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Polar FT7 Review Facts

A highly valued activity watch like this one serves a multitude of deeply important purposes, giving necessary information during an elevated activity session. This activity watch can provide useful informative data for a variety of lifestyles. Serving an overall purpose to help you stay motivated, knowledgeable, and on top of your improvement gains or losses during an activity session. The Polar ft7 heart rate monitor will record and track data regarding the way your bodily functions work while training or a low-intensity activity such as walking or simple heart rate. So whether you are an athlete or a person needing to know this type of data for your general health, it is your best interest to read on. Here at Runners101, we have spent the time necessary to provide you with user-friendly information, that way while on the search for an activity watch you may have the proper information necessary to determine which watch is suitable for your lifestyle.


Getting to Know your Watch

Overall, the FT7 is a user-friendly and easy to use activity watch. Upon receiving your activity watch you will receive two hard items that will attach to your body, a stylish and sporty wrist watch aka the training computer and then also a Wear Link that consists of a connector and heart rate chest strap.  There will also be an owners manual alongside, but If you happen to purchase this used you may access an online owners manual to program your watch, or other online video resources that explain how to get to know your watch. The watch in itself consists of many specific buttons and features that we will talk about as this review proceeds. The wrist watch comes in a variety of colors and is gender neutral. The most popular colors chosen by consumers is probably the black and silver version, yet there is a total of five vibrant colors to choose from.

Important Functions

The Polar FT7 heart rate monitor has a basic settings list, this list will formally program specific data into the monitor's information panel. Information including but not limited to; name, age, gender, weight, gender, height. Once this info is entered the devices programs will accurately generate the feedback needed to monitor the overall fitness levels and fluctuations during use. During a physical activity or training session fat burn, fitness, calories burned, and heart rate can be recorded for you to review at a later time. You can also access settings such as pause and play of a workout, motion censored light on/off, as well as what zone of fitness 'zone' has been reached. A fitness zone is based upon workout intensity is reached, too low or to high activity level will cause a workout to pause automatically. This can be used as motivation to either increase your workout intensity or slow your intensity down to allow your body to engage in the workout necessary to reach personal desired fitness and weight loss goals.

Chest Strap

The chest strap or wear link is an adjustable strap placed over your heart at the front of the chest. You may adjust this to your specific chest size and it is one size fits all in this way. The chest strap is comfortable and not bulky, it works in sync with the wrist watch portion of this device to monitor the functions like heart rate, and other data. To apply this strap onto your chest you must first sprinkle water on the strap and then place onto the chest tight enough to pick up readings, but not tight enough to cause difficulty breathing during a training session. Ultimately the chest strap should go unnoticed and easy to manage. This chest strap also has built-in motion sensors, making it easy to access light display while on the move. The wearlink device is an important part of this device that must be worn to properly accumulate data.

Pre Training Data

While actively engaged in a training session two things will be continually displayed on the wrist watch' display screen. This data being displayed will be heart rate as well as calories burnt, this makes it possible for you to take into consideration important data regarding how your heart is maintaining during conditioning, as well as how the heart is handling the physical intensity of a given activity. Heart rate monitoring can be especially helpful for medical purposes, and personal monitoring regarding maintaining a healthy heart rate at warm up, peaked heart rate, and the cooldown time period of an activity. This also makes it possible for you to get to know your body at a much closer level that way you can make an informed decision while planning your training routines prior workout.

Post Training Data

The FT7 displays a training summary after each fitness session, with information including duration, average heart rate during session and calories burnt. Through the post- training information you can access files including the weeks summary, total workout gains since a specific date to view growth. The review data training file is where you can delete recorded session or reset specific goals. It Is also an added feature to view the time you have spent the fitness improving zone. It is also great that the FT7 heart rate monitor offers a transfer of stored data onto the company's website giving you an opportunity to view a more detailed version of your training data.

Key Features of the FT7

• Smart Calorie Feature
• Heart Rate Monitor
• Energy Pointer telling you the main effect of your training session. (fat burning, fitness improving)
• Continuous display of heart rate
• Compatible to GYM Link
• WearLink Chest Strap Included and Required
• Post Training Summary
• Weekly Summary Data
• Transfer of Data input to personal account on company’ website


A heart rate monitor like the FT7 is one that is not considered too basic or too high tech. It is very user-friendly and this aspect is highly valued by customers. You may find a reason yourself to purchase an activity watch at any point in your lifetime, personal trainers are recommending it to their clients, age is not a factor in owning a heart rate monitor, and over all the insight that this device can offer is useful and necessary. The FT7 has the perfect amount of settings and features but is not entirely too detailed to overwhelm a person just starting to monitor this data in their fitness routines. It will show a good amount of support if you are questionable about how your body is feeling during a training session.

Often times a heart rate monitor is a beneficial accessory in gaining momentum to your training sessions, and will show your strengths as well as weakness'. The FT7 heart rate monitor was designed to assist all persons from all types of lifestyles. At runners101 we have researched the most important features, specs, abilities, and functions that the FT7 offers, in hopes to bring clarity to the importance of monitoring your heart rate during physical activity, and perhaps why one may need to purchase this watch.  There is no guidelines or restrictions to getting a jumpstart into enhancing your personal health and lifestyle with the use of the FT7 heart rate monitor.