14 Best Marathons Worth Running in 2016

Marathons are the usually the road races which are now part of every collective games across the world. The name comes from famous Greek legend of the Pheidippides a messenger, who ran all the way the way from the battlefield to announce their victory against the Persian in the battle of Marathon. The modern Olympic began in 1896 now annually about 500 marathons are organized all around the world including marathons of women. Previously the distance of the marathon was not determined now they have standardized an official distance to it 42.195 kilometers or 26 miles approximately and 365 yards. Many athletes from the entire world participate to make this event even more exciting.

1. Boston Marathon

Boston marathon will be will be run on the 17th Jan 2016.It a complete festive experience with 30 overseas countries competing against each other.

2. Los Angeles Marathon

los angels

This famous even shall take place around 14th of February 2016. It is one the largest inaugural marathon of the world which has tradition of entertainment all the way for spectators.

3. Marathon de Paris


This race shall commence on the 3rdapril 2016.The course of race starts from the Triumphal Arch and passing through famous landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame Cathedral and Place de la Bastille. The race is limited to 40k participants.

4. The great wall Marathon

It is the like running on the foot prints marked by the history .Worlds ��most prominent race shall take place on the 21th may 2016.

5. Uganda international Marathon

uganda marathon

This race shall take place in the June 2016 which unique race around the rural Uganda full of natural beauty.

6. Gold Coast Airport Marathon

gold coast airport marathon


This Marathon starts in Australia Queensland on every first Sunday of the July.

7. The Big Five Marathon


The race start somewhere in the June of 2016 in South Africa among the African Savannah one the wildest race as reported by it participants.

8. The Helsinki city Marathon


This marathon will take place in august in Finland one the most awaited race due the beautiful weather conditions.

9. Petra Desert Marathon

petra desert marathon

This race shall start on the 3rd September 2016.It is challenging race through the desert of Jordan.

10. Budapest Marathon

budapest marathon

Budapest Marathon may start in somewhere in October with almost 3000 runners from all across the world. The race is arranged on the roads of the Budapest showing their rich culture.

11. Airtricity Dublin Marathon


Airtricity Dublin Marathon is take place in November in the Irish gateway .It is known to be friendly marathon with fun filled people cheering along the course.

12. Athens Classic Marathon


Athens Classic Marathon is the placed to be in the November to mark the anniversary of the battle of famous Marathon.

13. Las Vegas Marathon

las vegas marathon

This will also take place in some where November which fun filled race along the course.

14. The Polar Circle Marathon

polar circle marathon

It is the coolest marathon around the world in unique area of Greenland.



All the marathons of the world are uniquely chosen for you .They may be challenges on route but will give you a lifelong rewarding experience. It will help you to make your self-disciplined and committed towards your goals and tasks.