Best iPhone 6 Armbands for Running

With the new year already in full swing, plenty of people are getting into health and fitness. Regardless if you’re a newbie or a seasoned warrior, running has always been the top choice for getting in shape. One of the biggest hassles for runners is finding a decent spot for your phone where it won’t eventually pop out and shatter on the ground. We’re looking for the best iPhone 6 armbands, and this is what we’ve found.

1. The iPhone 6 Armband by Shackle

Water resistant, ultra lightweight and made of durable comfortable material meant for the extreme workouts. It can hold your phone, and has a pocket for your house key. With a reflective strip to give nighttime runners more security, its colors come in either black or pink.

2. iXCC Racer Series Sport Gym Armband

This little beauty is much like the Shackle as it has a pocket for your house key, however it is scratch resistant and even can adapt to accomodate other iPhone models ranging all the way down to the iPhone 5c.

It comes in a broader range of colors of black, blue and pink as well and is equipped with the reflective strip for nighttime running. The material of the armband is designed to twist and bend without losing its shape and has been made sweat resistant to prevent slipping down or off your arm.

3. iPhone 6 armband by EnnovoTech

This particular armband is a top rated armband on amazon, its lightweight and diminutive size makes it ideal. Comes standard with high quality material and a pocket for your gym locker key.

4. iPhone 6 armband by AILUN

Scratch resistant, sweat resistant, and made of durable yet comfortable material this particular armband’s lightweight design won’t hold you back.

5. iPhone 6 armband by EOTW

With the usual features such as scratch and sweat resistance, there’s more pockets for not only your key, but also credit cards and cash.

6. iPhone 6 armband by J&D Tech

Coming in sporty blues, purples and reds you will definitely feel stylish running down the bike trail with this on your arm.

7. Tribe AB37 Premium

Rated as amazon’s best seller, this armband has all the usual features plus even more colors to choose from.

8. iXCC Trek Series

The main feature about this armband is it’s dual arm slots, which means that if you’re a lefty, you don’t have to wear your phone upside down.

9. iPhone 6 armband by MOREZONE

This armband is more versatile as it can be used for runners, climbers or even cycling.

10. iPhone 6 armband by iCellor

With pockets for cards, cash and keys as well as durable sweat proof fabric. Fully adjustable for men and women.

That’s it for the top ten best iPhone 6 armbands, and all are currently at affordable prices on Amazon. Have fun running!