Nike women’s running shoes

Product reviews

Nike Women’s Free Rn Flyknit Running Shoe


Best for road running and training, the shoe is designed to offer a more flexible ride. Similar to Free 4.0 Flyknit, Nike Women’s Free Rn Flyknit shoe has a Lunarlon insert (RN distance) containing soft foam cores called RN Motion. This makes the shoe to have good cushioning as the foam material used is very soft. The shoe therefore is a better choice for running with free Flyknit which makes it a revolutionary fit.


1. The shoe is purely textile in nature. Therefore, it offers a more comfortable filling mainly for running.

2. Nike free Rn Flyknit running shoe has a rubber sole.

3. It has dimensions of 14 inches by 10 inches by 6 inches.

4. For flexibility, the shoe is equipped with mid-sole. The mid-sole also offers cushioning.


1. Offers the best cushioning experience.

2. For flexibility, the outsole ensures a reliable traction.

3. It is a very light shoe.

4. It has a very breathable textile upper coverage.


1. The shoe has a narrow heel. This causes discomfort to users.

2. Since the upper coverage material is made up of textile, it wears out very quickly. Therefore the shoe is not durable.

3. According to reviews, runners complained that the shoe is very narrow.

Nike Free RN Flyknit MS


Offering freedom of foot movement,, the shoe is made up of very high quality material . The upper coverage of the shoe is made using flyknit technology meaning that the material does not have textile underlays and overlays. It only has a single woven layer which securely covers the foot.

Just like the Rn nike shoe, cushioning is provided by MS mid-sole unit which is foam in nature and placed in a comfortable shoe carrier. To enhance cushioning, it also has RN flyknit technology to enhance comfort.


1. Use of both RN and MS FlyKnit technology.

2. Made using a Tri-Star outsole design.

3. There is a durable rubber in both the rear foot and forefoot of the outsole.

4. The upper coverage is made up of textile fabric.


1. The shoe offers the best comfortable experience.

2. The upper coverage is made up of textile fabric which wraps the foot very perfectly.

3. The sock-like fit in the shoe makes the foot free from irritation enabling natural movement.

4. The shoe is very appealing and beautiful.


1. The shoe is made very narrow.

2. Not durable as the upper coverage is made up of pure textile fabric.

3. It is not able to provide natural stride.

Nike Women’s Revolution 2 Running Shoe


This is almost one of the greatest multipurpose shoe manufactured by Nike Company. The shoes are very comfortable and can be used by runners. Retailing for a price of $34.89, the shoe is very cheap. This makes it competitive in the market. The shoes are also designed with meshes of synthetic leather making them more durable and also breathable. This makes the shoe a good option for gym workouts and off-road running.


1. The outsole contains a rubber material which enhances traction on all type of terrain.

2. The midsole is equipped with sufficient cushion which are very flexible. It also provides great cushioning.

3. The upper coverage is made from breathable mesh synthetic materials. This makes the shoe feel dry and cool.

4. With an average weight of 7 oz, the shoe is light.

5. The under-pronators on the shoe provides a better protection.

6. The shoe comes with a variety of great colors.

7. It is also wide in shape.


1. With soft padding, the shoe is more comfortable than other Nike revolution shoe series.

2. The shoe is multipurpose and therefore can be used for even outdoor walking.

3. It has a good and wide toe box.

4. The shoe comes in a variety of great colors and styles.


1. These shoes are of a very old model.

2. The shoe lacks a good arch support.

Nike Women’s Lunarglide 7 Running Shoe


Retailing at a price of $109.99 on Amazon, Nike Women’s LunarGlide 7 shoe is made to deliver good quality and lightweight shoe which will offer runners a great feeling. Through its great dynamic support design, the shoe is purposed for those runners who tend to over pronate. This offers a great stability with a smooth ride.

It is designed using the FlyKnit technology allowing a much comfort and breathability. The shoe also is equipped with a sock-like fit with cushioning rubber.


1. The shoe platform measures approximately 0.75”.

2. The shoe is made from LunarGlide foam providing a great cushioning experience.

3. It is made of rubber sole which is brings about a good traction.

4. Flywire cables and Flyknit material make the shoe breathable and with a good support.


1. A combination of flywire and flyknit material makes the shoes comfortable.

2. It has a good balance and cushion.

3. It is a very lightweight shoe for both racers and trainers.

4. Lunarlon foam midsole provides superior cushioning.


1. Very expensive compared to other LunarGlide Nike shoe series.

2. Not very durable as it is made of flyknit fabric upper cover.

Nike Women Flex Run 2016 Running Shoe.


The Nike Women Flex Run shoes are made to be light with a very decent cushioning good for daily training for runners and gym trainers. With its great arch support, it provides great comfort with very superior breathability. Retailing for a retail price of $54.54 on Amazon online retailer, the shoe is cheap with great colors and functionality.


1. Has a rubber sole.

2. The mid-foot is made from flywire materials providing great comfortability.

3. The shoe contains breathable leather lining which provides good shoe feel.

4. Has a light weight collar and padded tongue.


1. Very cheap shoe.

2. Offers very flexible and comfort feel.

3. Comes in great colors and appearance.

4. The shoe is a good option for runners as it is very light.

5. It has a great breathability thereby it is a good shoe for hot weather.


1. The shoe is very narrow.

2. Fit shoes can be very tight.

3. Not durable as compared to its predecessors.