Garmin Forerunner 610 Touch Screen GPS Watch Review

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Garmin has managed to become a life saver to all the people who take their training seriously. Over the years, this company has introduced a number of heart monitor products that enable users to monitor their workout sessions in a better way. Recently, Garmin introduced a new product under its banner which is the Garmin forerunner 610 touch screen GPS watch. We are now going to review this latest addition in the family of Garmin heart products and are going to focus on both the positive aspects as well as the areas in which the product is found to be lacking.

Size and weight

One problem that seemed to be a faced by majority of the users with the previous models of the forerunner watches was that the watches tended to be quite heavy. The size was too large for daily wear and thus the trainers were forced to carry wound tow watches for their convenience, one that they would wear all the time, while the other that came into play when training was in order. With forerunner 610, Garmin has addressed this issue. The smaller design of this watch enables the users to wear it throughout the day without any difficulty. The light weight and the small size is a feature that has been appreciated by many of the viewers.

Responsive satellite acquirement

The forerunner 601 must e appreciated for the responsiveness that is showed by the satellite which improves if you tend to start your runs from the same location repeatedly. If the satellite takes longer time to start, one tends to lose patience as he is all prepared to begin his workout. This problem would not be faced by those using forerunner 610.

Optimal navigation system

The navigation system of this product is found to be optimal and you do not have to think twice about trusting the data that churns out of it.

High quality LCD
The LCD of the forerunner 610 is found to be of high quality which is easy to read and simple to operate.

Screen customization
The screen has numerous customization options and you can choose the setting of your liking with ease.

Slow responsive touch screen

While the touch screen does seem to be a step ahead, it looks like a little bit more work is required in this area. The touch screen of the forerunner 610 is found to be slow in response wherein greater amount of force is required to get a certain work to be done. This tends to put the users off as sometimes the force can lead to pushing wrong menu buttons.


The wristband of the watch once broken cannot be reattached. The connecting piece has been manufactured from plastic which if loosened can no longer be secured. There is no denying that the Garmin forerunner 610 is a product that would prove to be a worthy purchase for any trainer. You can wear the watch in showers without any worries though you should think twice before entering a swimming pool with it. The minor flaws that seem to be a part of it need to be corrected after which it can easily be called as the perfect forerunner watch for any trainer.