Best Exercise Ball for Strength and Fitness

1. Black Mountain Static Exercise Ball

With a strong dense wall design, this professional grade exercise ball is well suitable for your core and strength exercise needs. It can support up to 2000 lbs of additional weight and comes in various size options.

2. Gaiam Total Body Balance Kit

Gaiam Total Body exercise ball is made out of strong and durable material that support workouts that target various muscles. Whether it is glutes, abs, back, or leg muscles, this ball makes the top ten of the most effective and reliable exercise balls.

3. Fit Spirit
This is another ball that is made with durable material that enable it to support various weight categories. Fit Spirit offers a durable exercise ball fit for any workout that calls for muscle toning and even yoga.

4. Superior Fitness

For the person looking for more out of their exercise ball workout, this is the ball that comes packed with additional accessories to intensify the workout. With additional resistance bands, cushioned handles, and a stability ring, it provides freedom of mixing various workouts and adding a twist to the workout.

5. Tone Fitness
For an all around muscle tone and definition, Tone Fitness is made the exercise ball for just that. It is Latex and Phthalate free for those with allergies. And in case ideas of workouts run out, the product package includes an exercise DVD for your convenience.

6. SmartSport Premium

From a family owned company, this exercise ball is quality assured as it does well in providing support for various types of workouts. It is also non-toxic and eco friendly, free of latex and phthalates.

7. URBNFit
This gym grade exercise ball is one of the best qualities on the market. The support and material of the exercise ball allow a non-burst guarantee for users while providing a platform for an intense workout.

8. Waccess
Another appearance of Waccess on the list. The company does well in creating durable and multi purpose exercise balls which can be used for multiple workouts as well as stretches.

Burst resistant and extremely durable gym grade exercise ball. It is ideal for gym exercises of toning muscles as well as stretching workouts from pilates and yoga.