Best Eco Friendly Lightweight Yoga Mats

For ultimate performance, yogis have to feel comfortable, maintain balance and stability. In addition, they have to be safe. Therefore, they need the best eco friendly lightweight yoga mats. Here are 10 best ecofriendly lightweight yoga mats.

1. Premium Yoga Mat w/ Carrying Strap.

Eco-Friendly, Lightweight, Perfect Thickness, Non-slip, Extra-long, Specially Designed Memory Foam. Money Back Guarantee (Savanna, 72 x 24 x 5mm). This yoga mat employs a unique design that makes the mat fit for travelling apart from being used at home and in the studio.

2. Yoga Mat by Youphoria Yoga – Black – 1/4″

Thick Eco Friendly Lightweight Comfortable High Density Memory Foam Mats – Improve Your Bikram, Ashtanga, and Hot Yoga.It is an ecofriendly yoga mat that measure 24″ x 72” and is odorless, durable, and comfortable. Suitable for hot conditions.

3. Sunsu Yoga Mat

Sunsu yoga mat is of high quality, odorless, and has excellent grip. Nevertheless, it is ecofriendly. Expresses great yoga freedom as it produces great pleasures.

4. Rixxer Fitness 1/2 Inch

Thick High Density Eco-Friendly Foam Comfort Yoga/Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap – 24″W x 72″L (Black).It is thick and offers great impact absorption for yogis.

5. YogaHola Deluxe Premium Super Soft Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Ultra soft premium Yoga Mat id designed with high quality materials and is covered with an ecofriendly layer that is also anti-microbial.

6.Rixxer Fitness 1/4 Inch Thick Non-Slip Eco-Friendly Yoga/Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap – 24″W x 72″L (Pink)

Designed with high-performance technology with slip resistant and and does not stick on the body.

7.Tundra EZ Yoga Mat, Extra Long And Thick, Carrying Strap

This yoga mat is durable and comfortable and features high quality design for ultimate performance.

8.Powerextra Premium Exercise TPE Yoga Mat,1/4 inch (6mm) 72 inch

Features unique design that renders it comfortable and durable. Does not support irritation and slipping. The materials of the mat is eco friendly.