10 Best Kinesiology Tapes Rated for Runners

If you already know what a Kinesiology tapes are, then you’ve already experienced some sort of pain – such as any pains, aches, tendonitis, injuries, etc. – that runners are quite familiar with. If you haven’t, then you’re quite lucky. A Kinesiology tape is a thin and stretchy elastic strip of cotton that has an acrylic adhesive. It has a number of benefits for sports injuries, inflammatory conditions, and musculoskeletal reasons. In terms of elasticity and thickness, Kinesiology tapes are as identical to human skin as possible.

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Kinesiology tapes are mostly used for treating a variety of physical disorders and athletic injuries. The basic functionality of it is to provide structural support for injured or weak body parts and relief from any pain. Though Kinesiology taping techniques have been around for over thirty years, it first became popular at the 2004 Olympics.

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It was first developed in the 1970s by Dr. Kenzo Kase in Japan. He was a chiropractor and a licensed acupuncturist. He noticed that his treatments would only help his patients temporarily. So, he developed the Kinesiology tape to further extend the benefits of his treatments. Though there are a number of different brands that not all Kinesiology tapes are created equal. The best tapes should not bind, constrict, or restrict your movements. In this article, we’ll be helping you avoid the bad products. Here is our list of the top ten Kinesiology tapes that are tried and tested by numerous customers.


10 Best Kinesiology Tapes


1. Master of Muscle Beast Tape

Beast Tape by Master of Muscle is created specifically to enable runners to be able to go harder
for a longer period of time with their exercise and workout sessions. It’s the perfect choice for
those looking to alleviate pain, recover any damage, and perform even better. It is known to
boost energy and promote healing. The latex free and waterproof material is ideal for areas that
are prone to any injuries.
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Ideal for Intense Sports Training
Master of Muscle’s Kinesiology tape is the ideal tape for any intense training. It is able to
provide support while not being bulky or expensive. Its heat activated adhesive, ensures that the
tape will stay secure throughout your workout.

Made Latex Free
For those that have a latex allergy can finally have a good Kinesiology tape that won’t irritate or
cause an allergic reaction to your skin. The stretchy material ensures that it’ll have a good grip
on your injured or weak body part.

Cost and Value
This is a budget friendly product that will offer you quality without breaking the bank. On top of
that, if you are not satisfied with the product, Master of Muscle don’t just have a money back
guarantee; but they will refund your money and send a replacement beast tape for no additional

Heat activated adhesive stays attached

Waterproof Triathlete approved

 Triathlete approved

Best for pain relief and injury recovery


Some reports of skin irritation

Some reports of the tape not sticking for long

2. KT Tape PRO

KT Tape’s Kinesiology tape provides pain relief and supports muscle movement. On top of promoting healing, it also prevents injuries from occurring. Through neuromuscular feedback, it facilitates stronger tendons and muscles. It’s made with ultra-durable synthetic fabric and 100% cotton fibers which increase the products longevity and strength. It can provide support from various common injuries, including runners knee, ankle sprains, neck strains, shoulder pains, wrist pains, and much more.
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Creates Neuromuscular Feedback
This lightweight support tape encourages stronger muscle healing through neuromuscular response. Its ultra-durable synthetic fabric, along with it being made with 100% cotton fibers, cause it to be a very comfortable wear.

Moisture Release
KT Tape Pro provides moisture release with therein prevents any inflammation and itching. The tape is quick to dry if it gets wet and is quite easy to remove when needed.

