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Polar FT80 Review Facts

This is arguably one of the “best-looking” heart rate monitor running watches on the market of its time. The Polar FT80 is currently one of the most advanced pieces of tracking fitness technology you can get your hands on. It’s a very powerful tool for any kind of exercise; from cycling to running, swimming, crossfit, weightlifting, and plenty others. The multiple functionalities offered by this watch provide you with extremely detailed insight on your performance. Thanks to this, you can analyze and keep track of your workouts, as well as progress, like never before.

Regardless of the sport you’re practicing, the Polar FT80 will track your performance. Its motion sensing technology accurately calculates your speed, distances, endurance, and pace on almost any environment. This is an excellent all-around fitness watch, which will cover any aspect of your fitness that can possibly be tracked. The watch is flat and steady, holding itself firm to your wrist even during the most intense of exercises. Additionally, the included strap provides you with extra security and steadiness.

Unlike many other heart rate monitors, the Polar FT80 and all accessories are utterly comfortable. You could go through a day of hard performance and you might even forget you’re wearing a watch.

  • Comfortable to wear throughout the day
  • Training assistant for different workouts
  • Accessories that adapt to your performance
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Easy battery change
  • Simple data transfer and analysis
  • Suitable for all sports
  • Transmits your heart rate to the treadmill
  • Mac OS and Windows compatible
  • Not too resistant against scratches
  • Occasional synchronization issues
  • The white on black display may be difficult to read
  • Costly equipment and accessories


The Polar FT80 GPS version includes G1 GPS sensor technology to obtain further insight on your workout. The GPS tracking system keeps a record of your exercising routes and trails, helping you manage your distances and paths. The recorded GPS data can’t be manually accessed by the user live, you’ll require extracting the data.

The GPS sensor also allows you to keep track of your device given that you ever lose it or drop it somewhere. It also allows authorized users to keep track of you if you ever miss the route. This technology can gather data from a long list of exercising routes. Thanks to this, you’re able to keep better track of your fitness growth and manage your paths. It also incorporates all of the analytic qualities of the Polar FT80 watch to your course. Data compiled by the GPS unit can easily be extracted along your training data.

Battery Life

The battery life is long-lasting, though it ultimately depends on what functions you use. While it’s not the most capable battery out there, it does provide a considerable amount of time for all what it offers. When you take in mind all the data the watch records and handles, along with the training assistant, the battery life is very acceptable.

The Polar FT80 will display a warning when the battery is running low, so you’re not taken by surprise and lose track of your workout. The backlight consumes a considerable amount of battery, making conscious use of it will make it last longer. The watch has a battery life display to keep track of the remaining use.

Battery change is now user-friendly and very simple. Manual replacement is very simple and effortless. Though, Polar authorized distributors will utilize original components and perform the usual water resistance test with every replacement.

Heart Rate Monitor

The FT80 Heart Rate Monitor is a high-precision tracker for your cardiac rhythm. The accuracy of this device goes nearly unmatched, not only tracking your current heart rate, but also its constant changes. The heart rate monitor plays a vital role in the watch; it’s the monitor which controls the intensity of your workout. Based on your current heart rate, the training programs insert breaks and increase or decrease the training intensity.

The heart rate monitor keeps a nearly perfect track of your pulse and is able to transmit the gathered data to training equipment. For instance, the Polar FT80 is able to transmit insight about your pulse to a treadmill, spinning machine, and other equipment.

The length of recovery periods between sets is based on the number of pulsations recorded by the FT80 Heart Rate Monitor.

Multi Sports Mode

This watch has become the favorite companion of practitioners from a wide variety of sports. Its versatility and adaptiveness make it ideal for almost any situation. The calculations of the watch are based on your motion frequency and step length, so it’ll track even the most irregular sports, like hiking. For smoother practices like running and cycling, the Polar FT80 is arguably one of the best heart beat sensor watches. Based on your pace and paddling, along with the heart rate sensor, the watch will estimate the intensity of your workout.

Though not too resistant against shock, the watch will support unexpected wet environments. This is one of the key qualities of its multi-sports use. If you’re a person of multiple sports, including water sports, the Polar FT80 is an excellent training buddy.

