10 Best La Sportiva Running Shoes Reviewed

For those who love recreational physical activity, there’s nothing as thrilling as overcoming a challenge with an incredible reward at the end, as well as becoming the master of your own body. That’s especially true for runners. However, there’s also nothing that kills the fun as quickly as having issues with your feet while you’re trying to enjoy yourself.


For that reason, it’s nothing less than imperative to have the right footwear to support your every step as you run. After all, shoes that are designed to sustain you through physical exertion will save you from injuries–such as fractures, joint stress, and tendonitis–and facilitate your best performance by supporting your arches, heels, and ankles.

Last Updated: September 27, 2017
By Ashley Morales:

This list displays the best running shoes that La Sportiva can offer as of September 2017. The company’s shoes are known for being designed with the latest developments in traction, durability, and arch and ankle support, which contributes to their popularity.

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With this in mind, many shoe brands have purported to be the best option for anyone concerned with getting the most out of their exercise. Among them is La Sportiva. Long known for their commitment to produce quality shoes for running, biking, hiking, and mountaineering, La Sportiva doesn’t disappoint. In the realm of running shoes, they’ve come up with some especially respectable products that are sure to satisfy many customers.

In fact, we’ve compiled a list of La Sportiva’s ten best running shoes for your convenience so that you can experience their quality for yourself.


10 Best Rated La Sportiva Running Shoes


1. La Sportiva Bushido

This shoe has won the Editor’s Choice Award from Trail Runner mag, and for good reason--extra padding in the midsole keeps your arch remarkably comfortable, breathable mesh keeps your foot dry, double layers guard your foot against the elements, and a sticky rubber sole stops you from slipping and sliding on the terrain. Not only that, but it’s lightweight, which obviously makes the repetitive motions of running much easier to pull off.
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Safe and Snug
It fits like a glove around your foot without compromising comfort or the need for oxygen. Despite its tightness, though, it’s still easy to don and remove.

Excellent Traction
The combination of the sticky rubber sole and dual-layered midsole let you keep your footing no matter how hard you’re pushing yourself or where you’re stepping.

Cost and Value
You could say that the shoe falls just above the average price range for La Sportiva running shoes, but that’s okay; there are several more expensive designs without the same track record for comfort and success. Overall, you get fantastic value for the cost.
  • Sticky rubber sole for better traction
  • Two layers of fabric for extra protection
  • Close fit while remaining breathable
  • The sizes run rather small, so it may be difficult to find yours
  • Even if you find the right size, some may find them to be a bit too narrow

2. La Sportiva Wildcat

This shoe is meant to last you all day. It boasts a little more of everything--cushion, mesh, traction, and even ankle support. The combination of those factors guarantees that the shoe can keep up with you wherever you go, whether the ground is rocky or smooth--and it can still keep your foot feeling fresh by the time you’re done.
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More Cushion = Less Shock
With extra layers of soft support for your foot, it’s easier for you to absorb shock while you run. That’s partially why this shoe is great for long distances or all-day activity.

Plenty of Ankle Support
Heel stabilizers protect your ankle from injury or strain. Again, this means that you can use them for hours at a time without adverse consequences.

Cost and Value
As far as La Sportiva running shoes go, this shoe is actually quite reasonably priced. A bit more of everything for less money? That’s not a bad deal at all!
  • More cushioning leads to better comfort and shock absorption
  • Great support for your ankle, thanks to the heel stabilizer
  • Perfect for all-day excursions
  • It’s best for mild terrain, so if your running is more intense than normal, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere
  • Multiple uses in rapid succession may result in the shoe wearing down quickly

3. La Sportiva Ultra Raptor

If you love trails, then La Sportiva was thinking of you when they made this shoe. Tractable, breathable, tough, supportive, and just the right degree of roomy, it’s fabulous for anyone who likes navigating rocky backcountry. It works hard to keep your foot stable, dry, and safe from anything that might try to poke through it.
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Reinforced Toe Stub
With extra protection padded on the front end, you can make your way around sharp rocks without having to worry about them breaking your skin or jamming your toes.

Great Ankle Support
Like its previously mentioned cousin, this shoe will keep you going for a long time because of a cup in the heel area that helps your ankle endure the pressure of holding up your body as you run through rough areas.

