60beat Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Review

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This Heart Rate monitor supports and works perfectly with over 50 fitness Apps available online. The sensor works well even if it is dry, in spite of the fact it’s required to be made wet before attaching to your test. This Heart Rate monitor’s excellent and light weight design makes it very comfortable to wear.

The edges are smooth so there is no chance of skin erosion. Do not worry if you have other gadgets that also connect on Bluetooth to your mobile. You can run this Heart Rate monitor in parallel with other Bluetooth devices without any problem. Now you do not have to buy expensive mobile apps because this Heart Rate monitor is compatible with tons of free fitness apps.

The monitor is equipped with a powerful battery which ensures months of operation. The chest strap is very soft and easily adjustable to fit both male and female chest. The monitor calculates real time heart rate and supports average heart rate, heart rate in zones, calories burned, GPS functionality, data storage, graphing and much more.

The monitor connects very fast to the mobile phones over Bluetooth. The monitor not only helps in monitoring the heart functioning, it also gives you data on how you are performing well in the fitness exercises.

Features of 60beat Bluetooth HRM:

The 60beat Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor supports nearly all Apple gadgets including iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, and most iPads. The Heart Rate monitor also runs smoothly with the iPod Nano (Gen 7) with Bluetooth.

The monitor is augmented with a free 60beats app, besides more than 50 other fitness apps also supported. The battery is very powerful which easily gives months of lifetime without any problem. The device weighs roughly 6 ounces which will never feel heavy on the chest. The battery can be easily replaced when exhausted.

Cons of 60beat Bluetooth HRM:

The 60beat Bluetooth has a very limited support on Android platform. Only one or two devices are supported currently and there are no official Android applications. There have been numerous reports of the device showing wrong heart rate data even when using under normal conditions.

There can be differences between related recorded data. The Bluetooth connection can cause problems due to power and sleep settings. The device may disconnect without any warning that will be a constant problem.