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Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor  has been created with a vision to smarten your exercise day by day. It is a sleek and stylish ladies fitness Heart rate watch with a flat and visible face to give your wrist an amazing look.

Still, the band of wrist unit/monitor is so much adjustable that it can easily fit any man’s wrist. With the newly introduced feature of special Calorie meter, you can easily check out the number of calories you have burned out in a work out. Like other versions of Polar watches, heart rate HR zone alarm is also included in this watch.

The new calorie meter helps you to get your exercise worked according to your fitness plan. The HR monitor is also improved with the automatic setting in accordance with your height, age and sex.

If you don’t want to use it, you can easily change your HR zone manually. HR zone alarm always beeps when you cross your heart rate’s upper and lower limits. The chest strap is manufactured with a special fiber to adjust comfortably on your chest.

Polar FT4  HRM Transmitter unit connects with the chest strap and sends cardiac and caloric data to heart rate monitor every time you exercise. It is very much accurate.

Features of Polar FT4  HRM:

Polar FT4 has a special memory space. And it can store up to 4-5 days of workouts. This will help you in getting a look back at your exercise trends in past few days. Watch has a built in smart calorie reader to keep track of your burned calories. Watch has a replaceable battery with green backlight.

Date and time can be changed easily. Time has both 12 and 24 hour formats. Watch is completely water resistant to the standard depth of 30m.

Alarm has been improved and now it can be snoozed. Alarm beeps every time when you are found out of your HR zone; as your HR zone is constantly monitored and visible on exercise monitor during your workout.

Chest strap is designed of a fabric material especially for women to be adaptable to any body shape. Watch has a descriptive user manual on how to use the complete watch package. Watch’s transmitter can be synched efficiently to any exercise machine placed in your gym or home; as it has a 5 KHz coded transmission with the “GymLink” interface.

Cons Polar FT4  HRM:

Green backlight of watch could be sometimes invisible at day time. Liquefying the electrode terminals on the chest strap might produce problem in checking heart rate. But this problem can be minimized with the use of good electrode gel. [/wptab]

Customer Reviews for Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Review

[usr 4.6]

It beeps softly at you every 5 seconds or so when you’re under the zone, and also tells you when you’ve exceeded your maximum.

It is not easy being new in any field, and I just learned this recently when I was searching for a good reheard rate monitor. I read heart rate monitor reviews, combed pages and window-shopped here and there before I could finally settle on the Polar FT4. I know you may feel that FT4 is not the bomb, and perhaps I could have chosen the other incredible models. I did choose it because it is a renowned brand with hundreds of other models in the market, it offers all I was looking for and above all it was very affordable to me.

The watch keeps me informed of my progress in my daily workout routines. It tracks up to 10 session data, and keeps all my runs totals. It tells me how long I’ve worked out, my average heart rate, the maximum heart rate achieved, the duration I spend in the target zone and the number of calories I’ve burned. What’s more, the output on the display is easy to read even while on vigorous workout.

I feel comfortable and extremely pleased wearing this watch which is beautiful and easy to clean. Its fully adjustable chest strap is equally easy to clean. I would have been even much happier if only there was a better way to download my session data from it to my computer, instead of the spreadsheet but which is still fine.

[usr 5]

I’m under cardiac rehabilitation and I needed a heart rate monitor for it, especially during my workouts at home. All I needed was a monitor with the basic HRM features but with user replaceable batteries. I could not shoulder the thought of having my monitor sent back to the factory for battery change, taking into account the time it takes for it to done. Perhaps one week or more days without a monitor! But will all that mind, there were still lots of models that could have fitted in its place, but I also considered the cheapest.

On my first use, the control buttons were a little confusing. However, I read the manual and quickly got used to it. I also found out the device is easy to configure and later when I started my workouts, I realised that the buttons responded intuitively when I wanted to pause, stop or change the display. I’ve not yet explored the target heart rate functions, but I hope what I read in other reviews are true.

It is good to know that when I continue my exercise regiment at a “regular” gym that I won’t have to worry about interference from someone working out near me using a similar H/R monitor.

I’ve trained with this Sport Watch in the Cardiac Rehab Unit on the advice of my nurse but it never interfered with my heart monitor, telemetry equipment. But I guess it is because of its OwnCode transmitter feature which locks it from other devices. This is good news for me as I would be able to train in the gym without worrying about interference by other trainers’ devices.

About battery, I’ve had the Polar FT4 for almost two months now and I’ve been using it nearly everyday. I expect the battery to last for a year, but I won’t mind if it is shorter than that, after all they only cost a few dollars and are user changeable.


  • Provides continuous, accurate heart rate to keep your fitness training simple
  • Smart Calorie feature uses your personal data to provide accurate calories burned
  • Includes heart rate chest strap made of soft fabric material that adapts to your body shape. Requires and includes chest strap for accurate heart rate
  • User replaceable battery and water resistant (30m)
  • Connects with compatible gym equipment using GymLink


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