A Must have 7 Safety Lights for Runners

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is the most exciting and innovative advancement for sports activities in the dark. LEDs are small, sturdy light bulbs that are remarkably long lasting and energy efficient. They are used for a broad range of sporting activities like: running, walking, stadiums, camping, and so much more.

For years, walking or jogging workouts in the dark was a challenge for most people, but thanks to the new LED technology shorter days no longer mean fewer exercises. Below is a list of the top 10 safety lights for runners:

1. Apace Vision LED Safety Lights

Slim, compact, and ultra-bright safety lights with steady and strobe modes. This safety light is amongst the best high visibility safety lights for visibility. It comes with replacement batteries and is water resistant.

2. Kootek Running Lights

Super bright safety lights for running, walking or any other sporting activity especially at night, dawn, dusk or rainy days. Features velcro strap, steady flashing lights and a built-in button battery.

3. Whole Human’s Supernova Safety Lights

Nighttime Visibility for kids, dogs, cyclists, runners, walkers, joggers, and more. It is super bright and comes with three lighting modes and replaceable batteries. Features a No-slip clip and up to 96 hours of illumination.

4. Personal Flashing Safety Light

These are highly visible flashing safety lights that contain 5 LED lights. It is a super bright blue LED that is lightweight and water resistant.

5. Mivortex LED Safety Strobe Light

Blazing bright light with two modes of flashing. This piece has a sturdy belt clip and an extra velcro bike strap.

6. Nina’s Everywhere Light

This is a safety light that works great as a flashlight and provides high visibility for nighttime outdoor activities. It has a small magnetic clip on and is water resistant.

7. Wealers Red Flashing Safety Light

An exceptionally visible bright red safety light suitable for most night time activities. Features two belt clips and is water resistant.

Several thousands of cyclists and pedestrians are killed annually in the United States. These accidents could have been avoided simply by wearing a high visibility accessory like a pair of safety lights. Safety LED lights offer the right amount of light to keep you visible anytime.