Encouraging people to abandon a sedentary lifestyle, this feature reminds users to get up after they have been sitting for too long, say an hour or so, especially if they’ve not yet reached their fitness goal for the day.

The display is easy to read and does not need for the wearer to toggle buttons, and the watch itself is surprisingly comfortable and sturdy, with a scratch-resistant surface on its screen.

When setting up the Polar A300, you have the option of choosing between three activity levels. After you make this choice, you will be given a daily goal, which can be achieved through intense exercise, moderate exercise, or number of steps taken for that day. You can choose how much you’ll be training with the Polar A300’s heart rate zones and selecting from among the programs based on heart rate training. Very light programs are based on 50—60% of your maximum heart rate, light programs are based on 60—70% of your maximum heart rate, moderate programs are based on 70—80% of your maximum heart rate, hard programs are based on 80—90% of your maximum heart rate, and maximum programs are based on 90—100% of your maximum heart rate.

What are some of the outstanding features of the Polar A300?

· The Polar A300 has an Activity Guide that measures how active you are on a daily basis. It will indicate how much more activity you need to do to hit the recommended goals for you. It will offer you doable options, suggesting that you jog for half an hour, or walk for another hour. Of course, the recommended goals are met faster when you engage in more intense physical activities.

· The Activity Benefit monitors and gives you feedback on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, emphasizing what benefits your choices to engage in fitness activities bring to your overall health. This monitoring is done easily when you have web connectivity, and can even be done on your mobile phone.

· OwnCal is Polar Global’s calorie counter, which provides the most accurate method of calorie counting available today. It works based on your age, gender, height, weight, heart rate and frequency and intensity of your training.

· Training Benefit is given to you by your Polar A300 immediately after your exercise sessions. People who desire to know what good a particular physical activity has given them will benefit greatly from this feature. There’s a general overview given immediately after you train, but folks looking for something more in-depth may check on their training file or go online at the Polar training website.

· Polar A300 comes with a Fitness Test that will tell you about your level of fitness in just a few short minutes. You will be encouraged to take this fitness test at regular intervals so you can monitor your own progress and see how far you’re come.

Another advantage is that the Polar A300 comes with excellent apps and online support so the monitoring of your physical fitness is very thorough indeed. This program is called the Polar Flow.

· The Polar Flow App keeps track of your daily progress and gives you good advice so you can reach your goals

· The Polar Flow Web Service comes in a journal form and also includes the tracking of your calories

· The Polar Coach is a toolkit online, free of charge, for your trainer or coach to keep track of your progress together with you


In conclusion, the Polar A300 is a superior device for not only measuring and monitoring your levels of personal fitness, but also for keeping you accountable to work to reach your goals. In this busy day and age, we need devices such as these to remind us to get healthy and stay healthy.