Cost and Value
The shoe is slightly more expensive than the typical range for La Sportiva running shoes. If it has everything that you need, however, then it’s obviously a wonderful choice.
  • Breathable mesh keeps your foot clean and dry
  • Heel cup supports your ankle, decreasing chances of injury
  • Reinforced toe protects against sharp objects on the ground
  • Although the slightly more spacious interior is meant to help your foot stay comfortable yet stable, some may find that their foot slips around too much
  • They run a bit narrow, so you may have difficulty finding your best size

4. La Sportiva Helios

4. La Sportiva Helios
Here’s one for all the minimalists out there! This shoe is probably as close as you’ll get to feel like you’re close to the ground without losing any of the features that are important for keeping your foot healthy. For example, the ankle collar has a tongue that keeps dirt and dust from getting inside, even though it’s a low cut. Also, despite being light, they’re well-fortified against mud, rocks, and water.
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Marvelous Mixture of Flexibility and Stability

The shoe gets its firm build from a rock plate placed inside, but it still feels light on the feet and therefore easy in which to run. You get str[/et_social_share_media]ucture and lightness all in one.

Rubber and Grip

The shoe’s adherent rubber and tracted design on the bottom allows you to conquer slippery terrain without a problem. That means you can challenge yourself while staying safe.

Cost and Value

While a bit pricey, this shoe is worth the cost if you just want to make sure you get everything your foot needs without a lot of bells and whistles.
  • Tongue and ankle structure keeps interior clean while you run
  • Tough without sacrificing flexibility
  • Wonderful choice for wet or slick ground
  • Again, the sizes run small, so it could be tricky to find the right fit for you
  • Narrow width makes it less than ideal for those with wide feet

5. La Sportiva Akasha

5. La Sportiva Akasha
For the racers and marathoners, this shoe is all about what you do. It’s fitted with a sole that helps your heel-to-toe transition goes as smoothly as possible with every step that you take. Not only that, but the double-reinforced coat and cap act as guards against sharp rocks, branches, and other debris that might try to break through. This shoe is tough and durable.
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Keeps You Upright On Slopes
When you’re climbing ascents, heading down slippery hills, or jumping on wet rocks, this shoe’s grip and solid build will ensure that you don’t fall down and hurt yourself.

Extra Protective
With the dual-layered upper cover and toe cap, you’ll be able to throw all your effort into mastering rough terrain without wearing out your shoe or risking injury from the elements.

Cost and Value
All these benefits definitely come with a price; this shoe is quite a bit more costly than most others of its kind. Still, it’s worth every penny, provided it’s what you require.
  • Excellent traction and firm structure that can overcome steep slopes and anything damp
  • Plenty of protection with its dual-layered cover and toe cap
  • The fabric is very breathable and dries quickly
  • The mesh may come off rather easily
  • It may be hard to dry after it’s been submerged in water

6. La Sportiva Mutant

6. La Sportiva Mutant
This shoe can gloat about having won two awards--Editor’s Choice with Trail Runner magazine and Gear of the Year with Outsider magazine. It’s designed to keep your foot from sliding around too much without feeling suffocating. In fact, its remarkable traction keeps your whole body steady, allowing you to effortlessly turn, stop, jump, and navigate rocky territory.
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Lacing and Reinforcements Make Perfect Fit
You could run for miles and miles with this shoe, and your foot may barely notice because the cushioning and lacing harness team up to keep it in place no matter how much you move.

Equipped With Brakes
Okay, not like the kind of brakes that you would expect to see on a car or bike, but the reason why the traction is so great is because of the “Impact Brake System”--grooves carved in such a way as to let you change speed or direction with the utmost ease.

Cost and Value
For an award-winning shoe that still represents pretty stiff competition for other running shoes, it’s actually quite modestly priced--probably typical for others of its kind. It’s not every day that you get excellence for the price of average.
  • Cushion, lacing harness, and reinforcement provide ideal fit and support
  • Fantastic traction and grip that let you fully and quickly control your actions
  • Plenty of protection against the elements
  • Not heavy, but also not among the most lightweight options
  • Narrow and runs small, so finding your size could be tricky

7. La Sportiva Vertical

7. La Sportiva Vertical
With its mesh covering the top and large, curved grips gracing the bottom, plenty of padding, and light, minimal design, this shoe is one of the best options out there for trail runners. The tongue keeps debris and grit from bothering you while you’re moving, and it's quite light on the foot as well. It’s just as committed to completing every trail as you are.
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Powerful Tread
This shoe has been known to last well against thousands of feet of steep trails, thanks to the strong tread. It keeps the shoe sturdy and more than capable of carrying you wherever you need to go.

Soft and Cushy
The tough exterior encases an incredibly comfortable interior, characterized by generous padding that offers a snug fit and wonderful arch support.

