How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor

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Heart rate monitors are greatly useful equipments for keeping a watch on the exercising heart rate so that it does not cross the suggested maximum level.

They also measure the intensity of exercises and show whether the exerciser is fit enough for an exercise. These monitors are capable of measuring the heart beats each minute that is quite helpful for an exerciser to monitor if it is possible for him to reach the desired heart rate in the particularly set time.

For all these useful applications, these monitors are considered to be the most useful helping tools for any exerciser. Here are the best possible ways to use a heart rate monitor more efficiently.

The users need to start using the heart rate monitor by calculating their maximum heart rate. In case of women the maximum heart rate can be measured by subtracting the user’s age from 226 while the male users need to subtract their respective ages from 220.

Noting down the maximum heart rate is important as it is considered to be a part of calculating the optimal heart rate range.

Then the users have to calculate their aerobic zone heart rate. Generally the aerobic zone heart rate is considered to be 60%-70% of the maximum heart rate of the user. Aerobic zone should be the initial aim for any exerciser who just has started cardiovascular workouts.

Multiplying the maximum heart rate of the users by the percentage will result in their aerobic zone heart rates. It is convenient for any exerciser to note down the aerobic zone heart rate for further reference.

The users now should start exercising by pushing the start button of the monitor and let the monitor measure their heart rates. It is helpful to check the monitor frequently while exercising. It is recommended for the exercisers to check the monitors after each 5 minutes to have an idea about their progress towards their ideal time zone.

The users need to note down the required time in reaching their optimal heart rate. Keeping a track of the heart beats and pulse of each minute throughout the exercise is also equally important.

For improving the exercising pace, the heart rate monitor users may find it useful to write down the time they have taken in reaching their desired levels.