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Nike shox are an incredible and versatile shoe. As one of Nike’s signature shoes, they never fail to disappoint with each new style that they come out with. Their incredible comfort and durability can’t be beat. After wearing this shoe, you will always wear this shoe. It was specially designed to meet all of your shoe needs. Whether you want to run, weight traing, walk, or play basketball, this is the high quality shoe that you are looking for. This stylish, high quality shoe is very well priced to fit into any budget. It provides a high level of comfort during training or every day use.

Explore the functionality, uses, style, comfort, and great price of this shoe. As you become more informed about it’s great quality, it will be hard for you to l look any further. It provides you will a well rounded, affordable option to fit any of your footwear needs. Wearers of this shoe, always wear this shoe for years before it needs to be replaced. Once the shoe gets to the point of needing to be replaced, you will be so in love with the style, comfort, and durability, that you will want to replace it with another pair of Nike Shox.

Here are some of the awesome key features of the Nike shox.


The functionality of this shoe cannot be overstated. The shoe has a textile lining with a removable insert. This is great for people who use different sole inserts. This lightweight shoe has a four column Nike Shox cushioning system in the heel. Each column is filled with air, meant to cushion and protect your heel with every step. This makes for very comfortable wear, no matter how you choose to use the shoe. If you’re running, weight lifting, cycling, or walking; this four column cushioning system will protect your heel from intense impact.

The weight of the Nike Shox adds to its versatility and comfort. Coming in at around 1lb, the weight of this shoe can’t be beat. This shoe can be worn for all uses. Whether you’re using it to run long distances, to weight lift, or strength train, you won’t even know it’s there. Lightweight shoes are great when walking or hiking long distances, up to high altitudes. Heavy shoes tend to weigh you down over time. You will not feel that burden with these lightweight shoes.

The material of the shoe is quite durable, allowing for a long lasting and comfortable wear. You may need to take a few hours to break in the shoe. But once the material is stretched, it will fit your foot perfectly, every time. They don’t come in extra wide sizes. These shoes comes with as a standard medium-D-width shoe. If you have a wider foot, you will need to do more breaking when it is brand new. Once your shoe has been broken in, you can begin daily or athletic wear. However you choose to wear the shoe, the material will last long, and fit your foot well.

The inside of the shoe provides for great arch and ankle support. The sole of the shoe is specially designed to make sure the arch of your foot is protected. When there is adequate arch support in a shoe, you begin to notice less aches and pains in your feet, lower back, and hips. The upper material of the shoe provides support and protection for your ankle. This means that the shoe can be worn for high impact agility sports such as basketball. When your ankles have sufficient protection from being rolled or injured in other ways, you can feel safer with each step you take.


Your Nike Shox can be used for any of your shoe needs. If you are looking for a shoe to fill you daily needs, the Nike Shox and there incredible arch and ankle support will get you through your day to day activities feeling great. If you are wearing them at work, your feet are less likely to become tight and tired. The shox system makes it feel like you’re walking on air, and cushions your foot with every single step. Once your shoe has been broken in, you will barely notice that you’re even wearing a shoe because it will fit so nicely. The textile lining allows for a great feel around the sides of your feel and ankles. Nike Shox are great for your day to day shoe needs.


If you are looking for a great shoe for short or long distance running, look no further than the Nike Shox. The impact of running, especially if you are running on the road, can cause injury to your feet, ankles, and back. The specialized shox system makes it feel like you are running on a soft feather pillow, and prevents the painful and long lasting high impact injuries. It can often be a daunting task, searching for the perfect shoe to run in. You may go through many trials and errors before you find a shoe that provides you with the weight, stability and durability that best fits your needs. As a runner, this high quality athletic shoe is exactly what you need.


Walking and hiking also is cause for a high quality, lightweight shoe. It’s important that your feet are encased in a shoe that won’t lead to various common issues that low quality shoes may cause. Nike Shox will fit your feet like a glove, once the material is broken in. The shox system will protect every step that you take, preventing impact injury to your feet, ankles, knees, and back. When hiking long distances, you’ll really appreciate how light weight the Nike Shox are, as well as how well they protect your feet from injury as you walk over roots, rocks, and other hiking obstacles.

