How to Compare Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitor is basically a small, heart rate measuring device that is used during exercises. People working with fitness plans or wanting to put off weight generally prefer using this device to have a measurement of calories and activity levels. Heart rate monitors come in a variety of styles as well as price ranges.


Several consumer searches show that frequent or regular exercisers find chest strap monitors most appropriate for them. There is another type namely wrist monitors that are strapless and attached to the wrist of the users during exercising.

As the users of wrist monitors have to resume exercising to have a reading of the heart rate, these monitors are aptly suitable for the casual exercisers.


As the chest strap monitors with a loose strap is more likely to provide inaccurate reading, it is highly recommended to have a check on the accurate measurement size before buying for ensuring proper fit.

The monitors with user-replaceable batteries should be preferred most, since it relieves the users from the pang of waiting for the manufacturers to replace the battery. The fingers usually get sweaty during the workout sessions and therefore it is recommended to use monitors with larger button that will possibly make the pushing more convenient.


In 2014, the standard heart monitors usually come in a range of $30-$50 including the adjustable heart limit option apart from most of the functions that are seen in athletic watches.

Monitors containing more features such as the system of downloading information by using wifi and specious memory bank are available for $350 or higher. Various kinds of heart monitors are found in most of the fitness stores.