Polar FT7 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Review – Is it worth buying?

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Polar FT7 is an excellent heart rate monitor. It keeps track of your heart rate HR zone very efficiently. Calorie burnt is also calculated by watch. Watch is very much user friendly.

Even if you have any issue using it, then User Manual is there to get you out of your trouble. It is a men’s watch but it still can be fitted to any woman wrist. Watch is designed as a good water resistant. It can be easily synched with almost all fitness machines at your place.

This Heart rate monitor can count your days of exercise, your length of workouts, your calories, and can measure your HR zone. Plus, watch can show your BPM in % so that you don’t need to hit your head hard to convert your BPM in %. Target HR zone graph is also included in Watch to better analyze your exercise statistical data. Now you can easily prepare weekly reports of your fitness work outs.

Watch has an improved display from other Polar products. Polar FT7 HRM is very good as it can send data continuously to exercise computer. Transmitter used can be connected easily with any exercise machine with wide range of connectivity.

To keep better record of your fitness plan, you just need to Login to polarpersonaltrainer.com. It will help you maintaining your training diary, access training programs and more.

Features of Polar FT7:

Polar FT7 includes simple watch properties too. It shows you 12/24 hour clock with week day indicator. It offers you to show text in multiple world languages like English, German, Finnish, Swedish, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.

Furthermore, it has a user replaceable battery with the key feature of low battery indicator. So you can charge it before any long day out to avoid any trouble. Backlight gives you a better visibility of the watch. It is also water resistant up to 30m of water depth.

Watch is operated with a single button. And you can still lock it with the exclusive feature of “Key lock”. Manufacturer offers a 2-years warranty of watch. Watch alarm beeps each and every time when you are out of your target HR zone. This option helps you to relax in stress and fatigue situations as you have already reached out your target HR zone.

Cons of Polar FT7:

Watch lacks the feature of volume control, meaning you can’t adjust sound of watch. Also, watch price is kept economical so it doesn’t have any Android connectivity which might tease some users. Display might create a problem being barely visible in intense daylight.[/wptab]

Customer Reviews:

[usr 4.5] Before I bought the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor, I did a lot of research. In my research, there were very few reviews of it in the market; some sites even went without mentioning it. I could see many reviews of the F series and higher models of FT series.

Perhaps the model was new, or Polar was concentrating on marketing the other expensive models and that’s why there were little reviews about it. To me, the device has all I want in a monitor and it is user friendly; I did not even use the manual to understand how it operates.

I’m simple woman and I don’t like flashy items. I therefore find my FT7women version (black with a gold stripe down the centre of the band) just okay. When I wear it with my office clothes, nobody notices it, unlike the other colourful models.

The monitor has a graphical representation of the heart rate results. This has often helped me analyse my performance over time. On the graph I can see minimum and maximum heart rate, and has enabled me to know my fitness range during every training session.

Other than monitor the heart rate, the device has a calorie counter which seems to work very well. Since I use it for nearly all my workouts, including swimming and strength sessions, I find the calorie counts to be practical. For accurate calorie information, I constantly change my weight through the monitor settings. It is not rocket science to do this, the settings are very easy to reconfigure.

I like FT7’s accuracy. It gives me accurate data on my heart rate performance when running or at the gym. However, there its transmitter fails to pick up when I use it under water. I some cases it may work, but it fails completely in highly chlorinated or salty-water pools. I suppose it may not even work in sea or ocean water. So it is not the best choice for those who intend to swim with it.

The device is able to store all the session data and generate weekly summaries. The summaries are basically the totals of every measured element. It measures heart rate, duration per session, time on the Heart Rate Zone, average HR, and Minimum and Maximum HR.

The FT7 is also beautifully made with a large LCD display. The display has a backlight that has proven very useful in my evening workouts, especially when I’m in a minimal light condition.

The watch has minimal but effective button controls. To change the time to another time zone, press the “down arrow” button. However, I still can do the same by accessing the “quick menu” by pressing (*), the backlight button. The button also doubles as the button lock. I can choose to the screen settings of the watch by pressing the “up arrow” button. The display options include time, date and logo, or just time and date.

I don’t like complaining and for that reason I wanted a best heart rate monitor which I could handle. This monitor is really cool; in fact it has user changeable batteries. This has spared me the agony of sending it back to the manufacturer for battery replacement. The only issue is that the monitor and the transmitter use different batteries, but again they are both user changeable.

I almost forgot telling you about the chest strap, but this is because it is very comfortable that I sometimes forget I’m having it around my chest. However, the strap works best when wet and so I wet a little before starting my sessions.

The machines in the gym often pick up the readings from transmitter readings but they don’t interfere at all. So it is easy for me to monitor my heart rate without necessarily taking a glance at my watch.


I bought this watch not because I read what others said about it, but because it gives me all the basic things I need in a HRM. Polar FT7 is for simple people like me.


  • Watch and heart rate monitor ideal for active types interested in monitoring their fitness level based on heart rate
  • Innovative EnergyPointer feature graphically displays real-time information during workout, letting you know if you’re burning fat or improving aerobic fitness
  • OwnCal calculates number of calories expended during a training session based on weight, height, age, gender, and maximum heart rate
  • Comes with Polar FT7 training computer, Polar WearLink+ transmitter, and FT7
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Includes limited two-year manufacturer’s warranty strap size M-XXL fits chest size 30-45 inches

Body measurement features

  • Manual target zone – bpm (upper limit)
  • HRmax (user set)
  • Polar EnergyPointer
  • Polar OwnCode® (5kHz) – coded transmission
  • Polar OwnCal® – calorie expenditure
  • Average and maximum heart rate of training
  • Heart rate – bpm / %

Recording features

  • Totals
  • Training files (with summaries) – 99
  • Weekly history

Training features

  • HeartTouch – button-free operation of wrist unit
  • Graphical target zone indicator
  • ZonePointer
  • ZoneLock

Polarpersonaltrainer.com features

  • Training Load
  • Training diary
  • Training programs
  • Training analyzing

Data transfer

  • Compatible with Mac (Intel-based) via Polar FlowLink
  • Compatible with PC via Polar FlowLink
  • Compatible with polarpersonaltrainer.com via Polar FlowLink

Watch features

  • Backlight
  • Date and weekday indicator
  • Display text in English, German, Finnish, Swedish, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian
  • Dual time zone
  • Button Lock
  • Low battery indicator
  • Time of day (12/24h) with alarm and snooze
  • User replaceable battery
  • Water resistant – 30m

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