Cost and Value
KT Tape Pro is an affordable product with superior quality. It generally comes with twenty pre-cut ten-inch strips of therapeutic tape that is sure to give your body the support that it needs. Its large range of color choices and durability, make it a favorite among customers.
  • Last up to nine days.
  • Easy to apply and understand directions
  • Affordable price and quality product
  • Immediate reduction in pain
  • Large color choice
  • Some reports of it not staying on
  • Might leave some residue and not recommended for sensitive skin

3. RockTape

RockTape’s Kinesiology tape is a quality therapeutic tape that features an abundant color choice. It’s meant to improve your performance while reducing any pain that runners are familiar at facing. The tapes hypoallergenic adhesive has proven to be ultra-sticky and strong, thus ensuring a secure fit while training and exercising. It’s made from 97% cotton and 3% nylon as well as sweat resistant, water resistant, latex free and zinc free. Users can expect for to wear the tape for up to seven days with roughly five to ten applications per roll.
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Duty Kinesiology Tape
No matter what the reason is for you using a Kinesiology tape, this heavy-duty tape by RockTape is built to handle all harsh environments. The sweat and water-resistant material ensure that your tape will stay on through your training.

Strong Adhesive
The decent blend of cotton and nylon provide you with just enough fluidity and support while hugging your skin tight. The high-quality materials ensure that the tape stretches just enough to move with your body. The 180° stretch ensures that you are able to move freely with less skin irritation.

Cost and Value
The wide range of colors that RockTape has, along with its price – make it the ideal choice for all athletes that require the use of a Kinesiology tape. It’s trusted by medical professionals worldwide, including orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and chiropractors.
  • Fewer chances of irritation
  • Slightly water resistance
  • Made with hypoallergenic materials
  • Secures to the skin well
  • Will work in rain, but not while swimming
  • Reports of not being sticky enough at times

4. KeepFit Gear Wrap It Up

Whether you’re going to yoga, swimming, hiking, biking, or just simply running – Wrap It Up can handle it all. The water-resistant tape allows you to go through your normal workouts without worrying about your tape budging. It’s a durable and strong tape that avoids any irritation of your skin. It’s the perfect choice for runners or cyclists to alleviate any pain from injuries. No matter if you’re injured in your neck, knee, or other joints – Wrap It Up allows for a quicker recovery process.
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Customized Kinesiology Wrap
Wrap It Up Kinesiology tape doesn’t come pre-cut. Instead, it comes in a full roll, so that you can cut it to the desired length. The roll measures at 2 inches by 16.4 ft. and will ensure numerous applications for your convenience.

Better Blood Flow
Unlike traditional Kinesiology or athletic tapes, the Wrap It Up tape allows a better blood flow through its durability and advanced adhesive. The tape allows easy muscle movement which therefore increases your performance during any training and workout sessions.

Cost and Value
As one of the lower priced therapeutic tapes, the Wrap It Up Kinesiology tape is a water resistant, highly durable tape. The roll allows users to customize their patches to fit them best.
  • Versatile uses
  • Lasts up to nine days
  • Great value for its price
  • Holds grip even with perspiration
  • Easy to apply and feels light when worn
  • It can sometimes be difficult to take off
  • If it’s too tight, it will blister your skin

5. ExoTrinity Sports EX9 Tape

If you’re looking to increase your performance and delay any physical fatigue, this Kinesiology tape by ExoTrinity Sports is the best choice. It can recover and rehabilitate any injuries while also aiding in correct form maintenance. EX9 Tape’s one-way stretch capability provides decompression and compression. This tape promotes lymphatic drainage, boosts blood flow, and eases the pain. The latex free and water-resistant material on this tape also supplies users with an advanced acrylic adhesive.
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This EX9 Kinesiology tape from ExoTrinity Sports can stay on for more than five days. The highly water-resistant material of the tape allows it to stick snugly to your body.

EX9 Tape can be applied almost anywhere on the body. It’s perfect for more injury prone parts, such as the shoulders, wrist, knee, elbow, rotator cuff, quads, hamstrings, lower and upper back, cramps, and sprains.

