10 Best Vibram FiveFingers Running Shoes Tested

Vibram FiveFingers running shoes are by far some of the most eccentric running shoes around. They are built to support your feet on the go in a very organic manner. The shoes contain footbeds that is more or less a detailed mold of the human foot,  anatomically shaped inserts for all ten toes! Vibrams toe shoes are specifically designed to be minimalistic, with a lightweight protective design. They can assist you in moving around with ease and safety through nature or urban terrain, all the while sporting a very natural look and feel.

Best Vibram Fivefingers - V Run-Toe Shoes

The ultimate purpose is to replicate the human footbed to perfect conformity and definition. This makes them unique in designed, including having five finger inserts for all ten of your toes. You can be running in style very near barefoot with a pair of the best Vibram FiveFingers. These shoes are a smart choice for many reasons, from the tips of your toes to the snugness of your entire feet. They offer greater alignment of the physical body and ease in areas that may become strained by a bulky running shoe.

Featured Recommendations

Vibram Bikila Evo
  • Vibram Bikila Evo
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • XS Run Outsole
  • Price: See Here
Vibram V-Run
  • Vibram V-Run
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • VI-Lite Midsole
  • Price: See Here
Vibram SeeYa
  • Vibram SeeYa
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft TPU Midsole
  • Price: See Here

Toe shoes are created with flexibility, style, & extreme comfort.  No matter the season, any of these running shoes will have you equipped properly on your daily runs. Today they are producing a wide range of barefoot shoes, regardless of the intensity or distance you venture into with your activities, a pair of the best FiveFingers are a quality choice.


10 Best Vibram FiveFingers for Running


1. Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Evo

The link between barefoot running, and running with a running shoe like this is closely connected. Being designed to connect you to your natural running posture, foot stride, and the environment, this is one of the best for your transition into a FiveFingers basic running shoe. This could potentially be your first barefoot running shoe, helping you make the proper adjustments and movements while on the run, when first stepping into a pair of barefoot FiveFingers running shoes.
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A vegan made running shoe, at its finest. It is suitable for all plant-based or vegan activists that tend to lean toward only purchasing shoes that are made from non-animal based products.

Machine Washable
The shoe is also machine washable! This creates a manageable approach to reducing problems like athletes foot, or smell bad running shoes. After each run, you could throw these shoes in the wash then simply air dry them.

Cost and Value
The cost of the Bikila is quite low for a basic running shoe, with the value being high end as a minimalist shoe this is a smart purchase for any runner on the go.
  • Machine washable
  • Great shoe for indoor running on the treadmill as well as outdoor running
  • Relief in misalignment pains and discomforts due when transitioning into this shoe from a regular sneaker
  • These shoes are perfect for running as well as an everyday shoe
  • Great training shoe for half marathons or marathons
  • Barefoot feel is closely related to being actually barefoot while running while offering protection to the foot bed
  • They do not have continuous tread from the foot into the toe beds, unlike other models.
  • Slightly narrow toe box

2. Vibram FiveFingers V-Run

Compounded with VI-Lite on the sole of the Vibram V-Run, it is a high impact shock absorbent running shoe. This shoe is one of the best. The V-Run is an XS Run shoe that will be suitable for all environments and temperatures. This quality shoe offers the ability to withstand hard surfaces, giving padded softness combined with maximum stability to the entire foot bed.
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Vibram MONT
Contains a stable foot bed formulated with MONT. Reliable and durable to conquer the highest peaks in the world with MONTS ability to withstand the lowers temperatures through the most challenging terrain.

Vibram VI LITE
An energy reserving pair of running shoes, while providing maximum shock absorbent cushioning. As an ultra lightweight pair of running shoes, you'll find yourself improving in speed during your training runs.

