10 Best Running LED Headlamp for Runners reviewed in full detail

Running during winter time has several challenges, one of them being it get darker early in the evening. A headlamp designed to fix on the front of the head or on a helmet, a source of light to use in the darkness. Having a good LED light while running at nights helps the runner helps protection from other dangers but also motorists on the road. Some of the main features you need to look into headlamps before buying one make sure it is comfortable and well balanced on your head. Uncomfortable or unbalanced headlamps won’t help to enjoy your running.

I live on the Northwest side of the country where the visibility is poor during winter and also it can be dangerous sometimes due to horrible drivers on the road. So I picked a very comfortable, light weight and illuminates very well under dark running conditions. You can check out that here.

Some of the features I would suggest before picking a good and affordable headlamps are:

1) Lightweight and Bright – try always a lightweight so that it won’t end up as a bad run. Also look for super bright where there is the different setting to make is brighter or dim the light according to your requirements .

2) Comfortability – You should feel like that your not wearing it. Don’t buy anything more than 3 oz weight and should have a good compact design which will fit perfectly to your head.

3) Waterproof and long-lasting – Weather is unpredictable it might shower during your run if you have a waterproof running headlamp you don’t need to worry getting it damaged. Look for warranties so that you don’t want to spend more money you can get it replaced. I found a lot of them offering a lifetime warranty.

4) Battery Types – Running LED headlamps with a rechargeable battery  ( Which you can get at amazon) option. If you get a lamp which needs to be charged often then your longer runs trips would be a disaster.

Having a headlamp for running other than for your trail running you can consider using the head lamp for camping and hiking, make hand-free light when you are accessing dark spaces like attics, basements, garages, storage units and crawl spaces. It comes handy while you are reading a book without bothering others.

1. Black Diamond Sprinter

This is easy to handle, not so expensive with the comfortable strap to adjust easily. It’s easy to charge and it is not too dim.

2. Revtronic 168 Lumen LED Headlamp

It is easy to operate with affordable price. It can be used in normal routine like morning walk. It is used for camping as well. It is rechargeable with USB.

3. Olympia EX550 Water Resistant LED Headlamp

It is waterproof IPX7 with a perfect beam even can be seen a long distance. It is a bit expensive but high powered headlamp with hand lockout function because of this it can’t be turned off or on inadvertently. It is easy to use because of its overhead strap.

4. Princeton Tec Quad 4 LED Headlamp

It is a smart headlamp with the simple design. It is the best choice with the simple design. It is light in weight and waterproof. The unique feature of this headlamp is its three different lenses.

5. Petzl Tikka

It is reliable. It’s productive beam is perfect to use in close distance. It is best to use in camping. It has headband which is washable. It has two simple and productive lightening modes.

6. Petzl Zipka Headlamp

Another good choice in Petzl is Petzl Zipka Headlamp. With a different design, this headlamp gives a continuity lightening. It is It is easy to use.

7. Black Diamond Icon

It is high powered 320 Lumen output headlamps. It is waterproof with a perfect strap. It a bit expensive but nicely designed to use in a routine work as well.

8. Black Diamond Ion LED Headlamp

The most appropriate with red light night vision mode. Its battery lasts for a long time. It is really light weight and can be put into your pocket.

9. Fenix HL05

A very lightweight headlamp with a long battery life. You can put this in your pocket easily.

10. Petzl Pixa 3 Headlamp


So there you have it. As I said above LED headlamps has several multipurpose uses other than just using it for running. Its a must have for runners as well as non runners who can use it in dark spaces at their home our outdoor activities.