The 10 Best Running Shoes Under $50

One of the best things and some of the alluring features of running is the minimal number of gears that is needed to get started. Running doesn’t need a uniform or even expensive gear. To be an athlete, all you require is a well-fitted pair of sneakers and weather-appropriate clothing.The right pair of athletic sneakers can help protect you from injuries and also help you to attain your goals as an athlete. Continue reading for the 10 best running shoes under $50.

1. New Balance 630 . The New Balance 630 aims for a better ground feel as well as natural motion run. With its material chosen for perfect flexibility as well as breathability, NB630 allows you to experience the best, barefoot design without sacrificing stability. PRICE $40.

2. Adidas Performance Men’s Thrasher 1.1. MIt is a very comfortable sneaker that offers maximum stability, comfort as well as grip needed when on trails. PRICE $45.

3. New Balance 110 . New Balance 110 running shoes are no joke. Best minimalist option in various awards as well as tried and tested qualities meet the best technology for a responsive and smooth ride. PRICE $50.

4. ASICS Men’s Gel.  ASICS Men’s Gel is perfect for novice and professional athletes and offer good cushioning as well as support. PRICE $40

5. New Balance . While NB562 is stripped of all, but the minimum qualities, the sneaker still has the essential features. It has a stability web for your arch support, cushioning ABZORB for your heel as well as forefoot shock absorption and sole made of tough rubber so it is last long. PRICE $39.99.

6. Asics Women’s Gel. This sneaker has ASICS high scratch resistance rubber at different part of the shoe such as the heel that makes it perfect for novice runners as they usually land heel-first when running. PRICE $40.99.

7. New Balance 890v4 . NB890v4 is quite affordable for many novice runners and it’s also a fan favorite among professional runners. It is lightweight, and perfect for runners looking for a sneaker that is somewhere in between neutral and minimalist. PRICE $45.

8. Saucony Cohesion 6. The SC6 is available for women and men and is a wonderful value for your money. Decoupled heel together with flexible forefront male your feet to properly move via the gait cycle as you move. PRICE $44.

9. New Balance WL442 . The NBWL442 is a quite affordable running sneaker. It is available in both men and women sizes and in different variety of neutral as well as trendy brings colors. PRICE $30.

10. Saucony Cohesion 8.  SC 8 provides cushioning as well as support to provide the encouragement required to keep pushing on and run those extra miles. It has Heel grid system and Reflective mesh.  PRICE $45.