Garmin Forerunner 405 Full Review with Details

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Garmin Refurbished Forerunner 405 Fitness Tracker for Smartphone, Black is for all such people who live in a locality where running outside is not an option. Now exercise indoors and you will still be able to keep track of everything with this watch.

You can turn off the GPS when indoors to save valuable battery, and there is also an automatic power saving mode. This is a genuine watch equipped with a fantastic GPS system, not the other way round! The position tracking is very accurate and the GPS will lock on your position within seconds.

The battery can be recharged easily so you never have to send the watch just to get the battery replaced. The battery easily gives enough life to carry out your fitness routine over the whole week without worrying about recharging.

Now you do not need to worry about the messy USB cables as the incorporated ANT+ system enables this robust machine to automatically update all data wirelessly. Just attach the wireless receiver to the computer, it will automatically detect the watch wirelessly and copy all the recorded data to the system.

You can also setup your perfect fitness program using the Garmin Training Centre software and this program will automatically sync with your handpiece giving you appropriate reminders and notifications. You can also use any third party software of your choice with the data recorded with this watch.

You don’t have to press anything hard on the watch as this machine is equipped with the intelligent bevel and touch system which works well in rain and even if you are using gloves. There are several display options to choose from on the screen. Now you can even attach
Garmin Refurbished Forerunner 405 Fitness Tracker for Smartphone, Black this unit with your legs/shoes as a foot pod when using your treadmill or doing trail running!



The watch records time, distance, pace, calories burned and heart rate. This watch comes loaded with a flexible, wireless heart rate monitor. The watch is completely water resistant. You can share your details with other Forerunner 405 users easily with the ANT+ wireless technology.

It is equipped with a single rechargeable Lithium Ion which gives an average of 8 hours of usage time. The watch weighs at 2.1 ounces with a display of 1.5” square screen.


The touch operated bezel is a unique feature but can be a little too sensitive for some people’s liking. The display may be changed accidently during exercises due to an unwanted touch of the hand. The screen is a little small and may not be visible during rigorous fitness exercise. The GPS may sometimes be not that accurate in recording your running path. The battery will not give the labelled 8 hours of uptime, and the backlight also turns off too quick which makes it hard to use at night.

Customer Review

[usr 4.5] I have used a variety of sports watches during my progress as the runner. I was in my first marathon in 2008 at 41 years old and I clocked 3:52. My first watch was a Timex Ironman, which though I loved, never had a Heart Rate Monitor. I then moved to the Timex Heart Monitor and I sued it together with Ironman sports watch, but they were later stolen. I then went for the Nike Heart Monitor which I used with a Foot Pod and Nike+ Sports Band. It was cool but was never a stickler when it came to accuracy, even when I standardized it. It is then that I settled for the Garmin Forerunner 405.

I was a littlie anxious about the capabilities of the Garmin 405 because I’m a person who opts for simplicity during workouts. I even thought that the GPS thing would be a complication for me. But now I’ve learnt that is even better to know your pace as you run. Now it is almost one year, and it has been serving me exceptionally. I use Hal Higdon’s training plan and the watch has been both my trainer and a partner during the session. It’s a great training accessory.

The watch is beautiful and configuring it is quite easy, though it took me a little while to get used to it. I’ve set it to an auto lap in every one kilometre I cover. Mostly, I use the custom view which displays heart rate, lap pace, and total distance. I’ve also used the Interval Workouts and it works great. Generally, the sports watch can do virtually anything it is supposed to.

The only challenge that you may encounter using this Garmin Forerunner is getting used to the touch bezel. It will take you time to get used to it. Nevertheless, when you are done with configuring the watch, you can enjoy your workouts and simply leave it alone. To change views, just tap it with your middle finger or you could also use your finger tip. To lock the view, simultaneously push both side buttons. When locked, the watch stops switching views and making unnecessary beeps.


1. It is a regular watch: Unlike 305 model, Forerunner 405 is the normal size which I can wear it at all times. 2. It offers a host of features in one device, unlike the many watches I’ve used before. I can monitor my HR, speed, distance covered, elevation, and the laps.

3. It is my workout partner and trainer as it helps me stick to my Hal Higdon’s training plans. The plan calls for all types of runs which include warm-ups, tempo intervals, intervals, pace segments and much more. Without a coach, it is not easy to stick to the plan, but I do have Garmin 405.

4. When you have it, you don’t have to stick to a particular running route. The GPS guides you and you can run to wherever you like until your distance is done. This gives you an opportunity to explore your neighbourhood without losing your way back. The Garmin Connect will map every route you run.

5. The Auto lap feature is outstanding. It enables me to automatically record all my laps’ statistics which I can then review later on the watch or on Garmin Connect.

6. The Garmin Connect website community has been adding new features in every few months. It is a good site for athletes, thanks to their analysis.

7. This watch is a perfectionist! All the data I receive are very accurate, for instance in my latest 10 km run, it recorded a distance of 10.2 km. This is very close, given that I weaved among the crowd plus the GPS device error margin.


1. It does not have a very good battery life but blames it on the GPS functionalities. I don’t want to run out of battery in the middle of my sessions, so I charge it a couple of times a week.

2. The wireless data transfer USB stick is a little inferior to that of the Nike model I had. Unlike the Nike model, it easy to lose your Forerunner 405 USB part and the data is not as simple to transfer to a computer as it is with the Nike model.

3. Bad weather affects the efficiency s of the GPS receiver and so you may spend a couple of minutes before you can find satellites. However, this is something that affects virtually all GPS devices.

4. For indoor activities, I must use the foot pod to record distance. I didn’t buy the gear and it’s not cheap either. Perhaps Garmin could have added a feature that allows me manually add a workout distance on Garmin Connect.

In a rundown, Garmin Forerunner 405 is an excellent sports watch and heart rate monitor. So far, I’ve not found another that even comes close to it. It’s my training accessory, my buddy, and Coach, and for that, I give it a five-star rating.


Touch bezel lets you change screens with a simple tap (no more fumbling for buttons) Training features that continuously monitors your time, distance, pace, calories and heart rate (when paired with heart rate monitor) ANT + Sport wireless platform wirelessly sends your data to your computer Includes both the USB ANT Stick and Heart Rate Monitor Download recorded courses to compete against previous workouts or race a Virtual Partner