10 Best Bright LED Bike Lights For Your Night Bike Ride

Whether you are training for the next race or simply out for a night ride, bright LED bike lights are critical safety tool to make sure you can see the road and that others can see you. Here is a review of the best consumer options for headlight / taillight combination LED bike lights for your evening or night bike rides. All sets include front and back lights, bike mount accessories (if needed) and batteries, and are ordered in terms of price.

1. Cygolite Metro 360/Hotshot 2W Combo Light Set: Features a 4 watt, 360 lumens front light and 2 watt taillight with rechargeable batteries. The front light includes six settings and tail light has several flash speeds to choose from. A USB charging cable and low battery indicator makes this one of the safest light sets in the market.

2. Magnus Innovation’s “Vision I” LED Super Bright Bike Light Set: Consists of a front LED 3 watt, 300 lumen adjustable zoom light and two aluminium rear LED taillights. All lights are made of aircraft aluminium, are waterproof and have three modes. Great for those looking for a reliable and rechargeable option for street, mountain or road bikes.

3. Bright Eyes Rechargeable Bike Headlight: Contains a detachable 1200 lumen CREE LED technology bike light with multiple modes, rechargeable and waterproof batteries. A bonus LED silicon taillight is included as well. Batteries last anywhere from 3-20 hours, depending on high or low settings used and a head harness is included for use as a headlamp.

4. Bright Eyes Bike Light – 300 LUMENS: Another product by Bright Eyes, this set includes a CREE Q5 adjustable and detachable LED light that is waterproof. Good value for money for bike enthusiasts.

5. Xtreme Bright Ideas USB Rechargeable LED Bike Light Set: Includes both front and back LED lights, batteries, USB charging cable, flexible mounting brackets. The light can also be removed from the bracket for use as a flashlight. Good option for a rechargeable solution.

6. Ultra Bright LED Bike Headlight/Flashlight Combo: This waterproof set includes and emergency flash setting and three brightness settings, is detachable to function as a flashlight and a 1000x zoom feature. Great middle range product.

7. PowerLx Rechargeable LED Bike Light Set: LED zoomable light has five different levels of brightness and is water and shock resistant. Includes rechargeable batteries and the light is detachable. Great choice for rugged environments.

8. Waterproof Bike Light LED Set: Sold by Harz Quality Products and features an adjustable CREE LED front light of 120 lumens with several modes. The light is useable as either a flashlight or mounted light and is completely waterproof. An LED taillight is included with a mounting bracket. This is a great, affordable option for rugged or wet conditions.

9. AOR Flashlights Bike Headlight and Taillight Set: Includes front and back compact bright LED lights made of quality silicone material with three settings. Does not include batteries. This is an affordable product for general use.

10. Bicycle Lights LED Set: Sold by Shining Buddy, this set includes water resistant, multi-mode back and front LED lights and user-friendly installation. A lifetime warranty makes this an extremely affordable and low-risk product.