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Polar RS100 Review Facts

A stopwatch and heart rate monitor in one, with a variety of other very important features and abilities. The display screen is very visible, and it is waterproof at a high level. The heart rate monitor has options, many options for advancing in your fitness training sessions. It is designed with sleekness, the watch itself has a nice display. RS100 contains two required elements for usage, the wristwatch alongside the wearlink transmitter. The transmitter is a chest strap that is worn during a training session, made out of comfortable material and also waterproof. The Polar RS100 once activated cannot be turned off, it allows for personalized basic settings that way you are receiving accurate and correct fitness data feedback during your training sessions.

This stopwatch and heart rate monitor is filled with substance, providing the ultimate workout training tool. From personalized design logos for the display screen, coded heart rate transmission, detailed alarm and time settings this watch may just have it all to monitor your heart rate in an advanced way.  Let’s dive in and take a closer look at the subtle complexity of the Polar RS100 heart rate monitor and stopwatch!


Battery Life

The wristwatch element holds wristwatch element holds a user replaceable battery that is activated once the device has been turned on. The average battery life is roughly 24 months. At 10-15% of battery life left you will receive an alert telling you battery life percentage left. It is recommended that the battery be replaced at an authorized Polar Service Center, although if replacement is done by yourself it is recommended that you do not use any metal, this could potentially cause damage to the sound wiring elements. The WearLink transmitter requires a user replaceable battery equally so, and it's average battery life is around 700 hours before having to be replaced. This specific transmitter requires a CR2025 battery. The wrist watch requires a CR2032 battery.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Polar RS100 is a heart rate monitor first and foremost. Upon personalizing this device gives you an ownzone option, own zone is built for you to manually enter your heart rate percentage by entering your high limit/low limit. If your personal limits are unknown to you, then you have the option to choose an age-based heart rate zone that automatically calculates your limits based on your age. In addition, a target heart rate zone is calculated upon personal fitness and physical health. Polar offers a better understanding of a healthy heart rate zone on their website. There is also the option to use own zone latest which will give your limits based upon previous own zone data collected, or you may deactivate any zone limits altogether. Upon viewing a summary file, your heart rate data will display as an alteration between your average and max heart rate percentage.


It is very useful that the RS100 includes an alarm setting that you may set in advance. Once the alarm activates on your wrist watch the words 'Alarm' will display on the screen, while the sound is generating. The alarm will go off for one minute and then turn off, if you hit the red button, or the up/down arrows this will delay the alarm notification for an additional ten minutes. To cancel and stop the alarm snooze button hit the stop button in snooze mode. Another notification that the RS100 displays is when the battery has reached 10-15% battery life left, this could also display improperly when you have entered a climate zone that is too cold, once you reach warmer temperatures the battery life would return to normal. Once the battery life has reached exhaustion the alarms and sounds on the wristwatch will automatically deactivate.


During the activation stage you will personalize basic data before moving forward. This data will ensure that you are receiving accurate feedback calculations specific to your physical fitness and personal levels. Upon personalizing basic settings you will input personal information such as; time, date, unit, weight, height, birthday, and lastly sex. There is also personalization of data feedback such as heart rate readings during a work out with Own Zone , if you would like to activate Own Zone you will need to turn on and program this option manually. It is best to adjust your own zone settings when you have changed environments, or feel unusual about the state your body is in when starting your activity, like when stress or injury has occured.

Metrics and Analytics

The RS100 has the ability to measure heart rate in three different formats. The first and main setting being Own Zone, this is done by your heart variability at any given time. This is done in beats per minute (BPM) or as a percentage of your maximum heart rate. The second method that is only necessary if your heart rate had unusual high or low fluctuations during a previous training session or if your heart rate exceeded the determined level of safety according to set OwnZone level. The third option is age-based, this is only necessary if you have no previous OwnZone levels established or if your heart rate variability is not successful. It is required upon purchase that you are able to access Polar UpLink Tool software.

Real-Time Data Tracking

The Polar RS100 offers accurate data tracking in real-time, this is specifically helpful to runners who are looking to improve there running and lap times. The monitoring of your heart rate in real-time gives you the most beneficial and accurate heart rate readings. Real-Time tracking data means that this watch is programmed to respond to and record the activity you are doing up to the speed at which you are doing it, and also storing information according to the real time at that moment. The benefits to having a watch that provides real time are endless.

Water Resistant

This watch will be suitable for swimmers and during bathing, it is water resistant up to 50 meters depth. Your watch will be protected in the rain, or against sweat. It is advised to not press any buttons while submerged in water to prevent any water damage. The WearLink Transmitter and strap is waterproof, and will need to be cleaned properly after each activity.For proper cleaning of the WearLink Transmitter and strap you must first remove the transmitter from the belt, then you may run the strap under cold water and towel dry afterwards. It is best to run the strap through the washing machine every 5th use or about once a month. Do not store the strap or transmitter near a wet towel or in a damp setting, store in a a cool dry place to preserve the battery lifetime. The Transmitter and strap is suitable for swimming activities.

Size and Weight

The size of the RS100 wrist watch is light weight, sleek, and not too bulky. The wristwatch is designed most ideally to be a lightweight functioning tool that can assist a runner who wants to gain speed, this means that it needs to be light weight as this will be preferable to a runner over a heavy tool that causes lag to their training runs or sprints. The wrist watch strap itself is made out of a material called polyurethane. A very durable polymer composed of urethane links, it may be surprising that it is also used in the manufacturing of roller coaster and skateboard wheels, plus some auto parts that may be under your hood! The WearLink Transmitter chest strap is a composed of polyester, polyamide, and polyurethane.

Key Features of the RS100 Heart Rate Monitor

• Polar Own Zone for calculation of training intensity, this is automatic, with visual and audible and visual alarms
• Polar Own Cal for Calories burnt with % of fat burned
• Polar Own Code (Heart Coded Transmission)
• 99 Lap Split Stopwatch for timing long runs, split laps, or other activities or competitions
• Alarm settings
• Weekly to monthly value summary files
• Real-Time heart rate monitoring
• Polar UpLink Tool
• GYM Link compatibility
• Heart Touch that displays training data without using a button, but a motion of the wrist watch across a chest piece
• Resetting total values and setting goals for future training sessions
• Target Zone Safety Limits
• Total Exercise Time summary post work out summary
• Personalized basic settings
• Pause/resume during training session
• Age-based limits option while you learn your personal limits


Whether you are looking to use a heart rate monitor for rehabilitation, fitness improvement, or your training sessions the Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor is there to assist you. If you are in the market to purchase one the RS100 might just be the best heart rate monitor for you. The Polar RS100 is especially suitable for runners. Although, with it's many functions and abilities it is meant to be a multi-sport activity watch and heart rate monitor. The material it is made out of is lasting and durable for even the most intense activities. The RS100 I going to assist you in improving your long runs, or split sprints, and for timing any type of physical activity you may need to. The fact that you are able to plan and set goals and workout routines the RS100 will better help you to stay motivated for your next fitness session.