Top 10 Compression Socks for Nurses

Nursing can be tough on the body, especially on the legs and feet. Nurses are rarely sedentary, as their job requires constantly being ready for anything. Choosing a quality pair of compression socks can make a huge difference in a nursing professional’s workday. Compression socks help reduce fatigue and muscle strain on the legs and feet, so more energy can be channeled for mental alertness.

Compression Socks for Nurses

Compression socks should offer long lasting support, withstand multiple washings without losing shape and function, and promote good blood circulation. Style should not have to be sacrificed for form and function either. Depending on the amount of compression needed for support and personal comfort, there are varying factors to consider before making a purchase. A good pair of compression socks should have quality construction in relation to its price point, and reduce the risk of varicose veins and muscle strain.

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Physix Gear Sport
  • Physix Gear Sport
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Stay put cuffs
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SB Compression Sox
  • SB Compression Sox
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Doctor recommended
  • Price: See Here
Fytto CozyFit
  • Fytto CozyFit
  • 4.4 out of 5
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  • Extra-thick luxurious
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All compression socks are not created equal. Nursing professionals, patients recovering from leg and foot injury, and athletes can benefit from using compression socks. Socks can offer all-around compression, or graduated compression as needed for the toe, heel, and leg. Compression socks should be selected based on the length of hours a compression sock is needed, whether on your feet as a nurse, or taking a long flight. Temperature and reduction of sweating and moisture are factors too, as some socks are better suited for warmer weather, or built to allow the skin to breathe.


10 Best Compression Socks for Nurses


1. Physix Gear Sport Compression

Physix Gear Sports Compression Socks are constructed to handle long work hours, and are made of a combination of fibers for a thick material. The price point for these socks is modest. They offer a good fit, flexible style options, and keep feet comfortable and dry. Physix Gear Sports Compression socks have satisfied over 4,000 customers, and are easy to put on and take off.
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Built for Stamina & Comfort
Nurses rave about comfortably working 16 hour shifts when wearing these socks. The composition of 80% nylon for antibacterial qualities and 20% spandex for stretch, wicks away moisture, and offers a comfortable fit.

Breathable Fabric
Physix Gear Sports Compression Socks were built to let skin breathe, while still being able to handle the rigors of working or extreme sports. The double stitching used reinforces the socks construction, and supports its performance.

Cost and Value
These socks offer a comfortable fit, withstand long hours of use, and absorb shock. These moderately priced compression socks, offer a range of style options, graduated compression, and quality performance.
  • Made for stamina and endurance
  • Breathable fabric that holds up in warm weather
  • Easy to slip-on and off
  • Quality graduated compression of 20 to 30 mmHg
  • Double-stitching and cuffs to hold socks in place all day
  • Sizing issues for larger legs at the calf due to shrinkage after washing
  • Compression too tight for some and allergic reaction to materials

2. SB Compression Sox

SB Compression Sox offer quality graduated compression, and are recommended by many medical and fitness professionals. These socks come in a modest number of color options, and are built to be durable, thanks to its unique design features. In addition to offering a true-fit for consumers, these socks were made to reduce lactic acid buildup and reduce pain and inflammation while being worn.
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Quality Fit & Comfortable to Wear
These socks were designed so consumers enjoy wearing them all day and all night. These socks reduce sweat buildup, wick away moisture, and stimulate blood circulation to reduce pain and inflammation.

Recommended by Professionals
Thanks to a reinforced toe and heel at the sock, and extra cushioning with the distribution of the material, these socks are highly recommended by professionals in the medical and fitness industry.

Cost and Value
Professionals love these socks, thanks to their modest price point and quality. These socks offer a great fit at the leg, cushion the foot, and alleviate varicose and spider veins.
  • Recommended by Medical and Fitness Professionals
  • Socks designed to reduce lactic acid build up and wick away sweat
  • Reinforced toe and heel for quality construction and comfort
  • Graduated compression of 20 to 30 mmHg
  •     Snug fit and ease of wear
  • Socks not the softest after long-term wear
  • Compression levels and sizing off for some consumers

3. Blitzu Compression

Blitzu Compression socks are built to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, while also providing injury prevention throughout the day. Designed for quality performance, these socks are created with unique fabric and construction for enhanced performance. Blitzu Compression socks were designed to reduce blood clots, alleviate varicose veins, and withstand long hours. Nursing professionals value the sock’s level of graduated compression.
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360 Degree Stretch
Blitzu Compression socks were constructed with a circular knit design, providing a 360-degree stretch for enhanced performance. The performance fabric used for these socks offers a comfortable fit and flexibility.

