Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer Review

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There used to be a time when one had to rely on instinct and self-motivation to realize the degree
of workout he had done. But this is the era of technology wherein to measure everything, a device is
available. One such device is a pedometer which serves to let you know how many steps you have taken
during your daily walk so that you can make a better assessment as to whether you have done enough
or you should exert yourself more. Among the various such products that are available in the market, we
have chosen the Omron HJ-7230ITC as our topic of discussion in this article. We are going to discuss the
features that make it popular among the users and are also going outline any issues that the customers
are said to be facing.

Favorable features

The design

The whole purpose of the pedometer is to measure the amount of steps you have taken during your
walk. If the pedometer is such that it slows you down, the whole purpose is negated. This is something
that you would not have to worry with this product. Designed in a small and compact size, you can easily
keep this device in your pocket or clipped on and it will not hinder your workout in any way.

Presence of software

There are very few companies that would offer you device that has software. Omron is one of them. The
software enables easy transfer of data to your computer. All it would take you are few clicks and your
data would be uploaded without you having to be involved in some extensive computer work. Even an
amateur who does not have much knowledge regarding computers but is aware of the basic steps would
be able to accomplish this. The results will be shown to you in daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis

Accurate results

The pedometer has proven itself to be highly reliable and accurate. There is an auto reset present
because of which at midnight the clicker would be changed to zero. This would ensure that you get an
honest measure regarding your daily walks


While all the data would be stored on your computer owing to the software, the device itself also has a
memory to keep data of around 42 days out of which 7 days would be visible to you.

The cons

Software malfunction

Some customers seem to have suffered issues when it comes to the usage of software which abruptly
stops working without any warning. The major concern customers have comes in the form of customer
support which is unable to solve the issue that they are facing.


Overall, this device is found to be excellent in terms of performance and does not have any feature
lacking in it. It is highly recommended by users though emphasis is also stressed with regards to
customer support service so this is something that the company will have to take into account and