How to Increase Your Running Speed to Run Fast

How to Increase Your Running Speed to Run Fast How to Increase Your Running Speed to Run Fast

increase Your Running Speed

Speed is one of the key factors that contribute to your chances of winning races or at least finishing them! , this applies to runners all over the world. Beginner or a professional speed is one of the main factors you will have to take in account when planning your training. It is important is that know what you want to achieve from your running training are how you’re going to achieve it.

Strength Training For Better Speed

It is important that you remember though all runners gain some speed by just running, you will never get the speed you need to win races by simply running. To get the speed needed to win races you will have to push through strength training. There are some runners who are a little bit skeptical about doing strength-training, thinking it will slow them down, strength-training is the most effective ways of boosting your speed as far as running training is concerned. Once you have completed some strength-training you will become a more efficient runner. Having speed means you can deal with stress and fatigue easily than the runners who have had these symptoms right away due to their low stamina.

Warming Up Before Running

Running right of the bat with no warm-up exercises is a terrible mistake waiting to happen. Why? Because warm ups can prevent accidents and injuries at the same time, and more importantly, it conditions your muscles in your body. Proper warming up should include ten minutes of walking, or doing some light calisthenics to prepare both your heart and muscles before running. Do not stretch cold muscles because they are prone to overstretching. This is why stretching should only be done after warm-up exercises and when the run has finished.

Take Running One Step at a Time

Running should always complement how your body feels. Sometimes runners tend to run too fast without considering their body which can often lead to injury. If you are running with a friend, observe how you are going too slow or too fast by starting a chit-chat with your friend; or if there is no friend to talk to, you may simply hum to yourself while observing your own pace.

Build Your Speed

Always try to understand your running condition and slow down if you’re running a faster pace than normal, this is a way of ensuring your stamina will last longer. Remember to run at a pace which is right for you, the best way of finding a pace which is suited to you is by simply speeding up bit by bit. This will result in you knowing what speed you can run at constantly, going faster or slower than your constant speed will be part of your tactics to store your stamina.

Running Uphill

Running uphill is definitely one excellent way of improving your overall speed and strength. This is because running up hill means you have to push your body harder, lift your legs higher and make the most of your speed while making sure you’re running hard enough.

Boosting a Beginner’s Speed

As a beginner you might struggle with running large distances, however, it is possible to increase your speed by simply starting from the bottom. Increasing your speed and distance at a safe pace while carrying our strength training regularly

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