Kinesiology Taping Technology
Kinesiology Taping was used in Blitzu Compression socks, which optimizes the performance of the graduated compression. Enhanced performance alleviates fatigue, soreness, swelling, and blood clots in the foot and leg.

Cost and Value
These socks are priced accordingly, but the value of high-performance fabric, optimal reduction of varicose veins, and quality of fit make up for the markup. The kinesiology taping feature creates quality performance.
  • Kinesiology Taping technology for optimized performance
  • 360-degree circular knit design for stretch
  • Designed with performance fabric built for stamina and long hours
  • 20 to 30 mmHg of graduated compression to stimulate blood circulation
  • Complaints that product runs small
  • Larger body types have fit issues with socks fitting too tightly

4. Go2 Compression

4. Go2 Compression
Go2 Compression socks offer women and men graduated compression, while not sacrificing on comfort. These socks are cushioned, reducing spider veins and swelling with clinical level effectiveness. Nurses who want a thicker compression sock available in a range of bright colors, enjoy Go2 Compression socks for long shifts. Professionals trust these socks to prevent injuries and support the feet and legs.
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Clinical Level Strength
Go2 Compression socks are recommended for consumers who need a compression sock that has prescription-level strength for alleviating edema. Graduated compression of 20 to 30 mmHg supports professionals for 14 hours easily.

Wide Range of Style Options
Fashion conscious nursing professionals and athletes enjoy the Go2 compression socks for their available options. There is a wide range of bright and attractive colors, to accent the workday or a workout.

Cost and Value
Go2 Compression socks are priced for a reasonable budget. These socks do not bunch at the ankle or slip down often, as the fit is true to size. The graduated compression stands up to the rigors of nursing professionals 12 to 14 hour shifts. Runners and taller consumers enjoy these socks for the amount of coverage and the sock thickness.
  • Graduated compression of 20 to 30 mmHg lasts for hours
  • Taller customers and extreme athletes benefit from construction and design
  • Socks cushioned and extra thick to prevent injuries and support circulation
  • Clinical level strength for alleviating edema
  • Fit of the leg band and sizing issues leads to overly tight compression
  • Shorter customers and larger calves have difficulty with fit

5. Run Forever Sports Compression

5. Run Forever Sports Compression
Run Forever Sports Compression socks win over nursing professionals, athletes, travelers, and pregnant women for their construction and design features. These socks slip on easily for consumers, like silk. These socks are constructed with material selected to wick away moisture, and offers a snug fit. These socks have a graduated compression that reduces shin splints, varicose veins, and swelling without pinching.
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Built to Last with SmartTech Construction
These 20 t0 30 mmHg graduated compression socks are made 3x the stitching, withstanding multiple washes and wear. The sock’s composition of cotton, nylon, and spandex provide comfort and durability.

Sock Conforms to Shape of Leg
Unlike other compression socks, Run Forever Sports created these socks to conform to the shape of the leg. This design feature allows for optimal compression, and reduces consumer fit problems.

Cost and Value
At their moderate price, consumers get a lot of quality benefits. SmartTech construction provides material endurance, and graduated compression is coupled with a sock body designed to fit a consumer’s leg.
  • SmartTech construction optimizes graduated compression of 20 to 30 mmHg
  • Reinforced toe and heel come in a different color than sock body
  • Soft durable construction holds up to 16 hours of use
  • Sock body designed to fit curves of the calf muscles to reduce pinching
  • Not great at reducing moisture
  • Compression  too tight for some consumers at sock’s cuff

6. Hofam Graduated Compression

6. Hofam Graduated Compression
HOFAM Graduated Compression socks were designed with athletes in mind. Nursing professionals enjoy their performance benefits. These utilitarian socks do not offer much in style options, but they are built for endurance and supporting the ankle. HOFAM Graduated Compression socks were created to promote oxygen flow to the blood. These socks have a thick fabric for a comfortable wearing experience.
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Sports Level Endurance
These compression socks give wearers 20 to 30 mmHg of graduated compression. Designed with nylon and silver, these compression socks offer antibacterial qualities, wick away moisture, and prevent muscle fatigue.