Cost and Value
A great pair of high-quality running should be everything plus affordable, it has many desirable features like maximum breathability, XS RUN, plus MONT. Purchasing this shoe is one of the best investments to make as an avid runner.
  • Provides maximum breathability
  • Holds up well in a broad range of temperatures
  • Vegan
  • Machine washable
  • Can be used as an every day shoe providing comfort for long periods of times
  • With this particular model you may have to purchase one size up compared to other FIveFingers running shoes
  • The soles may wear rapidly

3. Vibram FiveFingers V-Trail

This is the ultimate trail running shoe, it is brand new for 2017 already topping the charts for the best Vibram running shoe wear. The V-Trail Runner is an extended, elite evolution of the Spyridon MR Elite product line. It contains fascinating Vibram 3D Cocoon Technology into the sole for protection against rocks or alike surfaces while on the run.
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Antimicrobial Poly Fabric
The sock liner is antimicrobial, keeping your feet protected from harmful microbes that could cause bad foot odor. Machine washable alongside its antimicrobial sock liner, you can rest assure your foots cleanliness is kept in mind!

Multi-directional Lug Outsole Design
These trail runners have designed a well thought out muti-directional design that will be the most important feature for powerful gripping. Not only is the multi-directional design needed for gripping the design is also appealing to the eye.

Cost and Value
While value is high quality, very durable, and phenomenal all around! It doesn't cost very much to purchase a pair of these best trail running shoes, making it an affordable and very attainable buy if your looking to purchase.

  • Low cost for a very high value
  • Multi-directional outsole design for extra gripping on the trails
  • Fit to normal size
  • Fair amount of arch support
  • They contain a padded tongue and heel
  • Has extra padding and coverage for protection on each toe except the biggest toe.
  • May not have enough durability in the toe region for trails that are extra rocky and not slightly paved.

4. Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon MR

This is a fully featured, all around best mudding shoe specifically designed for mud-runners. Containing a waterproof out shell, it has the functionality of the perfect shoe for competitions in any kind of weather. The Spyridon MR is a purpose built a shoe for the mud and wet weather, with an instep brace providing a comfortable lock when running on wet surface.
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Keep the Mud Out
The perfect running shoe that is built with an ankle high hook-and-loop cuff, that is there to keep the mud out of your shoe and extra support for the ankle.

A Purpose-Designed Shoe
As a die-hard-mud-runner you will be pleasantly satisfied to have a pair of the Spyridons! They are created specifically for mud-runners containing many features for these elements.

Cost and Value
A low cost shoe like this one is high in quality and well worth your money, especially if you are into mud running. A waterproof out shell will keep your feet dry during competitions in all four elements.
  • Available in vibrant colors including but not limited to; black/purple and black/grey design.
  • Waterproof out shell
  • Can be utilized as a hiking shoe and running shoe with maximum comfort.
  • These can be worn for hundreds of miles without blisters or break down of the shoe
  • A high heel for extra lock while running
  • If your heel tends to be sensitive you may need to wear socks with these shoes, as there is a tough material for the heel-and-cuff that may cause heel rubbing soreness
  • The quick laces should not be tightened for maximum comfort, the quick laces tend to create a too snug wear of the shoe.

5. Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa

This pair is one of the best running shoes today due to its wide variety of notable features, like the seamless collar for ultimate reduction in skin irritation, providing protection against external debris. SeeYa is created with a built in polyurethane insole that is stitched in for optimal long lasting durable comfort on those longer runs. Soft TPU midsole for added lightweight and flexibility.
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Minimal Rubber Thickness
When this running shoe was created, they were keeping maximum lightweight mobility in mind, these quality running shoes have a 0mm heel-to-toe drop for added flexibility.

Padded tongue
The padded tongue allows for a snugger more comfortable fit during a run. Alongside a micro-suede overlay in the tongue area for ultimate snugness.

