Top 10 Compression Socks for Nurses

Top 10 Compression Socks for Nurses

Being a nurse is demanding, it requires you to work for longer hours than usual. Standing and working for longer hours can cause discomfort, fatigue and varicose veins among nurses and can decrease the level of their alertness. Nurses can prevent these things by sitting when possible, stretching, and wearing comfortable socks and shoes.

Compression socks are recommended to use by the nurses. It can prevent lower body pain. It is designed to prevent venous disorder such as various veins, thrombosis and edema. It can also help in alleviate the stress of the feet, and it can improve the circulation of the blood. It forces the blood through narrower chambers in veins that can cause more blood to come back to the heart. It is made from more elastic than regular socks to compress your legs, ankles and feet.

Compression socks are elastic garments worn around the leg, compressing the limb. It reduces the diameter of distended veins and it increases the valve and the velocity of effectiveness. Unlike traditional socks compression socks uses stronger elastic to create significant pressure on the legs, ankles and feet. There are two types of compression socks the gradient and anti-embolism. The other name for this type of socks are Compression hose; Pressure stockings; Support stockings; Gradient stockings; Varicose veins – compression stockings; Venous insufficiency – compression stockings.

Here’s the list of the reason why you should wear compression socks:

· To protect your legs from swelling and other things.

· To protect your legs from dirt.

· They can keep your legs cool.

· Warmth: Allows you to wear shorts on those iffy days when you’d reluctantly wear tights.

· Helps in fighting varicose veins.

In order for you to decide which compression socks is best for you, I will provide you the top 10 socks available in in no particular order.

1. CopperJoint Performance Compression Socks

These socks are better for those that aren’t constantly on their feet. If you’re position involves a balance of sitting and standing, these socks are the best socks for you. It has gradual moderate compression of 15-20 mmHg. It is perfect for those frigid workplaces where you would usually put on few pairs at a time. Filled with innovations to boost your venous return. At the office or while flying, your legs remain light, painless and in comfort. It has anti-odor feature. It is made from 12% top quality copper. It is perfect for relieving swollen ankle or feet. It is a very comfortable socks. It is easy to wear. Can be comfortable worn during day and night. Aids with joint and muscle recovery. The downside of these socks is that they are shorter than the other brands.

2. Fytto 1020 Compression Socks

TheFytto 1020 Compression Socks Women 15-20mmHg Circulatory Graduated Compression, Travel, Dress Socks, Varices Socks, Knee High, Casual, Formal Hosiery was designed to help the blood to circulate from feet back to the heart. It can enhance your body condition and reduce any discomfort in blood circulation. It is latex free. You can comfortably move around. It has roomy closed toe. Non constructing. It is flexible but it snug in wider cuffs helps the cosks remain in place. The style of these socks is ergonomically. It is available in small, medium and large size. The downside of this socks is that you cannot wear these socks in open toes shoes, because of the extra space they provided so that the toes can move comfortably.

3. Truform Compression socks for Women’s

These socks are great for anyone who is in the medical field. Its smooth design stays where they are for the duration of all day. Made from nylon and spandex. Versatile support. Comes with different color and sizes. It is recommended by the doctors to help leg pain relief. Ideal when sitting or standing for too long. Helps in foot circulation. It is designed with comfort in mind. It aids in the treatment of veins. It has a quality guarantee. It is made in the USA and FDA approved. The problem with this sock is that it is getting lose after several use.

4. Ted Anti-embolism Stockings Knee Length Open Toe

Ted Anti-embolism Stockings Knee Length Open Toe, White, Small/Regular Length is manufactured by Kendall T.E.D. They are made with 86% spandex and 14% nylon. It is excellent in reducing venous stasis and can help you ensure proper blood flow. They are specially designed with open toe for easy medical access. The downside is that you have to careful when choosing the length upon purchasing cause it can be too long or too short for you.

5. Compression Socks 30-40mmHg

It is graduated compression 30-40mmHg. It promotes faster muscle recovery. These promote some of the best oxygen circulation. It helps redact lactic acid that builds up. It has silver yarn anti bacteria fabric which helps regulate the temperature by keeping you warm when cold, cold when hot. It has anti odor and anti-static features. It is ideal for daily wear. It reduces muscle fatigue. It helps in deodorizing and keeping your feet dry. It may help aid your recovery. It is Breathable and comfortable as we use anti itch material.

It Retains shape even after multiple washes. It Retains shape even after multiple washes. It Is Insulated to keep your feet and leg warm, and offer great heel/ arch support. It Reduce plantar fasciitis/ achiles tendon/ metatarsal/ heel pain symptoms and swelling. You can Basically, wear them during your regular activity, or when you’re sleeping – anytime! It helps your lactic acid to build up. The downside of this product is that it is too tight that it might cause constriction.