This watch covers you while swimming, weightlifting, spinning, running, cycling, hiking, trekking, doing cardio, boxing, and a wide span of other exercises.


When it comes to the Polar FT80, personalization feels as if you had your own personal trainer. Thanks to its heart rate sensor and training program, you’ll receive fully customized guidance and insight on your workouts. This watch delivers no generic data; each of its programs are based on the information gathered from your own workout.

But we’re not talking about a single workout here. This watch will keep track of your progress through the weeks, setting new goals for you and adjusting the intensity to your progression. It doesn’t really get any more personalized than that.

The watch provides you with insight no personal trainer could possibly get their hands on. In fact, it collects data that even you, the user, are totally unaware of. There’s nothing more accurate than the calculations of a computer, and these are based on your own body. This kind of technology redefines the concept of personalization.

Aerobic accessories such as shoe pods and chest wraps make sure you can take your device anywhere, and how you consider it more convenient.

Metrics & Analytics

Now, users get to wear computers around their wrists. The gathering of data is incredibly accurate, but that’s far from being the most important function of this watch. Aside from collecting a wide variety of metrics, the Polar FT80 analyzes them and generates results based on them. We’ll dare to say that this watch knows your body better than you during workouts.

Some of the types of collected data include, but are not limited to: pace, intensity, heart rate, endurance, consistency, and burnt calories. With this information, the watch delivers incredibly certain analytics. This data is used to determine the length of your breaks, the amount of breaks you should have, workout intensity recommendations, and workout length.

However, to improve the collection and processing of data, you must manually configure the type of workout on the interface. Luckily for you, this watch counts with a highly user-friendly interface, keeping in mind that not everyone is a tech savvy.

Real Time Data Tracking

We previously talked of data tracking and processing as two individual features. While it’s true that they’re two different actions, it doesn’t mean one obstructs the other. From the very moment your workout starts, the watch constantly updates the tracked data to deliver real-time results. The very moment there’s a change in your heart rate, pace, or intensity, the watch will register it.

Basically, the Polar FT80 simultaneously tracks and processes data while you train. As long as the device is correctly configured, and powered on, you can rest assured that your workout is being examined. Think of it as having a bunch of experts looking at you while running. The best part? You wear the expert around your wrist–and you don’t feel awkward for being closely examined while exercising.

Reviewing your performance is as easy as getting home and using the FlowLink data transfer unit with your watch.

Water Resistance

This watch features 50m/5 ATM resistance. Now, there’s a lot of miss-guidance by the term “water resistance”. While the watch claims it’s 50m water resistant, this does NOT mean you can submerge it for up to 50m. You’ll just damage your watch for good like that. The measures used to qualify the resistance of a watch against water are not to be taken literally. This scale is unrelated to immersion depth.

With this watch (50m water resistance) you’ll be able submerge while swimming without any damage. This is, of course, as long as the seal and pieces are intact. Any damage from falls or shock can make your watch vulnerable to even a few drops of water. Additionally, the state of the water is a very important factor when talking about water resistance.

Still water, like the one at pools, poses no threat to 50m water resistance. However, if you jump into the pool violently, you’re risking the watch. The pressure the water makes against the watch can damage it, even if it claims 50m water resistance.

Lastly, steam is the biggest enemy of water resistant watches. You should by no means expose it to hot water or consistent steam. Steam, at the end of the day, is just another state of water. If any of it gets into your watch, the next thing will be condensation, AKA liquid water past the seal, AKA water damage.

Key Features

  • FT80 Heart Rate Monitor

  • H1 Heart Rate Sensor

  • 50m/5 ATM Water Resistance

  • Polar FlowLink Data Transfer

  • Customizable Training Programs

  • Stopwatch, Alarms, Backlight, and KeyLock

  • Verdict

    The Polar FT80 is an awesome all-around training heart rate monitor. No matter where you go, or what discipline you practice, you’ll have detailed insight on your workouts. Wear it on your shoe, wear it on your wrist, or wear it around your chest.

    You’ll get access to details of your workout that you didn’t even know you could have. This watch records nearly all of the aspects of your training. Thanks to this, you can be much more efficient through organization and improvement of your previous workouts.

    The Polar FT80 makes you efficient, and makes you versatile.