Cost and Value
SeeYa running shoe leans towards low cost, yet high in quality value. A padded tongue, increased flexibility, and extra stitching at the insole are some of the best features for a low cost running shoe.
  • Seamless collar that  assists in reducing irritation.
  • Maximum breathability due to the upper mesh.
  • Padded tongue/micro suede overlay
  • Machine washable
  • The barefoot feel of the SeeYa stimulates different muscles than a regular outsole, activating the proper ones that are far more natural for overall physical alignment to use while running.
  • Upper mesh stitching lacks durability
  • Velcro strap may be uncomfortable if ordered too snug

6. Vibram FiveFingers Lontra

A pair of running shoes designed to keep you warm and insulated throughout the entire winter, the Lontra Trail Running shoe is built for running and trekking throughout the entire year. Containing a high top ankle upper it gives that extra support needed around the ankles. An upper mesh that envelopes the foot and keeps snow, or mud out and your feet dry on the inside. Vibram TC-1 performance rubber to keep abrasion at a minimum and your underfoot feeling wonderful.
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Water Resistance
Lontra Trail running shoes have been created especially for the cold winters, extra muddy, and rainy seasons. Containing a waterproof upper that is laminated then finished with fully taped seams.

Vibram TC-1 Performance Rubber
The out sole is designed with TC-1 Performance Rubber, this provides ultimate traction performance while on the trails, in the snow or while running on slick ground elements.

Cost and Value
The best value on this list for a Vibram FiveFingers running shoe, it is on the low expense side of the spectrum and well worth the cost, the value outweighing the price by far. Added insulation, high ankle shoe for protection you will be pleased purchasing the Lontra to hit the trails with!
  • Great ankle protection
  • Added insulation for colder climates
  • Outsole made with Vibram TC-1 Performance Rubber that provides long lasting durability
  • Very snug fit
  • Small puddles and wet weather does not have to be an issue in these running shoes
  • They may feel too snug to wear with any socks
  • This shoe is sized very small, resulting in needing to upsize 1-2 full sizes, please check sizing charts for proper Vibram sizing before purchasing

7. Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Evo WP

A perfect running shoe if your looking for one with added durability and grip power. This road running shoe was created for wet and icy conditions alike. It is built for running, with a stretch waterproof membrane, you'll be sure to stay dry with the taped seams for extra support.
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Tri-Layer stretch
Utilized is a Tri-Layer stretch waterproof fabric, keeping your feet warm and dry in the wettest environments.

Water-resistant Gaiter
Designed with a completely sealed, zip-up waterproof gaiter, the wet weather will not stand a chance while running the trails or in city in these pair of shoes.

Cost and Value
The cost for a set of the ultra water resistant Bikila Evo WP Road Running Shoe is average to high for a minimalist shoe, it's value amounting higher than the cost absolutely!
  • High water resistance, especially with the upper gaiter
  • TC-1
  • Tri-Layer stretch water resistant fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Can be worn with socks for extra comfort
  • Slightly tight in the big and little toe regions
  • May feel quite narrow compared to other Vibram FiveFingers running shoes

8. Vibram FiveFingers Kso Evo

The Vibram Kso Evo Running shoe is more than the best minimalist shoe, it provides ultimate barefoot feel while running. Containing less than 5mm of space from the sole to the ground you will recieve maximum ground feedback. The Kso Evo Running shoe is very durable providing high standards of shock absorbancy through the good quality materials used in its creation.
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Proper Fitting
It is important when purchasing any pair of Vibram shoes to buy the proper size for your foot. There is a special fitting method used by Vibrams, this is what will affect your comfort levels especially in the Kso Evo Running Shoe, it is recommended to know your size when purchasing this running shoe.

Antimicrobial Drilex Sockliner
Keeping your feet free of athlete foot causing microbes, it includes a built in antimicrobial drilex sockliner, this is an extra clean shoe for running given it is also machine washable.