Leg and Ankle Support
HOFAM graduated compression socks are designed in a thick breathable fabric, chosen for comfort and ease of use. Consumers enjoy optimal ankle and leg support with this sock’s unique construction.

Cost and Value
Consumers on a budget will like the price point of these socks. Expensive is not always best, as nursing professionals and athletes are delighted with the amount of ankle support, durable construction, and breathable fabric. These socks are built to reduce moisture, reduce varicose veins, and alleviate. Muscle fatigue and sweaty feet do not stand a chance in these socks.
  • Quality ankle support for long hours on feet
  • Thick-material cushions foot and allows skin to breathe
  • Moisture-wicking fabric reduces sweaty feet
  • Graduated compression of 20 to 30 mmHg reduces muscle fatigue
  • Constructed out of materials with antibacterial benefits
  • Utilitarian futuristic design and only comes in one style and color
  • Poor fit issues around the calf for larger consumers

7. Snug FX Compression

7. Snug FX Compression
Snug FX Compression Stockings please nursing professionals, athletes, and travelers for their wide range of color options. These socks are a great for work, casual use, and running. The foot and leg are supported with a graduated compression, reducing inflammation and varicose veins, and ends slightly below-the-knee. Medical professionals recommend these socks for their blood flow support and quality compression.
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Arch Support
These compression socks have a unique padded foot bed, created to support the arch of the foot. The compression is greatest at the ankle, supporting blood circulation and reducing fluid retention.

Lightweight and Attractive
These socks are lightweight, but still offer comfort and quality compression. Fashion conscious professionals like the vibrant color options available, and these socks do not bunch up at the ankles.

Cost and Value
These socks are a great buy for a fair price. Composed of 50% nylon, 40% polyester, and 10% spandex for stretch, quality construction and materials is not sacrificed. These socks are great for moderate weather, average builds, and stand up to multiple washes. The graduated compression is 20 to 30mmHg. The compression sock’s padded foot bed makes daily use comfortable.
  • Padded footbed offers arch support and comfortable cushion
  • Recommended by medical professionals for support of blood flow   
  • Graduated compression of 20 to 30 mmHg
  • Lightweight construction does not weigh down leg and foot
  •     Sock designed for easy washing and quick drying
  • Some consumers found socks to fit too loosely or too snugly, sizing issues
  • Difficulty putting socks on and taking off, due to overly tight compression

8. Fytto CozyFit Compression

8. Fytto CozyFit Compression
Nursing professionals and travelers enjoy Fytto CozyFit Socks for their warmth and durable construction. These compression socks end slightly below-the-knee, and are appropriate for work and casual wear. Consumers needing a sock with moderate compression levels, capable of delivering warmth, and standing up to long hours of use enjoy this product. These socks are designed to mimic the properties of wool.
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Wool-like Warmth
These compression socks are constructed with 75% cotton, 15% spandex and 10% nylon. Fytto CozyFit socks are designed with a unique wool-like weave, trapping in warmth, without being itchy or smelly.

Quality Construction
Constructed of mostly natural fibers, these compression socks are flexible and comfortable worn for long periods. Extra lining at the foot, and extra cotton at the toe and foot wick away moisture.

