How to Troubleshoot a Polar Heart rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor can really be helpful in bringing maximum results out of exercising by showing the most appropriate workout levels. Polar is one of the best and well known manufacturers of such heart rate monitors that allow the exercisers to monitor their exercising levels.

Polar monitors include a chest strap that obtains the heart rate of the user with the help of the electrodes contained in it. The special watch of the monitor then receives and displays the information concerning the heart rate. Owing to inappropriate storage and use polar monitors at times may have some common problems, although they are quite useful essentially.

Polar heart rate monitors must be wore accurately to reap the maximum benefit. Obtaining irregular readings can be a result of improper placement of the monitors. So if such situation arises it is suggested to check whether the monitor has been worn correctly or not.

The best way wear them is to ensure the tightness of the strap. At the begging of wearing, the strap should be so tight that it will make the user feel slightly uncomfortable. After exercising a bit, it will loosen to some extent. In the case of using the monitor in a gymnasium another potential problem may arise and that is getting close enough to another user.

Another reason for getting improper heart rates can possibly be the dryness of the electrodes and therefore it is useful to moisten the electrodes. It is suggested not to use petroleum jelly or similar kind of products for moistening as they may prove detrimental in damaging the efficiency of electrodes.

Plain water or saliva is considered as best for moistening. The sweat produced during the workouts also moistens the electrodes. The monitors should be washed gently with water and soap regularly to ensure better performance.

Yet another way to prevent the electrodes from damaging is to store the monitor properly. The best way of storing the monitors properly is to store them in their natural shapes without any bending. It is also essential to have them completely dried before storing, as storing them in wet condition may consume the battery completely.

The monitors should not be stored in places having extreme temperature (both hot and cold) or in the direct sunlight. The suggested storing temperature by the Polar Company is 14-122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The users must keep the polar heart rate monitors from any other electromagnetic signal emitting device. For example, some exercising equipments, cell phones, computers and TVs. The clothing that produces static electricity may also disturb the readings.

If during the workout any interference occurs, the user should put off the chest transmitter for a while and then again resume the workout. The continuous flashing of the heart symbol indicates interference. In such cases moving the receiver to a place where it stops to flash and replacing the chest transmitter are the best possible solutions.