Cost and Value
The cost of the Kso's are high end for the minimalist line, while the value is well worth the cost and does reflect the quality of these running shoes well. Vibram did a phenomenal job when designing this running shoe, coming in a sleek look, and ultimate barefoot feel it is one of the best running shoes.
  • Great for people with flat feet
  • Can be utilized as a running shoe as well as a gym training shoe, or weightlifting
  • The premium barefoot feel allows you to feel more stable and responsive in your performance
  • User will feel greater balance and posture correction after transitioning to the Vibram Kso Running Shoe
  • After the break in period of two weeks you will love the feel of these barefoot shoes
  • Sized very small, be sure to see proper fitting chart for these shoes

9. Vibram FiveFingers KMD LS

The KMD LS Cross Training Shoe is a slightly more stable Vibram shoe designed with the intention of being for intense workouts that conduct a lot of lateral movements. This shoe gives more structure and is meatier than other Vibram running shoes, making it suitable for running as well as cross training. They come in a great design with vibrant colors. You won't go wrong purchasing a pair of the KMD's for in the gym or out of the gym.
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Circular Lug Design Outsole
The KMD LS Cross Training shoe is built with a circular lug design outsole, this provides maximum grip in all directions, especially during high lateral movement training sessions.

Ice Trek Outsole
Suitable for very low temperatures and elements the KMD is built to withstand winter temps, with the Ice Trek Outsole design. It provides maximum grippe in even the coldest climates.

Cost and Value
The quality of these shoes are really great for an average price overall. Offering maximum stability and grip while in your training sessions you'll be more than pleased purchasing a pair of the KMD LS'.
  • Ice Trek outsole suitable for very cold weather
  • Drop of zero giving you the ultimate barefoot feel
  • More substance to this shoe than other models of Vibram FiveFingers
  • Rubber compound outsole that is made for indoor or outdoor training sessions
  • Available in extra large sizes for tall persons with some of the largest sized feet
  • Difficult to take on/off
  • May not be suitable for heavy weight

10. Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport

Containing a 4mm midsole for extra plated cushioning alongside a 4mm outsole created with Vibram Performance Rubber that will take you on a variety of surfaces with added grip and comfort. The Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport trail running shoes will keep you on the move in ultra weight construction. Containing a Coconut Active Carbon upper, runners will run with maximum breathability and an ultra-comfortable fit with no rubbing or irritation in the overall foot bed, especially the heel.
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Abrasion Resistant Coconut Activate Carbon
Activate Carbon is a natural way to create clean and purified air, with an upper mesh that is thoughtfully created utilizing this advanced abrasion-resistant carbon. Giving runners maximum breathability and air quality flow, dually providing a cooling relief.

Vibram Performance Rubber
TrekSport trail running shoes are designed with an extra 4mm lightly cleated outsole for high performance traction on any type of terrain.

Cost and Value
The cost for this pair of high quality running shoes are average-high. The value being well worth the cost for this version of Vibrams coconut carbon activate trail running shoes.
  • Maximum comfort for lengthy activities or runs
  • Cooling effect offering ultimate breathability
  • Great for indoors and outdoor runs
  • True barefoot feel
  • Sized accordingly to the Vibram Sizing Chart
  • Not the most stylish design
  • Challenging to get your toes into the proper toe beds

Vibram has exceeded the limits and set top standards for a barefoot minimalist running shoe, with a purpose of activating healing to the body and physical alignment, through optimal barefoot replication.  Barefoot running shoes are a great transition shoe into barefoot running, and if you are looking for extra protection from ground elements you would be happy running long term in some of the best running shoes like the models on this list. It’s understandable that picking a pair of Vibram’ unique barefoot shoes can be confusing with all of the different styles, added features for specific terrain, and comparing costs.

This best list of Vibram Running shoes can be a guide with assisting you in choosing the perfect pair of the perfect barefoot shoes for your specific lifestyle demands, as a passionate runner or athlete. In the gym or on the mountains, a pair of these running shoes will be suitable for your training and running sessions, helping you to meet goals and win competitions as a top competitor or athlete. When first created this brand and style of barefoot running shoes they had every runner’s ideal shoe in mind, affordability in cost you can keep a few pairs for every purpose!