Best Sunglasses for Runners

Running is a physically involving sport. Running sunglasses, which is the focus of this article, have been consistently used by both professional and leisure runners. However, not every sunglass is suitable for running and below is a selection of the best sunglasses for runners.

1. Polarized P52 Sunglasses Superlight Unbreakable for Running, Cycling, Fishing, Golf

These polarized P52 sunglasses can take a fall and stay intact. They come in black or grey and are quite stylish for runners with a fashion sense. The TAC polarization eliminates glare on water, snow and windshields which are a runner’s concern.

2. JiMarti Sunglasses TR22 Sport Wrap TR90 Unbreakable

The JiMarti Sunglasses come in black and blue. Just as stylish and designed with an unbreakable super light weight TR90 frame designed for clear lower vision field.

3. Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses

Their unique design eliminates glare and reduce eye fatigue. Additionally they are light weight and scratch resistant. The colored lens adds color contrast without distorting natural color. No slippage and top ventilation reduce fogging.

4. Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses

This model is non-polarized but come with 100% UV protection coating. They are shatterproof and have optically decentered polycarbonate lenses. Colors are in variety from matte black frame and green lenses.

5. Sea Striker Wave Runner Polarized Sunglasses with Black Frame and Vermillion Lens (Fits Medium to Large Faces)

The design eliminates over 99% of all reflected glare. The amber lenses are great for sharp vision. These have glasses which are ultra light weight with semi-rimless wrap frame.

6. Xsportz High Profile Runners Cycling Gafas De Sol Sunglasses

The frames despite being plastic, are high impact, composite lens and non-polarized. As the rest, they reduce glare as well. They are good looking, light weight and block wind.

7. X Loop High Profile Runners Cycling Sunglasses

These come in several colors. Feature both plastic frames and lenses but non-polarized. The design includes a shatterproof optical lenses and the wrap style protects against dirt and grit and reflected sunlight. They are perfect for runners busy on track most of the day.

X Loop High Profile Runners Cycling Sunglasses

8. X Loop or XSportz Men’s Sport Sunglasses.

Great for Runners, Cycling, Boating, and More! X Loop comes in several colors and are quite sporty and sleek. Excellent sun protection and reduce glare. They feature plastic frames and plastic frames which contribute to its lightweight.

9. Oakley Polarized Radarlock Path

Their beast feature is your ability to change the lenses! Like the rest their polarized lenses also reduce glare making them perfect for outdoors. Their sticky rubber temples hold tight no matter how sweaty you are.

10. Julbo Ultra

You don’t get lenses that adjust automatically from just any sunglasses and it’s a feature that makes Julbo Ultra stand out. Their oversize lenses also offer full coverage for larger faces. They are also stylish and colorful.

If you are a frequent runner in need of suitable running sunglasses that lasts long then make sure the ones you buy meet your expectations. As a rule of thumb they should be able to prevent glare, stay on when you stumble and withstand any potential damage that might arise in case they fall.