Polar M200 review

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In the modern times, there are a lot of options when it comes to smart watches. The smart watches have different features that make them popular. One of the most popular smart watches you get in the market today is Polar M200. This is a watch that is quite different compared to most other smart watches you might have come across. It has a few basic features, which makes it unique from others that have so many features that might not be so necessary.

Who uses polar M200?

This smart watch is used mostly by runners. It has features that make it possible for the runners to track their heart rate, time and distance covered. Just a small variance in these three metrics can have immense effect on the way you run. What makes this watch the best for runners is that it offers very accurate measurement of your heart rate. Therefore, when you use it even in your fitness program, it gives you accurate information that you can rely on.

First glance

Polar M200 GPS Running Watch with Wrist-Based Heart Rate, Black, Medium/Large has a smooth rubber band that makes it long lasting. It has an elegant design that is simple compared to most other watches. In fact the black model of this watch is no different from other common watches used by runners. It has a black bezel that has heart rates shown around the face. On its center is a LCD display that is circular in shape. The watch is black in its entire face, with the inverted LCD adding to its elegant appearance. When you flip it over, you will see the optical heart rate monitor.


To understand how it performs, let us look at different aspects of the smart watch.
Check out a video product review here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSNMA4ZNxQ4


The band of the watch is designed well and in a simple manner. It is designed using a soft rubber material that makes you feel good when it is on your wrist. You might feel some pressure, but not greater that what you would get from other standard watches. The rubber is softer, making the watch feel more comfortable and greater on your arm. It also stretches easily, thus you can tighten it the way you want. This makes polar M200 the bets option when it comes to intense exercises because it will not slide around your wrist as you do the vigorous exercises.

Interface and controls

It is very easy to use this watch. On the right and left side of the watch, you find two buttons. The right button of the watch functions the way the enter button of your laptop does. The left button does the navigation tasks.

Its main screen gives you an opportunity to scroll all the different modes. You can choose any mode by just pressing the right button. When it comes the time to leave, you should just long press the navigation button to return to the main menu. It is good to note that each of the modes play different functions. The long press makes it possible for you to interact with your smart watch without closing the current workout by mistake.

The watch has a very clear display, even in extreme bright lighting. It makes use of large fonts that makes it possible for you to view the current heart rate even when you are running. It interface is also very simple because of the low resolution screen. It simplicity makes it easy even for beginners to use.

Polar flow

This smart watch is great at tracking your details, but it only gives very simple details easy for you to understand. Once it is connected to the polar flow software, you will realise how beneficial the watch is. It gives you details of all your previous exercises and find revenant information about them. It gives you the opportunity to see your running path that is well marked out. The run is broken down into the miles or laps that you have covered. This allows you find out your speed overtime and heart rate. You will learn the time you have spent doing high, mid and low intensity workout. The app helps you find out the progress you are making with time. Unlike most other smart watches, you will be able to find all information of your exercise.

The watch also gives you a chance to customize your interface by use of the polar flow application. It displays two values in every mode. For instance, it is possible to find out how many miles you have covered and your latest heart rate. The good thing is that you can change the display to whatever you need including speed, calories burned, average heart rate and total time. Just by a quick glance, you will find all these details.

Heart rate monitor

Polar M200 makes use of optical trackers that are very advanced. There are two LEDs that are usually illuminated against your skin and an optical sensor that gives the measurement of how the light is scattered by the flow of your blood. Therefore, even if the sensor is moving, it can still take the measurements of your heart rate in an accurate manner.

It is very vital to have the sensor pressed against your skin and this is why it is usually worn a bit tighter. This smartwatch has the best and most accurate heart rate monitor because of its proprietary filtering software and a perfectly designed sensor.


Polar M200 has a lot of ways that it can help you enhance your fitness. Each of these ways of improving your fitness can be found in the main menu. There are different modes for you to select including history, training, tracking, activity and My heart rate. Training is the most crucial feature of this smartwatch. It is possible for you to use the pre designed training programs or design one for yourself. Activity tracking is helpful as it presents your heart rate with no specific goals or objectives. History gives you an opportunity to make comparison of current distance, heart rate or time to the last exercise you performed. My Heart rate shows your current heart rate and it is just an indicator.