Nike Triax C5 Heart Rate Monitor Review

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Nike is a company that is known to uphold high standards of quality. Thus when it introduces a product, expectations are high. Heart monitor are considered to be very important for all those who take their training seriously and want to get a good measure reading the amount of work they have achieved. A heart monitor also comes into play when it comes to elderly people whose heart rate needs to be kept into check. Recently Nike introduced a heart monitor Nike Triax c5 which has managed to garner favorable response among the viewers despite the fact that it has its own set of shortcomings. We are now going to take a look at the factors that make it a worthy purchase while at the same time putting forward the areas wherein improvement is required.

The positive aspects

The design

The design is something that has managed to win hearts. Designed in a simple S shape, this watch is very easy to wear as it is found to be very comfortable to the wrist. The light weight serves as an added bonus.

The display screen

The display screen is found to be very easy to read and presents no difficulty in reading the details thatare flashed owing to the screen being large enough for satisfactory font of the numbers.

Chest strap

The chest strap can be linked to the machinery which you use to work out which gives a more accuratemeasure of your workout. The chest strap also has a battery which the users can change with ease without having to send the piece to the manufacturers.

Dependable and accurate

This watch would show your heart rate at all times as you watch it. This makes it easier to monitor the heart rates of those who require careful monitoring at all times owing to health issues. This watch would negate the need for anyone else to measure the heart rate of the person. The results are found to be dependable and there is no reason to doubt its accuracy

The shortcomings

No calories count

Considering that mostly such watches are used by training fanatics, this seems to be a major drawback. Calorie count display is not an option in this watch which is why many trainers seem to think twice before purchasing it.

The chest strap

While it is true that the chest strap and its ability to form connection to the gym machine is much appreciated by the users, it has been reported that the chest strap tends to fall apart and the warranty does not cover replacement of the strap.


While it is true that the Nike Triax C5 Heart Rate Monitor is far from perfect, it works just fine for those who are looking for the basic thing and just want a device that would monitor heart rate. It comes with a 2 year warranty and would not let you down if you are looking for something simple.