Compression Knee High Socks Purple S/M
List Price: $34.97
Price: $14.97
You Save: $20.00
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ThisGo2 Compression Socks for Women and Men Athletic Running Socks for Nurses Medical Graduated Nursing Compression Socks for Travel Running Sports Stockings!! It is a 20-30mmHg compression socks. It increases blood circulation which provides increase performance and for faster recovery. It is made with blended nylon fabric infused with silver to helps in fighting odor and bacteria.

It has moisture that provides maximum comfort. It can stays on anyone feet. They are so designed to cut down abrasion and stress in your legs while providing that extra level of comfort you desire. It helps you in fastest recovery from post strenuous exercise. It offers insulation to keep your feet warm. They are easy to put and take off. It can help your feet to be free from pain. They have higher compression power compared to other socks. It comes with very clear instructions on how to wear this socks. The socks fit exactly as the size chart indicated. Great socks. The problem is that they are so tight, that sometimes it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Go2 Compression Socks - Pink, M
List Price: $19.99
Price: $19.99
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7. Dr Motion Ladies 6 Pair Pack Compression Socks (Assorted)

If you are looking to purchase compression socks in bulk this one is for you. These are built with comfort bands throughout and graduated compression to help in circulation. Non-binding, comfort band construction, reduces swelling, it energizes your legs. It seem less and very comfortable at your feet. It comes with variety of colors. Made with special material and technique for a healthy comfortable fit all day long. It is so comfortable, warm and cozy. Fits even if you have larger calf. They can make your feet more energetic. They hold up well in the washing machine and dryer. It helps in fighting edema during pregnancy. The downfall of this product is that they sometimes roll down and cut off your circulation.

8. Vitalsox’s Recovery Patented Graduated Compression Socks

It is manufactured by Vitalsox, who is well known in manufacturing this kinds of socks. It is the excellent choice if you are looking for something to help you in improving your feet. It is Made up of 75 % DryStat, 15 % spandex and 10% nylon. Shown to reduce surface and varicose veins and lower ankle swelling. Made for recovery and lower leg wellness. It Is ideal for Walking, Running, Maternity, Yoga, Travel, Standing or Sitting and Sleeping. This ideal compression promotes circulation and the return of oxygenated fresh blood back to your muscles. They provide just enough support to keep the fluid from settling in my lower legs and are comfortable to wear 10-12 hours a day.

It provides your legs to have more energy, are slimmer and trimmer, and my varicose veins have gotten better. It can make you feel safe from possible embarrassment as the built in silver prevents malodor and will keep your shoes from ruining, despite wearing for up to 16 hours a day. It’s exclusive wicking helps in utilizing and absorbing moisters. It has anti-bacterial for fiber protection. The downfall of this product is that it is very tight when new. The compression level mystery is a bit of an issue.

Vitalsox Italy-Patented Compression VT1211,Small,White
List Price: $35.00
Price: $19.00
You Save: $16.00
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9. Eurosocks 0111 Patented Recovery Graduated Compression OTC Socks – Pair

They are reducing the foot and leg swelling by minimizing the stress that your feet can feel. It also improves the leg circulation. It increased its calf support. Made from 70% Silver Drystat, 10% Nylon, 10% Spandex, 10%Lycra. Made from Italy. Dry feet is equal to less blisters. It can help in stimulating blood flow. It can be washed in either washing machine or hand wash. It has extra comfortable trim. It helps in boosting feet performance. It reduces lactic acid production. It improves oxygen delivery to muscles. It can reduce the potential growth of nasty bacteria by keeping your feet fresh and dry. It is unisex. It can easily wear by both men and women.

10. 2XU Women’s Compression Performance Run Socks

It has Superior design that offers optimum power and flexibility to protect the abductor, glute, quad, hamstring and calf muscles. It is designed especially for the runners. It provides better support foot support. If you do a lot of walking this socks fits you the most. It has Power comfort waistband for flat, streamlined fit | Flatlock seams to reduce chafe for greater comfort. It is made from 80% nylon and 20% Elastane. Materials. It can provide powerful support due to its 360 knit while it is still remaining lightweight. It has enhanced performance. Its Graduated compression increases blood circulation for improved recovery and reduced muscle stiffness post exercise. High filament yarns for dryness – wicks moisture from the skin to the fabric exterior. It is for active or recovery use. It comes with different sizes, shapes and color.

The easiest way to put compression socks is to hold the upper part of the stocking and roll it down to the heel. Put your foot into the socks as far as you can. Put your heel in the heel of the socks. Pull the stocking up. Unroll the socks over your leg. once the top of the socks is in place, smooth out any wrinkles. DO NOT let the socks bunch up or wrinkle. Knee length socks should come to 2 fingers below the knee bend. You have to wash this compression socks everyday with the use of mild soap and water. You need to replace the stockings every 3-6 months.

I hope that this article gives you the glimpse of different brand od compression socks, and to choose what is the brand that suits your needs and can have provide you with a lot of benefits. There’s still a lot of compression socks out in the market today for you to choose from than what’s I put here. You can still do your research. Always remember to check the quality and the benefits that it can give you.