Cost and Value
This Kinesiology tape is latex free making it hypoallergenic. It’s said to increase your performance and reduce fatigue. This affordable tape is made with superior material to give you the most support possible.
  • Multiple uses per one role
  • Won’t roll or bunch up
  • Stays on even in humidity
  • Strong adhesive
  • Pain reliever
  • Some reports of the tape stretching too much
  • Can be difficult to take off

6. Muscle Fix Tape

This sweat proof and long-lasting Kinesiology tape provides free range of motion to allow your muscular system to help organically. The tape has an elasticity of 150% to 170% to allow for that free range of motion. It helps alleviate pain and lymphatic drainage through the slight lifting of the skin. This Kinesiology tape is suitable for support for tendons, ligaments, and muscles. The hypoallergenic and breathable material makes it suitable for most people.
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Water Resistant and Ultra Sticky
Kinesiology Tape by Muscle Fix Tape is made of high quality waterproof, breathable and latex free cotton. This allows moisture release to extend your comfort and flexibility throughout your training sessions. It avoids any skin irritation, itching, or allergic reactions that other tapes might cause.

The Kinesiology Tape is suitable for everyone to use. No matter what intensity sport you’re partaking in, an injury can happen. This tape will provide you with support for any post-surgery recovery or sports injuries.

Cost and Value
This tape creates a snug fit with your skin. Unlike other restrictive tapes, this tape moves with your muscles without hampering any movements. It’s an affordable take that’s hypoallergenic tape that’s made water tolerant.
  • Tougher than expensive brands
  • Glue remains firm
  • Adheres well
  • Lasts more than a week
  • Affordable
  • Some reports of the tape leaving blisters
  • Not recommended for sensitive skin

7. StrengthTape Precut

For common injuries, Kinesiology tape can support you with any pain that you might have. This tape is built on simplicity, with the directions being clear to use. They include pre-cut kits so that they are easily able to fit numerous body parts. This way you only have to buy a kit that is fit for your injured body part. No matter which kit you get, it’ll assist with your body movements and improve body circulation.
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Easy Application
StrengthTape’s Kinesiology tape comes pre-cut so that you can have a hassle-free application. Within their product, they also include some simple step by step instructions to aid in the application process.

Breathable Fabric
This Kinesiology tape is made with breathable cotton fabric that supports injuries that athletes are likely to have. It’s made a unique elastic that includes an AllSport adhesive. This provides athletes support and stability for tendons, joints, and muscles.

Cost and Value
This is another great affordable choice for athletes. The ease of use, as well as the product quality, is sure to make a good impression with users. The tape is comfortable and easy to apply and use. It doesn’t restrict your movements, but still, gives you enough support
  • Infused with Ion Health Technology
  • Instructions are easy to use
  • Pre-cut tape strips for a range of body parts
  • Two applications per package
  • Extremely durable and strong (lasts for up to five days)
  • Not suitable for hardcore sports
  • Might cause a rash

8. Yoginiology YoTape

This is one of the only Kinesiology tapes that is specially made for women. The pre-cut tape is smooth to apply and stays in place, snug to your skin. It helps blood flow and reduces any inflammation. The material enables the tape to remain snug and continue offering you support. It can be used mostly everyone on your body to relieve pain in your muscles and joints.
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Easy and Smooth Application
Not only is this tape easy to apply, but it also comes with a free taping guide to further ensure that you’ll be able to put it on properly. The pre-cut tape fits snugly with your skin, no matter which part of your body you’re placing it on.

Bright Colors
Generally, the reason you’re wearing a Kinesiology tape isn’t necessarily a good one. So, having these bright colors can really help make it just slightly better. On top of that, the latex free material that it’s made by letting your skin breathe easily and stay in place.

