Mio Alpha Product Review

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Mio Alpha Product Review

The Mio Alpha is the first consumer available strapless heart rate monitor that you can wear on your wrist. Most often times, heart rate monitors have to be strapped to the chest, but by using optical sensors, the Mio Alpha can read your pulse from either wrist. With a focus on athletics, the Mio Alpha has been tested on performance and can still read your heart rate when running up to speeds of12mph (20km/h). Compared to other heart rate monitors on the market, the Alpha takes the cake with precise measurement. Worn just like a watch, the Alpha uses Bluetooth capabilities to connect with your smartphone or other fitness and sport devices. The lithium battery inside is rechargeable and comes with a portable USB charger for when you need it on the go.

Heart Rate Training Benefits

Measuring your heart rate has a direct correlation with your VO2 maximum intake, or the most amount of oxygen that your body can make use of in a given state of movement or exercise. By measuring the rate at which your heart beats, you are making a quantitative analysis of the amount of blood your heart needs to pump through your veins to maintain performance. The Mio Alpha is designed to measure this without the hassle of wearing a strap around your chest. The wrist strap is adjustable from anywhere between 5.7 inches to 7.9 inches, allowing for movement without being too tight. With its comfortability and accessibility, the Alpha definitely helps get you the most accurate measurement at the fraction of visiting a researcher or scientist. Here’s how heart rate training with the Alpha can maximize your performance:

By understanding your physiological response to exercise with real-time, continuous feedback, you can prevent injury caused by improper pacing and overexerting your energy. In response, you can improve and design your workouts to be more effective, efficient, and tailored to your heart rate zone. Training in this way allows your body to make use of your fat vs. existing calorie intake as fuel, which causes a higher fat burn and sustained muscle growth. The data collected from the Alpha can be recorded, measured, and stored via your smartphone or other compatible devices, allowing you to track your progress in accordance to your fitness goals. Compatible devices include:

· iPhone 4S and higher

· iPad 3rd Gen and higher

· iPad Mini

· iPod Touch

· Android devices 4.3 and higher with Bluetooth 4.0

For those who are looking at the technical specifications, here they are below:

– Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart (4.0).

– Sensors: Optical heart rate.

– Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Plymer.

– Battery Life: 20-24 hours in heart rate monitoring mode.

– Water Resistance: 3ATM (30m).

– Performance sports watch with continuous, precision heart rate monitoring

– No chest strap required!

– Suitable for running, cycling, and other intense workouts

– For Mio product support, please contact 1-877-770-1116 (Mon–Fri: 9am to 5pm PST).

– EKG-accurate heart rate monitoring even during rigorous exercise

– Heart rate taken at wrist

– Soft and durable silicone band to ensure a snug fit

– User configurable heart rate zone with LED indicator and audible alerts

– Post-workout activity review of total exercise time, average heart rate, and time “in zone”

– Timer/clock

What is PAI?

Mio is known as one of the leaders in bringing heart rate measurability to a wide consumer audience. In this latest release, Mio has also introduced their newest metric and app that takes your heart rate data and makes it accessible. In other words, it is able to read insights and give them to you from your workout patterns! The PAI, or Performance Activity Intelligence is a free app, but it is exclusive only to Mio wearable devices. Here’s how the PAI stacks up against other measurement tools:

According to Mio themselves, other metrics (steps taken, body temperature, pressure, etc) provide really limited insight into your physical activity and how that affects your body. As not all steps and bodies are the same, in order to fully extract the benefit of measuring your workout, it has to be highly individualized. The one thing that is both common and individual is our heart rate – measuring this is the most accurate way to assess the health benefits, patterns, and habits of each individual.

PAI games the system so that it doesn’t feel like a workout; instead, it feels like a game where your goal is to maintain a minimum score of 100 pai. This is very similar to interval training and measuring your VO2 max; by expending your body to reach 100 pai, you are training your body to tougher conditions and expanding your blood vessels to acclimate to the challenge put on your body.

However, the PAI not only measures your heart rate, as that can change with other variables; your maximum PAI also takes into considering your age, gender, resting heart rate and maximum heart rate. This highly personalized experience makes each individual’s 100 PAI goal different and more accurate for each wearer. The algorithm that calculates your individual PAI is based on data collected from a wealth of studies, mainly the Hunt Health Study over a 20-year period involving 60,000 participants conducted by the Nobel Prize-winning Faculty of Medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In other words, Mio’s PAI system is based on hard, evidence-based science, so you know that you are getting the highest quality that you can get. Their precision and dedication to making the best in wearable technology for consumers in unparalleled.

Even if you are not a training athlete and simply want to know the condition of your health, the Mio PAI can help predict your wellness and overall longevity by reading your personal profile, matching that with your heart rate data, and interpreting that information in a way that is extremely valuable to you and your physician. As always, please consult your doctor before ascribing to any new diet or exercise plan so that you know that it is safe for you to do so.

Mio knows that in order to keep up with consumers, it has to adapt accordingly. In response to the growth of other fitness app, Mio launched its own Mio pai app, which is available for iOS and Android and works exclusively with all Mio wearable products.

Overall Review

The Mio Alpha is a great wearable for any age and fitness level individual to measure their health and exercise habits. By interpreting your personal data, the Alpha allows you to measure your progress and see whether or not you are living up to your health goals. In addition, the PAI gives you insight that you wouldn’t have gotten before by reading your data and making meaningful judgments and suggestions based on your personal profile that are specifically tailored to you. For the price, the Alpha is definitely a steal for anyone looking to add a great metric measuring tool to your bag.