Omron HJ-112 Pocket Pedometer Review

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The importance of the pedometer can be understood by those who like to keep tabs on their daily walks
and asses as to how much they have managed to accomplish and how much more they need to exert
themselves. Many companies have launched such products and we have selected Omron to review. The
product which has recently been introduced by Omron is Omron HJ-112 pocket pedometer. While it has
managed to gain some appreciation, it also has some shortcomings which are objects of concern with
the users. We are going to outline both these aspects so that you can draw a better conclusion as to
whether this product is appropriate for you or not.

Positive aspects


The design of this device is found to be portable and compact thereby ensuring that you can easily keep
it in your pocket. It is also equipped to be clipped onto your belt as a pocket clip is attached to it along
with a leash to back it up.


The construction of this device is found to be satisfactory so unless you are rough in your handling, this
device is not going to give you troubles in terms of easy damage

Accurate result

The results obtained by this model are found to be reliable and accurate and there is no reason to place
any type of doubt on it.

Easy set up

The device has been designed keeping in mind that nobody likes to be involved in technical steps during
their daily workouts. You will not have any difficulty in setting up this device for your daily walks and the
entire process takes less than 5 minutes since the manual is found to be quite helpful and informative.


Normally such devices are found to be expensive and even if they are inexpensive, they require the
assistance of smart phones or iPods for data availability. This is not the issue with this product as it is self
contained and also comes at quite an inexpensive rate.
The shortcomings
While many have praised the device there is one issue that the users have reported

Limited memory

The device is known to store only 7 days of data so you cannot use it to keep a long term record of your
daily walks or use it for motivational purposes


The overall review of this product seems to be going in its favor as no major issues have been reported
with its usage. Being a reliable device which is able to keep track of distances and id easy to set up,
this device has managed to gain acceptance among majority of the users. This device would prove to
be exceptionally beneficial for those who have been advised daily walks on medicinal grounds as they
would be able to keep a better measure of their walks and ensure that they are going according to the
speed and length that has been prescribed for them. This device is worth money and you will not regret
buying it