Best Heart Rate Monitors For Cycling And Running

If you are a physically active person, you are probably looking for a good heart rate monitor which will help you with your activities and at the same time notify you how your heart is dealing with all of that cycling or running. The problem is to pick the right gadget that suits your lifestyle the best. We will present you the list that consists of the best heart rate monitors on the market. Also, Amazon links will be included for every device.

1.Garmin Vivosmart HR

Considering that this company is upgrading their watches with optical technology, we were expecting that their new fitness tracker will have a heart rate monitoring feature also. This device will do a great job tracking your steps, sleep and heart rate.

2.Fitbit Surge

Although this tracker isn’t as accurate as others, Fitbit Surge makes it up with GPS chip and a heart rate sensor. That means that Surge will notify you how is your heart working and later on, you can upload your ride online.

3.Polar FT7

This waterproof watch is ideal for all the people who at the same time want to lose some weight and enjoy cycling or walking. This watch displays calories you have burned and it also has a feature where you can choose if you want to improve your fitness or simply burn some fat.

4.Fitbit Charge HR
From heart rate tracking to great design, this tracker has it all. Charge also tracks your sleep and activities automatically and has great battery life.

Vivofit does so many things for you, counts steps, tracks heart rate, distance, shoes burned calories etc. It also notifies you if you have been sitting for a long time.

6.Polar H7

The special thing about this tracker is that he does a job old school, using a chest strap. It comes in different sizes so you can wear it comfortably.The important thing you have to have in mind is that you need to take the battery out when you are not using it, so it wouldn’t die.

7.Polar FT4
A unique feature that this tracker has is called Heart Touch. This feature allows you to get information about your heartbeat rate without pushing any buttons.

8.Garmin Premium

Last but not least, we have Garmin Premium, another chest strap tracker that gives you feedback about how hard your heart is working. Garmin Premium is made so it wouldn’t take anyone’s signal besides yours, also plastic part is washable.

There you go, the list of best heart rate monitors on the market. So if you are looking for a great tracker that will help you in while you’re cycling or walking, feel free to check out any from this list, they are all top quality and pretty affordable.