Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

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Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar brand in of itself is a great tool for any avid runner, weight trainer, or anything of the like. All of their products monitor one’s heart rate, either with a chest strap or wrist pulse. Some even count calories burned, steps taken, and an individual’s fitness level. Polar even has both an app and an online resource so that you can stay up to date on your fitness goals. Simply plug in your desired goals and Polar will help you get there!

What sets the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Workout Watch, Blue/Lilac apart is that it’s waterproof. Now, no matter your sport you can keep track of your fitness levels and goals. So swimmers, get ready: The Polar FT7 is for you! It also tracks heart rate with the included chest strap. This makes the recorded heart rate much more accurate than a wrist pulse.

Fun Features on the Polar FT7

Like most Polar products, the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor includes:
– Body Measurement Features
– Training Features
– Recording features
– Online features at PolarPersonalTrainer.com

So let’s look at each one in more detail, shall we?

1. Body Measurement Features

The Polar FT7’s body measurement features are the arbitrary things that any active individual will look for in a sport’s watch. These include:
1. Manual Target Zone (bpm) — This feature allows the user to set their desired heart rate before training. The watch ensures that you stay within that heart rate zone! You can also set the desired heart rate zone by either setting the beats per minute (bpm), as a percentage of your heart rate reserve (HRR), or a percentage of your maximum heart rate. It can also record your current heart rate while training as a percentage of your maximum heart rate or in bpm (but that’s not nearly as much fun).
2. Polar EnergyPointer — This feature indicates whether your heart rate is in the “fat burning zone” or the “fitness improvement zone”. The Polar EnergyPointer visually shows the point between these two zones and where you lie on the scale during exercise. All you need to do is simply change your exercise intensity to change the EnergyPointer!
3. Average & Maximum Heart Rate — The watch face shows your heart rate average and maximum heart rate after a training session. Watch it improve with each workout!
4. Polar OwnCal. — This is Polar’s fancy way of saying “calorie tracker”. The Polar FT7 accurately tracks the calories burned during a training session. The calculation is based on your profile, which includes your: gender, height, current weight, age, and amount/intensity of physical activity.
5. Polar OwnCode — Another fancy Polar term that means that the information from your Polar FT7 can be transmitted from the watch to your computer. This gives you a better visual of your fitness goals and how close you are to reaching them! It also ensures that only the information from your watch is being transmitted to the computer, as it transfers the information automatically.

2. Training Features

The Polar FT7’s training features focus mostly on your heart rate. These features include:
1. HeartTouch — This feature eliminates the need to press the watch buttons in order to see the screen. Simply hold the Polar FT7 watch close to your training computer and see the information on the screen. The training computer is whatever device the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor is linked up to.
2. Graphical Heart Rate Indicator — Also displayed on the training computer, this is a graphical representation of your heart rate during an entire training session.
3. ZonePointer / ZoneLock — These two features are the bread and butter of the heart rate monitor. ZoneLock allows the user to lock into a specific heart rate zone either before or during a training session. ZonePointer will visually indicate which heart rate zone you are currently in. This allows the user to see whether or not they are in their desired heart rate zone.

3. Recording Features

The recording features on the Polar FT7 mainly track heart rate and calories burned. However, by using the Polar website on your training computer you can visually see your weekly, monthly, and even yearly progress. You can also see your training totals at any point during your fitness journey to gauge whether or not you are reaching your fitness goals.

4. PolarPersonalTrainer.com

The online website allows you to visually see your progress over a period of time. The features of PolarPersonalTrainer.com include:
1. Training Load — The online training load continuously monitors your fitness progress via training load and recovery. If continued to be recorded, the online training load can help you determine: personal fitness limits, over or under training, and adjust training intensity based on weekly goals.
2. Training Diary — When you transfer information from that day’s training session into your training computer, it gets inputted into your training diary. Your training diary easily allows you to follow your progress and track future training sessions based on your results. Your training diary can be viewed in either months or weeks.
3. Training Programs — Need a little help? PolarPersonalTrainer.com offers training programs in running, cycling, general fitness, and outdoor sports. Once chosen, any data will immediately be inputted into your training diary. You can also adjust the levels based on your current fitness level.
4. Training Analyzing — PolarPersonalTrainer.com will analyze your progress and help you to reach your current and future fitness goals.

The Watch Face

What good is a heart rate monitor that doesn’t have anything on display? Not to worry, though, because the Polar FT7 includes many of its nifty features on its watch face. While training, the watch face will display the EnergyPointer, which indicates which heart rate zone you’re in; calories burned; and even the time!

The watch is also banded with a super comfortable wrist strap and comes in a variety of colors. It can be purchased on Amazon for anywhere between $60 and $160, depending on the wrist strap color and the size. It also comes with a chest strap at $60, $160, and everything in between, so it’s a steal no matter what. For a direct link, just click here.

So if you’re in the market for a new heart rate monitor, look no further than the Polar FT7.