How to Troubleshoot a Nike Heart Rate Monitor

How to Troubleshoot a Nike Heart Rate Monitor How to Troubleshoot a Nike Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitors are small personal devices for storing and monitoring information regarding exercising heart rates. Heart rate monitors in most of the cases are used to analyze the information concerning heart rates such as the highest exertion level, the average heart rate and the optimum heart rate.

There is also a timer in these monitors that is instrumental in determining spilt times, exercising time frames and the quickest lap time.

It is essential to know the model number to troubleshoot a Nike Heart Rate Monitor as the process of troubleshooting may vary depending on the model number. This guide describes the process to troubleshoot the Nike C8 model. Information about other models is available in the Reference section.

It is important to wear the monitor absolutely against the skin for getting the most accurate readings. In the case heart rate does not appear on the monitor, the user needs to check whether the monitor is appropriately placed. If the user wear the monitor over the clothing, it is essential to make sure the clothing is wet for getting a proper reading.

It is also very important to keep the grooved sensors wet; otherwise the monitor may not be able to provide any reading.

If the monitor keeps providing irregular readings or stops working suddenly, then replacing the battery might prove useful. Changing the location of the user might also prove fruitful as running several equipments on the same frequency may lower the capability of the monitor.

If the monitor seems to be frozen, the user needs to press and hold all the buttons at a time. The freezing of the screen may have been resulted from the replacement of batteries or static electricity. So pressing all the buttons is likely to prove useful as it will reset the monitor by erasing the memory.

Going out of the heart rate zone of the user will make the monitor give signals through continuous beeping. As this beeping can decrease the durability of the monitor it is indeed essential to have a regular check on the heart rate zone of the user.

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