Best Running Shoes for Women


Running is amongst the most effective ways to lose weight and stay fit. Experts suggest, a 30-minute run every day is all you need to keep yourself in shape and maintain a good health. A pair of perfect running shoes, will make the entire experience count.

Here is a list of 10 best-running shoes for women:

1. ASICS women’s Gel-flux

This is one of the best running shoes for women, especially, if you have just started with this exercising regime. The pair is designed with a cushioned lineup. There is an efficient spread of energy because of the shoes vertical flex groove.

2. Reebok Realflex Train 3.0
This is an ingenious pair of running shoes for women. The pair offers optimum protection and comfort. It is made with more than 70 massagers, which is why the soles are thicker in comparison to other running shoes.

3. K-Swiss Women’s Blade Light Run II

These running shoes are lightweight and offer maximum security to the feet. It provides a convenient connection between your shoes and foot. The snug fit of the shoes, enables you to run within a substantial alignment, so that you don’t experience any irritation.

4. Altra Women’s Intuition 2 running shoe
The shoes provides a secure fit and enouWP room to keep your feet in right alignment.

5. Skechers Go Run

Skechers have the best running shoes. The Go Run is a pair of women running shoes, designed and built with a thickness under the foot’s arch. The cushioning offers a featherlight feeling and flexibility.

6. Newton Gravity Neutral Performance Trainer

The shoe is made with rubber lugs that offer a good cadence.

7. Pearl Izumi E – Motion Road N2

The shoes provides a seam-free box and space for the toes, guaranteeing ultimate running comfort.

8. Saucony Mirage 3

This pair is perfect for heel-hitting runners. It ensure pressure maximization and increased stability level.

9. Mizuno Wave Creation 14
The gray wave in the outsole of the shoes, disperses pressure impact and helps in making running experience a smooth one.

10. Adidas Energy Boost

The shoes is designed with a specialized mesh that helps in maintaining the cool and comfort level in the feet.