Cost and Value
Honestly, the shoe is well-priced--fairly normal in comparison to others in the same realm. Considering how durable it is against harsh conditions, it’s a wise investment for trail runners.
  • Very easy to take on and off, as well as to tighten or loosen
  • Lots of interior cushioning for great fit and support
  • Tongue keeps out the dirt and pebbles
  • Deep, strong tread
  • Like other La Sportiva shoes, they tend to run rather small
  • Some may find them to be too tight

8. La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0

8. La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0
Now, this shoe has some teeth. If you look at the tread--especially toward the front of the shoe--you’ll notice that it’s pointed at the tips, which lets the shoe work with an efficiency equal in ferocity to its appearance. Not only that, but not too many other shoes could say that they could withstand nearly every type of element and condition. It’s a serious shoe for the serious runner.
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Aggressive Tread
That tread at the bottom of the shoe is what really sets it apart. It can sink like hooks into the ground, keeping you firm and steady yet also letting go easily when you’re ready to move.

Intense Mesh
A webbed mesh all over the exterior rejects all kinds of grit, and its waterproof fabric ensures that you’ll stay comfortable and clean if you have to pass through a stream or puddle.

Cost and Value
With great power comes great cost. This shoe is no different. It’s quite spendy, but all its top-of-the-line features make the demand reasonable.
  • Durable rubber soles
  • Sharp tread that creates amazing traction
  • Mesh everywhere that protects the shoe
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Not built too well for going downhill--toe might slam into the front
  • While not suffocating, it’s not the most breathable shoe

9. La Sportiva Helios SR

9. La Sportiva Helios SR
Cushioned, light, and tough, this shoe is another fabulous choice for people who love racing in the backcountry or across rugged terrain. It also has a low drop, which is a preference for runners who feel that it reduces the risk of getting hurt. If you like minimalism or just the sensation of running barefoot, you might want to consider this shoe--it could fit your bill as well as your foot.
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Reinforced Toe Cap
The fact that the toe cap is built to last against hard use enhances its durability without adding much to its weight. Tough yet flexible is always a winning combination--even better when your toes are safe from injury.

Traction With Low Drop Sole
You’re not likely to hurt yourself with this shoe, due to its conscientiously low drop sole (which is good news for your ankle) and tough traction that you keeps you steady.

Cost and Value
Although it’s a bit more expensive than most other running shoes of its caliber, the shoe is everything that a minimalist could possibly want.
  • Breathable fabric covered by mesh to keep your foot clean and dry
  • Reinforced toe cap that saves your toes from injury
  • Low drop sole to relieve stress from your ankle
  • Tread offers excellent traction
  • Continuous and ardent use may cause it to wear down quickly
  • Not a lot of rock protection

10. La Sportiva Akyra

10. La Sportiva Akyra
Expecting you to take it on trips along rough ground, this shoe is equipped to endure whatever stress you put on it, thanks to its reinforced toe, air-friendly mesh, firm skeleton structure, and heel-to-toe interior support. It has another feature that drastically enhances its comfort level without compromising its intensity--microfiber inserts. They’re flexible, they’re soft, and they make this shoe stand out as one that marries support with toughness.
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Microfiber Inserts
As mentioned, the inserts are meant to help your foot rest well inside the shoe. If you’ve ever felt microfiber before, you know how soft it is. There’s nothing better than a shoe that’s as comfortable inside as it is durable on the outside.

Super Strong Exterior
That leads perfectly into the next point--the skeleton overlay, mesh, and toe cap ensure that the shoe can hold up well against water, dirt, wind, and rock. It can survive almost anything.

Cost and Value
Although not the most expensive running shoe, it’s also not the cheapest. It will definitely command a pretty penny, but it can also promise a healthy period of protection for your foot.
  • Combination of mesh, skeleton overlay, and toe cap keep it extremely tough
  • Microfiber inserts let your foot enjoy luxurious comfort while you’re pushing yourself
  • Fantastic inner heel-to-toe support
  • Not the most waterproof shoe, although it does dry easily

What all of these shoes have in common is that they do their best to combine the most important elements of a great running shoe–durability, flexibility, comfort, and support. Obviously, figuring out what you need most and finding it for a price that you can afford is something that only you can decide. That’s fine. Just remember that when it comes to taking care of your feet–the parts of your body that carry you everywhere on a daily basis–you really can’t cut corners. You won’t find all the benefits that La Sportiva shoes offer with just any cheap or knock-off brand.

If you really want a shoe that will cover all the most crucial aspects of foot health and aid you in your efforts to feel good, be healthy, or simply challenge yourself through running, then you may need to be willing to shell out a few extra bucks. It will be worth it, though. Any of these shoes would make sure of that.

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