Bluetooth heart rate monitors. Which one is the best?

#1,Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor

#2,Zephyr HxM BT Wireless Heart Rate Sensor Black

#3,60beat BLUE Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone 6

Currently there are two types of bluetooth heart rate monitors belts, the original Bluetooth 2 style and Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready Heart Rate Monitors. The former do not work on iPhone but only on Android operating system, while the latter works for iOS platform, originally for iPhone 4 and 5 but gradually it is expected to be a universal platform that can serve both iOS and Android operating systems.

This device utilizes the Bluetooth Smart technology to provide live accurate heart rate through a compatible Bluetooth device which uses a standard heart rate profile.

It works well with training applications such as the Polar Beat. Also, you can link it with compatible gym equipments and most Polar heart rate monitors using its Gym Link feature.

The device is supported by most Apple products such as the 4th and the 3rd generation iPads, iPad mini, both iPhone 4 and 5, the 5th generation iPod touch and the 7th generation iPod Nano.

After using the device, it is advisable to disengage the transmitter from the chest strap for an optimal life of the user-replaceable battery.

Zephyr HxM Bluetooth Wireless Heart Rate Sensor

This is a combination of Smart Fabric, Heart Rate Sensor, Movement Sensors and Bluetooth technologies, and indeed the best choice fitness-tracking device for tech savvy athletes.

It is the first heart rate sensor that supports both Android and Window 8 phone operating systems.

When paired with a phone, the Zephyr HxM BT is able to monitor the session statistics which includes intensity, speed and distance covered.

It could also simultaneously play music, enable you to make calls and track your GPS location. What’s more, the strap is comfortable that you can go with it all day barely noticing it.

The Smart Fabric technology is used here to provide a conductive material which is not only comfortable but also accurate. The chest worn strap fabric is soft, elastic, and machine washable. It can adjust up to 40 inches. The strap is also replaceable.

The HxB has a USB charger. Its component, the Bluetooth 2.0, comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 26 hours and has a one year defect warranty.

This component is snap-detachable and can be charged separately. Zephyr HxM has no subscription fee, so once you have it, you are privileged to enjoy all the benefits that come with it for free. Its flexibility is unmatched and is supported by quite a number of Android apps.

Most of the common apps that support it include Strava, Endomondo, SportsTracerLive and Run.GPS.
The device uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to devices. It directly pairs with the iOS device and therefore do not need a dongle.

Any app that is compatible with a Bluetooth Low Energy HRM, works well with the 60Beat Blue. And most of the compatible apps are low cost or charge no fee at all.

The apps cover both outdoor and indoor sporting and fitness activities such as running, walking, cycling, weight loss programs, therapy, heart rate observation, meditation among others.

Supported apps include 60beat App, Runmeter, Runkeeper, MapMyRun , Cyclemeter , Runtastic, Endomondo, LogYourRun, Pedometer Pro, Spinning, Strava Run, iBody, Strava Cycling, 321run, Buddha Mind and among others.

The session statistics recorded by this device include:

  • Heart Rate: Average and Max Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Zones
  • Calories
  • Heart Rate vs. Speed
  • Heart Rate vs. Distance

All this data is stored in the device and can be accessed at any time. In addition to all these, this bluetooth heart rate monitor also has GPS functionality and many more as you’ll discover.

This device is compatible with iOS operating system. It supports:

  • iPhone 4 and 5
  • iPad mini, 4th and 5th generation
  • iPod touch nano (7th generation)
  • latest iOS devices
  • Tech experts are still working on making it compatible with Android devices, and a few Android apps are coming out soon.