Nike Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

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A heart rate monitor is a tracking device which detects and transmits user’s heart rate. These devices are becoming more popular especially among athletes. They gadgets help in determining if your heart is pumping correctly. This is to avoid fatigue and other viable medical conditions. Their accuracy has enabled heart patients to keep their heart rate from going higher. It is also useful among people who work where they check amount of calories burnt per session. There are many heart rate monitors in the market but Nike is one of the best brands out there. This discussion will allow you to make the best choice when looking for a nike heart rate monitor.

Nike Polar WearLink Plus Transmitter

This is one of the best nike heart rate monitors in the market today. It uses 5Khz transmission to pick up and transfer data to a web service which is compatible to the device. Polar Wearlink features a soft textile chest strap which takes the shape of the user’s body. The textile strip is machine washable thus making its maintenance much easier. This provides freedom of movement while training. Also, a hook mechanism allows you to wear it easily. Wearlink allows you to monitor your heart rate while working out at the gym. It has a waterproof connector and a replaceable battery.

Polar Wearlink is compatible with iPod nano plus the signal is coded thus allowing you to link the device with the probed heart rate signal. Coding also prevents cross-talk between nearby receivers and transmitters. It makes use of the advanced fitness and polar heart rate assessment technology which delivers accurate information about your body. Polar Wearlink offers training feedback and guidance. This allows you to improve your fitness level and athlete performance. The incorporated sensor is easy to set up and very responsive.

Pros: Comfortable strap, replaceable battery, easy to clean, provides maneuverability, waterproof, responsive sensor,
Cons: dry electrodes produce sporadic readings, sliding band

Nike IMARA HRM Womes Heart Rate Monitor

Nike IMARA provides beauty and great functionality to women heart patients and those who work out. Performance is combined in a streamlined and contoured design. The size fits females’ wrist and torso perfectly thus enhancing comfort while working out. This compact device is waterproof up to 50 meters. Heart rate is displayed as a percentage of maximum heart rate or beats per minute. This smart monitor remembers the duration of your exercises, time zone and calories burnt during the last workout.

An adjustable and elastic strap allows maneuverability while exercising. You can track burnt calories and use countdown timers to alternate between between training and walking. Two time zones are provided along with date and time settings. Nike IMARA is well constructed making it waterproof up to 50 meters. The bezel is made of stainless steel bezel plus the lens is scratch resistant.

Pros: replaceable batteries, beautiful design, easy to use, waterproof, scratch resistant, smart monitor, combines time and location
Cons: fragile plastic strap

Nike Sportwatch GPS TomTom

This Nike Sports Watch is incredibly accurate and helpful in chasing your fitness goals. It is powered by the TomTom GPS system for accurate location positioning functions. The watch comes in a compact package which is very easy to open.

The watch performance is way better than the competitors. The large display means you will never face problem in keeping an eye on the details while exercising. The watch is very easy to use, which means you can use it while using other exercise machines without a problem.

The watch is significantly less bulky than the competitor models and fits easily on all sizes of wrists. Do you feel the heat of exercising outdoors under the hot sun? This Nike watch will help things cool down by keeping out sweat and water to fog the display.

The screen is completely customizable so you can control what is displayed at what occasion. The main numbers are big enough for easy reading during brisk movement.

The watch is pretty accurate and you can use it during night time without any problem. Just tap the display and the screen will light up to show all the important data. The foot pod device means you can easily track your running performance better than average treadmills. The watch is very sturdy which ensures no breaking or cracking problem.

You can use the Heart Rate monitor even without the watch! The Nike running application is supported by both Apple and Android platforms. Now you do not have to worry about external connectivity cables as USB is built in the watch. The watch automatically syncs with the computer and is completely programmable which gives you the freedom to set different fitness routines according to your liking.

Nike HRM Watch Features:

The Nike+ Sports watch is powered by a single rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which is included in the package. The battery gives an average (GPS and sensor both turned on) battery life of 8 hours until a recharge is needed (recharged through USB cable).

The display size is 1 inch which is designed with dexterity to display large number fonts. The watch weighs approximately 9.6 ounces which is pretty weightier than the competitors. The watch is completely water resistant. There is also a separate stopwatch feature.

Nike HRM Watch Cons:

The wrist clasp poses problems as it can get loose or opened in jerks or brisk movement of the hand. The foot pod and the heart monitor fail to connect to the watch on random occasions. The GPS locking will sometimes be only done when the watch is connected to Nike website through a computer.


Heart rate monitors have changed work out monitoring and also heart disease management. The above nike models come with quality features which makes them popular among online customers. They have quality straps, are waterproof, combine time and location settings and come with simple instructions for use. They are very attractive and durable. Batteries placed in a hatch are replaceable. There are few downsides like fragile strap, faint beeps, sporadic readings and tickling noise. Otherwise, the overall performance, appearance and price of these nike heart monitors make them some of the best models in the market.

How to use ?

Step 1: Check the sensor by restarting or waking it up from the sleep mode. The sensor is mostly shipped in sleep or standby mode, so push on the button until it wakes up or powers on. To get it back to the sleep mode, press and hold the button for 3 seconds. You can check again while it is on sleep mode, push the button until it wakes up.

Step 2: Learn how to reset the watch. To reset it, push and hold simultaneously on the top and side buttons for about 10 seconds. It should display “Nike” on the screen. You can then connect it to your PC .Using the Nike+ software re-enter your settings for the required elements, such as weight and time.

Step 3: Once you are through with step two, you are ready to go, but you need to link it to the nearest sensor. Therefore, push and hold the SIDE Button for about 3 seconds. It finds and links to the nearest sensor, and that is it!

I know this whole process is frustrating but that is what I went through to get my Nike heart rate monitor to life. I was told it was behaving that way since it has been on a prolonged hibernation.

Another problem that I’ve observed on this device is that it may fail to pick up signal. There was a case when I ran 1 mile but the watch recorded 0.03 miles, and I could not set the calibration through the software – WTF. What’s even more annoying is the fact that useful PDF guide was deeply buried in the Nike’s website. Nevertheless, I was still able to get something out of it, so here is what you should do:

Step 1: Orient the sensor such that the logo side is up and swoosh should point towards the heel. With this orientation, my reading accuracy jumped from the terrible 30% to a massive 90% and I was able to set the calibration. You must be a little bit attentive as it requires very careful visualisation.

Step 2: It appear as though the sensor works best when it is oriented flat on the shoe. So you can relocate the position of your pouch to a more horizontal position. In my case, changed it from up by the tongue to down near the toe.

Step 3: This is not suggested anywhere, even so, I found out that the wireless transmission works best when the sensor and watch are on the same side, for instance, if you wearing your watch on the left wrist, the Nike heart rate monitor should be on the left shoe and the reverse is true.[/wptab]