Cost and Value
As the other products on this list, this product is also fairly affordable. The color choices nd its ability to help your tendons and muscles get stronger – are a plus. The tape can stay in place anywhere from three to five days. Each packet, generally includes 20 pre-cut strips, making it applicable for a multi use.
  • Latex free and breathes well
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee
  • Reduces muscle pain while supporting all motions
  • Prevents injuries
  • Bright colors
  • Not waterproof
  • Can be difficult to remove

9. TheraBand Kinesiology Tape

If you’re looking to add support to a body part that has been weakened or injured, this therapeutic tape is an excellent choice. Though all tapes stick quite well, TheraBand uses Cramer Sports Medicine’s state of the art adhesive that remains snug to your skin. It’s a highly durable tape that will last you a good couple of days relatively pain free. It comes in a variety of colors to suit everyone.
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Quality Materials
The TheraBand Kinesiology tape is made with 100% latex free materials. The hassle-free dispenser allows for a smooth application process. In addition to that, the XactStretch technology makes the application process a smooth endeavor.

Cut Your Own Continuous Roll
The 2 inches by 16.4 ft. roll enables users to cut his or her own customized sized of Kinesiology tape. It lets them be able to target a specific area with ease, without having to try and match a precut tape size. The tape comes in seven color combinations which feature the XactStretch Visual Indicators.

Cost and Value
This TheraBand Kinesiology tape is made with a blend of 98% content and 2% spandex. The adhesive has been proven to stay put for up to five days. Most will find the price to be very reasonable and affordable. With the tape being able to be stretched 25% and 50%, it ensures that there will be an easy application for all users.
  • Constructed of 0% tension of paper
  • Hassle free
  • 100% latex free
  • Foolproof application with XactStretch Technology
  • Well constructed
  • Keeps put during your run, but may not stay on all day
  • Some reports of skin rash

10. KT Tape Original Elastic

This Kinesiology Therapeutic (KT) tape is designed solely to provide support and pain relief to the tendons, joints, and muscles. As a tape, this provides targeted relief from pain while being comfortable and lightweight. It’s guaranteed to be made of superior quality which helps to reduce pressure on the tissue and provide support at the same time. It comes ready to use as precut strips. The tape includes a strong adhesive that’s made with the latest technologies, to offer you the best fit possible.
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Support from Common Injuries
Most Kinesiology tapes provide relief for the most common injuries that athletes face. KT Tape takes a step further by actually making a change with your pain. It provides support and pain relief from injuries, including carpal tunnel, hamstring strains, neck strains, tennis elbow, calf strains and runners knee.

Ease of Application Through Strong Adhesive
KT Tape Cottons is distributed as twenty precut strips that are ready to use. Each strip has rounded edges to prevent any fraying or snagging. The strips measure at 10 inches by 16.6 ft. per roll. For the convenience of users, step by step instructions are also included with the Kinesiology tape.

Cost and Value
Whether you’re wearing it for relief during or after a 100-mile mud run or sand volleyball; KT Tape is sure to help relieve the pain while providing you with support. KT Tape is designed to be able to endure the harshest of sports. No matter if you wear it through sweat, humidity, or showers – it will last through it all.
  • Large range with 9 colors
  • Can handle intense workouts
  • Lightweight and latex free
  • Strong adhesive
  • Full mobility of muscles
  • Sometimes edges can peel off
  • Can cause swelling or soreness

Due to the importance of Kinesiology tapes for Olympic and pro athletes, as well as other weekend warriors, it’s imperative that you get quality products. When choosing a tape to purchase, it’s imperative that you research which tapes will offer the best support for the area that you need. You’ll want to know whether you prefer precut tape or ones in a roll. On top of that, if you have sensitive skin, any allergies – you’ll want to make sure that the product won’t irritate your skin.

Each person is different, so is their workout regime, therefore, each Kinesiology tape will suit each person differently. Most, though not all, are hypoallergenic, so if you do have sensitive or are prone to allergies – you’ll want to research each roll thoroughly. Above is our list of top ten Kinesiology tapes on the market today. We’ve outlined which Kinesiology tape is hypoallergenic and which has been proven to provide the best relief overall. Through this list, you’re sure to find a Kinesiology tape that best suits your needs to provide relief from pain and support for your tendons and muscles.

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