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Polar FT4 Review Facts

The Polar FT4 is a heart monitor that is easy to operate, containing small but useful options for its settings it hits the most important functions spot on. Making this watch efficient in the main functions it provides the user. FT4 has two settings for heart rate view which is a nice touch depending on your personal preference, which are beats per minute or percent of maximum heart rate.

The main function of this activity watch is to monitor your heart rate, but that is not the only ability It has to offer, it includes Smart Calorie, duration of a workout and time of day, plus calculates when you when you have entered a fitness improvement zone, this is based upon your personal data and the age-based heart limits. Additional settings include but are not limited to; the ability to pause/start a training session, total summary of your past ten activities, average/maximum heart rate, transfer of data option through the company website that way you are able to view a more detailed version of personal data collected. This watch is an all-in-one-basic heart rate monitor and is a highly valued activity watch, with a great reputation!

  • Provides  accurate readings of heart rate
  • Heart rate on the wrist watch can be displayed in BPM or percent of maximum heart rate format
  • WearLink device is durable with proper cleaning
  • WearLink device is easy to use and comfortable
  • Motion sensor features between WearLink transmitter and wrist watch
  • Automatic backlight display option
  • Accurate heart rate readings

Heart Rate Monitoring

The FT4 is an activity watch that has a main purpose and that is monitoring your heart rate accurately and efficiently. It is reliable in monitoring, it can also calculate your age-healthy heart rate by using the personal data entered during the programming phase. It contains great ability to monitor your heart rate at any pace of beat between your resting heart rate to a healthy maximum beats per min, it calculates the age-healthy maximum based upon your age related guidelines. When your heart beat has reached fitness zone, the Polar FT4 will inform you. It stores up to the past ten heart rate readings of a training sessions.

Battery Life

The Polar FT4 contains a user replaceable battery. The battery can be replaced either by the user which requires the removable of the battery protector case with a small stick of appropriate size, and preferably not metal as this can damage the metal sound element, and during the first two years it is preferable to have the battery replaced by an authorized Polar Service Center. There are battery replacing kits available for purchase, if needed. Battery life can last longer if the backlight display is only used at needed. Average battery life is 12 months.

Water Resistant

This activity wrist watch is capable to withstand swimming and bathing, in its waterproof abilities. It is best to not press any buttons while the wristwatch is submerged in water to avoid water damage. The wearlink chest strap portion of this device is waterproof, and can also withstand swimming and bathing. They are both water resistant 30m, and have been tested to ensure this. Each device is not suitable for swimming that requires a snorkel or an air tank.

Compatable with GYM Link

GYM Link is a low frequency Bluetooth connection that allows you to properly connect to gym equipment that is also GYM Link friendly. Polar FT4 is compatible with GYM Link, making it ideal for those who use the treadmill. Although this may be it's only compatible app it is useful in it's convenience during your training sessions.

Personalized data input

Upon starting your heart monitor you will need to program it to your personal fitness, health, and regional information. This information will include weight, height, age, sex, and date of birth. There is also an input of personal maximum heart rate if your know your maximum you may enter this, or there is an option to choose the default setting that will create a maximum heart rate for you based upon your personal data alongside which heart rates have been stored upon device usage.

Metrics and Analytics

With the Polar FT4 you are able to monitor a wide array of training sessions, and workouts. The heart rate monitor portion of the device will display continuously whether you are solely sedentary, or if you are in high activity mode. This can be useful during any type of physical activity you will are doing from walking, stair climbing, swimming, biking, or yoga. The device itself can store up to 10 past training sessions, and then you may record additional over all data for a more detailed version of your fitness data at the company's website. Another feature the Polar FT4 includes is Smart Calorie, this uses your personal data to calculate calories burnt.


In Zone is an automatic feature that appears while using the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor during a physically inclined training session, it will alert you when you have entered the fitness zone, and then will display the duration of time you stayed in that fitness improving zone post workout. An additional notification you may receive will be the low battery notification, this alert appears when the battery has 10-15% battery life left available, approximately one year after usage.

Real Time Data Tracking

The Polar FT4 is a real time data tracking device, it will continuously display your heart rate during real time and is reliable in giving accurate information. If you ever experience a notification display of (00) you must simply make sure that there are no other heart rate monitors within 1ft and that the transmitter straps and connector is thoroughly cleaned. An improperly cleaned device can lead to improper display of heart rate fluctuations.

Heart Touch by WearLink Transmitter

One of the key features to making this device work are within the required WearLink transmitter. This transmitter is a strap that wears across your chest during use of the Polar FT4, this allows for accurate continual heart rate readings. If the LIGHT option is chosen while wearing you may wave your arm across the heart area and it will turn on the backlight display on the wristwatch. It is important to clean the transmitter properly in order for the entirety of the device to give accurate readings.

Heart Rate Wrist Watch Display

On the wrist watch display screen portion of the FT4 device there will be two given options for how your heart rate is displayed. The first of these options will be the BPM or beats per minute feature, this option will give data according to how many beats per minute your heart is going. The second of these options will be to have your heart rate displayed by percent of maximum heart rate, this data is calculated automatically and expressed as the percent your maximum heart rate is onto the display screen.

Key Features of the FT4

• Heart rate monitoring
• Alarm setting
• Comfortable WearLink Transmitter
• Dual options for heart rate display
• Personalized data entry
• Compatible with GYM Link equipment
• Unisex activity watch
• Heart Touch feature
• Smart Calorie Feature
• In Zone feature
• Training duration and total overall summary
• Detailed version of personal data, with an account through company website
• Smart Calorie feature
• Water Resisitant


As you can see the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is a smart investment for your fitness improvement habits. This watch has many beneficial features, and settings while keeping it fairly basic in the extent of how it is understood as a FT4 user. This activity watch is valued in the important fact that it provides a user friendly activity watch that is notable for giving persons of all ages and weight who contain a wide range of depth into their physical fitness performance.

The Polar FT4 offers an informed data base of personal physiological insight, allowing you personal freedom to get to know your personal heart rate during exercise or resting. It has settings for time, date, and an alarm clock that can be helpful in other aspects of life, like getting to that training session on time. This is a personalized fitness enhancement tool that should be considered by many in their journey to reach the ultimate version of personal fitness standards.