Cost and Value
The Fytto CozyFit Compression socks are a great deal. Consumers enjoy wearing these socks for long periods of time, without fear of moisture buildup, or compromised compression quality. With a modest compression of 15 to 20 mmHg, the biggest draw is their unique wool-like weave design. These budget-friendly socks keep feet warm and dry, and are perfect for work and travel.
  • Composed mostly of natural fibers
  • Designed with wool-like weave for optimal warmth   
  • Modest compression of 15 to 20 mmHg
  • Style appropriate for work or casual wear
  • Designed to wick away moisture and keep feet dry
  • Only one style option, in single color
  • Sizing issues lead to overly tight compression

9. Nurse Mate's mmHG Compression

9. Nurse Mate's mmHG Compression
Nurses enjoy compression socks that are lightweight in construction, colorful and fashion forward, but do not compromise on compression needs for long shifts. Nurse Mate’s Womens socks offers a fun-design on their trouser style sock, while not breaking the bank. These compression socks are built to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, while combating varicose veins for extended hours of wear.
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Super Soft on the Skin
When wearing compression socks for long hours, comfort matters. These compression socks are made with nylon, microfiber, and spandex for optimal softness, and antibacterial qualities. These socks don’t slip easily.

Great Choice for Taller Consumers
Sizing issues often pop up, but these socks hit their mark. These socks are enjoyed by taller consumers with muscular legs, as the socks pull over the calves easily and stay up.

Cost and Value
These compression socks are at an appropriate price range for the quality offered. The toe and heel of the socks are reinforced for comfort and durability. The modest graduated compression of 12 to 14 mmHg is typical, and is best suited for shorter nursing shifts. Medical professionals looking to sport an attractive and fun compression sock, enjoy this work-wear option.
  • Attractive fashion-forward design for expressing personal    style
  • Great  fit for taller and muscular consumers
  • Constructed of soft fibers for reduced irritation
  • Modest compression at 12 to 14 mmHg
  •     Alleviates muscle fatigue and optimal construction with reinforced toe and heel
  • Sizing issues as some consumers felt sock feel too far below-the-knee   
  • Bunching at the ankle while wearing

10. Pro Compression Marathon

10. Pro Compression Marathon
When a nursing professional sought full coverage and compression, the only option used to be stockings. These compression socks cover the legs over the knees, ending at the mid-calf level, and offers a graduated compression that is solid. These socks are designed not to slip, provide moisture control, and support long hours on the feet, whether at work or running.
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Built for Long Hours
These compression socks will keep up with nurses enduring rigorous 16-hour shifts. These compression socks are built to be tough, made of 92% nylon, and 8% lycra spandex for stretch.

Support Designed for Extreme Athletes
These socks were designed with endurance athletes in mind, offering 20 to 30 mmHg of graduated compression, the greatest support at the ankles. Muscle fatigue, soreness, and inflammation is reduced.

Cost and Value
Consumers can choose from 14 different color options, which satisfy fashion-savvy types. The price on these socks is a bit heftier than other options, but they are made in the USA, and are designed to withstand long hours of wearing time. These socks are easy to put on and take off, have moisture control, offer greater leg coverage, and a non-slip design.
  • Lots of color options for fashionable expression   
  • 20 to 30 mmHg of graduated compression from the mid-calf down
  • Made  in the USA and built for endurance up to 16 hours
  • Combats muscle fatigue, inflammation, and supports oxygenation of blood
  • Non-slip design and moisture control for comfort
  • Sizing issues for consumers taller than 6 feet in height
  • Higher  price than other compression sockss

Nursing is a tough job, requiring being on one’s feet for long shifts. When outfitting for work, choosing a quality choice of compression socks, that are comfortable to wear, offer the right amount of compression needed, and withstand long hours is a must-have. When it comes to choosing the best compression socks, one needs to consider the length of shift hours, temperature, compression needs, and desirability of coverage.

There are a host of compression socks to choose from, each offering unique design and construction options to enhance performance. Some socks are best for cooler weather, while others are great at reducing sweaty feet, and support the ankle and arch of the foot. Investing in a pair of compression socks that endure multiple washes without shrinkage, have a true-to-size fit, and are comfortable to wear for long hours matters.

Compression socks are necessary to protect and support one’s health when standing on their feet for long hours. The complications of edema, varicose veins, muscle fatigue, and soreness can be significantly alleviated with the right pair of compression socks. When choosing a product, it is critical to survey the pros and cons, in order to make the right choice.