Cross Training

The versatility of the Nike Shox makes for the perfect cross training shoe. While cross training, you will be putting your body through a variety of different exercises. You will be running a lot, which means you will need a shoe that cushions your foot with each step. You will also be strength training. When lifting weights you want to make sure you have a light weight shoe that will allow your feet to accommodate a lot of pounds. The protection that this shoe provides for your arches and ankles, is very important when cross training. It will help to prevent extreme and long term injury to critical areas like the knees and lower back.

Whatever use you decide to put the Nike Shox through, they were built to do it. You safely and comfortable run, walk, hike, and weight lift all in one shoe. That is a quality that you can’t beat.


When wearing the Nike Shox, it will feel like you are walking on blanket. The four shox system keeps your feet feeling like they are walking on a layer of air. From the moment you put on the shoe, as you walk around, you won’t want to take it off. The shoe provides for a fresh new feel, that will leave you bragging about how great these shoes are. While they m ay need some breaking in, once the shoe adjusts, it will feel like it was made specially for your feet.

The textile lining is extremely comfortable around the sides of your feet and ankles. It’s made from soft and breathable material that will prevent sweating, sliding, and blistering. The removable insert allows you to replace the sole with your favorite form of support. Although you won’t need much, since the arch support in this shoe is incredible. Quality arch support is often overlooked in a shoe. It’s not something that many people notice as being an issue, when looking for shoes. Over time however, without proper arch support, you will begin to feel pain in your ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. That’s why these shoes were purposefully equipped with an arch that will give you subtle comforts.

Like many Nike shoes, the Nike Shox tends to run a size small. Make sure you keep this in mind as you look for your favorite style and make. While some find that the shoe fits well in their normal size, most people suggest purchasing this shoe one size larger than your normal shoe size.

This shoe is also extremely stylish. You have an endless array of color combinations to choose from. The material on the shell of the shoe comes in a number of different styles, allowing you to choose from a selection of leather or mesh combinations. The material is designed to be extremely easy to clean. Most shoes will develop stains over time. Because of it’s great quality design, these shoes are meant to go through any kind of wear and then easily come clean afterwards. This will leave you with a pair of shoes that you will feel great, and look great wearing for a very long time.


Nike Shox are very well priced for the quality comfort, style, and functionality that they bring. The style of shoe that you choose, will determine the price that you pay. If you are looking for a stylish shoe to wear from day to day, there is a Nike Shox out there, appropriately priced to fit within your budget, and provide you with the style and comfort that you are looking for. This is especially true if you are looking for a shoe that fits your training needs. Often times you will need a different type of shoe for each style of training that you are doing. Not with the Nike Shox. This shoe fits all of your training needs, removing the need to invest in a variety of shoes to accommodate your training. The various levels of comfort that this shoe provides, will also reflect a great price.


Overall the Nike Shox shoe is perfect shoe to fill all of your footwear needs. As far as functionality, it comes designed to provide your foot with a lightweight, and comfortable experience. If you are wearing this shoe for your day to day needs, the designers of this shoe have considered all of the various issues that your feet will go through. They have equipped this shoe with quality and comfortable textile lining to provide breathability, and prevent blisters. The four column shox system will make you feel like you are walking on a bed of feathers. The weight of the shoe will keep your feet and legs from becoming worn down and tired.

After breaking in this shoe, you will want to wear it for all of your footwear needs. Running in this shoe is a wonderful experience. The stability that it provides, when combined with its versatility, weight, and comfort, can’t be found in any other shoe. You can run short or long distances in this shoe. You can walk or hike over any terrain. Whatever you athletic needs, you will find it in this one shoe. This shoe works especially well for people who are interested in cross training. You can run, and list weights all with the same shoe, while having the same level of quality comfort and stability.

The arch support in this shoe is one of its best features. Most people forget to consider how important it is to have a great shoe, that provides very good arch support. Poor arch support over time, will lead to aches and pains in your ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. Not with the Nike Shox.

The price of this shoe cannot be overstated. You have a very wide variety of styles to choose from, and will undoubtedly be able to find a shoe that fits well within your budget, while continuing to provide the same high quality. You can choose from an endless variety of colors and materials, making your shoe as personal as you need it to be. You can wear this shoe all day long, over any terrain, in any weather conditions. The material is very easy to clean, allowing you to always have a fresh and new look. You will not find a shoe that offers such a wide range of quality, versatility, comfort, and style. Once you invest in this shoe, it will give you everything you need. Allowing you to save money from not having to invest in a number of different shoes to accommodate all of you athletic needs. The Nike Shox is the only shoe to provide you with all of your athletic needs.